• The Strokes lyricgraphy

    25 août 2012, 2h57m par bbiancaa

    Cant you see Im trying I dont even like it, I just lied to get to your apartment,now im staying there just for a while, I can´t think cause i´m just way too tired. Dear can´t you see it´s them it´s not me.let me go gogogogogogogo. rolling in the ocean, trying to get your eye, tomorrow will be different. Hard times open their eyes, loosing against their dreams in your eyes.stop and go in your eyes , trying to hard to be like them.that´it. i wanna steal your innocence i got some secret that it will make you stay, i just want to turn you on the things we did you and i , we re running our of luck i love them so, i just want to misbehave. alone together here we will together again. it hurts to say, but i want you to stay, oh man did we have fun,promises they break before they´re made. you say you wanna stay by my side, alone we stand together we fall apart, so hard sometimes someday . you say the strangest things. It´s too late .things they have changed in such a permanent way life seems unreal .its justified to kill to survive ,lets suck more blood lets run three hours a day .the world is over but i dont carecause i am with you. Oh man but i dont care no more, i know this for sure.I keep walking for miles. Tried to take control, I dont see it that way . all obsessed with fame . we´re all the same. Everything´s just great. " I´m not like that" act the wrong way. forget what im told. they´re too old so i can be mean. i trye but you see. oh why oh why I dont know.maybe someday.gotta be well dressed.they could have it. oh why oh why.wait my dear.I don´t care I don´t care cause . You´ve seen it all before, I know. Oh honey that´s okay. setting off all your alarms I hope It´s you. store fronts rearely. i´ve lost my page. rare. try my luck if life´s on my side. I am , believe me, a chance, oh . the signal don´t seem right. Im sorry that i said that we were . no harm. lost my page again.I am your one-Leave me alone. girls lie too much. she was.hes gonna let you down.win someday . cant go back. boys lie too much. let you down let you down let you down. / Forgotten Reminded "dont make this harder" I wanna be beside her, be admired . oh dear did they offend us and the wanted to sound new, whose culture is this? yes you´re alone, you dont miss me , I know. no I won´t . yet. tell us a story. you would not insist. please dont slow me down. you´re not trying hard enough, taking over, driving fast enough. now everytime, I thought , I told you, this world is not for you. the room is on fire while, just calm down.I wanted you, you wanted me, I was a train moving too fast. Didn´t understand. A different view, yes, you.wait. I´m not your friend. never was. no. fish in the sea, wanted him, wanted me. why cant you wait? . Talk to me now I´m older. change your plans . fuck going to that party, alright lets go your convinced me.my voice found the words. kiss me now, i wont try to, oh really your folks are away now?I´ll be right there.It´s my fault,I can´t stop. I just need a little time.give me some time, a little time.why not, why not. it wont stop, it wont stop. give them some time. is this how it ends, is this how it ends. you dont make me sorry, now i know, you never listen listen, worrying about the finals, yes I know, feeling lonely lonely so lonely. I never needed.Nobody. dont worry about it honey. you wanted time.I would start the fire , days are gone.I cant give up give up, all night trying trying .I said I was fine, the second time, we lost the war. Promises, theyd say thats ok , long as we can celebrate, things would chance. I dont mind,it´s true. hey.never was on time, but that was long and darling, I dont mind .you trained me not to love after you showed me what it was . why, anywhere its fine, dont waste my time. after you showed me what it was. I dont wanna .I dont wanna waste your time. say, i got to say, I dont wanna do it in your way, I dont wanna do it in your, give it to you. I dont want to know. Dont wanna change your mind, change the world, watch you go by, I just wanna watch you go by. We were young darling. I dont wanna give it to you in your way, for now but not for long . one more day, said she´s not sorry, the wind blows her days , Oh you see It´s not your fault, I´m sick of you, said my goodbyes to the life we won´t spend together . but that´s not your problem, not our problem not my problem . your problem . one by one, the other way around, whats that sound. he wanted easy, relaxed " I can do a lot of things but I cant do that" whats that sound? Oh no. keeping down the underground. two steps foward then three back. wont you take a walk outside? one nine six three whats that sound .no end . thats what you up on the mountain all alone and all surrounded laughing at the life youre wasting one-two. Good try we dont like it, we wont take that shit. no one wants to talk to you. when noones wants to talk to you . yes ill take it, wait at the sidewalk , yeah i wait for something, good try, hold on, I´ll be right back. /Others they seem so very nice nice nice, the might feel sad and wrong, only seven that you like, oh oh, twenty ways twenty to start a fight, get up, i can see sunshine , Ill be waiting for you baby, sit me down, shut me up, I´ll calm down, and ill get along , men dont notice, women think of that, countless odd religions, doesn't matter which you choose, I´ll get along with you. Everybody but its not that easy,waiting for some action, why wont you come over here, we got a city to love, i know you miss the way i saw you , cold, cold cold youre so cold , waiting for some actress. we got a city to love, old time love song , to say bye no no no,cold. hm. I dont feel better, I dont write better, so dont teach me lessons, the sun will be shining and my children will burn. want what you want, feel what you feel, stuck , belong, lef left left left left, three in the morning, . theyre laughing at us, all of those you love, help me Im just not quite myself, look around, theres no one else there, I went to the concert and I thought to the crowd, sorry if you were thinking i would steal your fire. thats what i call love, it gets extremely complicated anything to forget everything, take me out, i know exactly what youre thinking, in your heart is loud. my feelings are more important than yours, drop dead i dont care. the world is in your hands or at your trough , he was not shy, but she cannot lie. I loved you before i saw you, sweetheart, your feelings are more important, of course, of course, i dont wanna know, i dont wanna know, tell me tell me, no, okay. Im tired of everyone, nobody is waiting for me on. i hate them all, i hate myself for hating them so drink some more, i love them all drink even more, hate them even more than i did before. i remember when you came. Im tired of being so judgemental . and my mind is as blind as a branch on a tree. I know whats waiting for me . sing me a song you could be. happy and free happy and free, all that i do, is wait for you . why do i accept the things you say, you know what to change, but not in what way. how long must i wait how long must i wait . im almost through, its about time, dont you came through, Im not coming back thats all there is. how long must i wait . right wrong, someday it will come to you. i ve got nothing to say, nothing to say, nothing to say, nothing to say, nothing to say, nothing to say nothing to say, im in utter dismay, ive got nothing to say . dont be a coconut, god is trying to talk to you.Ive got nothing to say, ive got nothing to say, ive got nothing to say, ive got nothing to say, ive got nothing to give , got no reason to leave, i will fight to survive, i got nothing to hide, i wish i wasnt so shy. i like to watch, i like to read id like a part id like the lead. I will kill to survive, i got nothing to hide. friends dont realise im here, take me to the water, make me understand that i was wrong for me tomorrow is my first day so please dont tell im in the wrong way, its almost aftermidnight, i cant see the city, change your mind tonite, and youre closer now, i know . all the chords from that song and all the other words from that other song i heard yesterday.I will not disturb you i was just returning you the com pliment. say a prayer now, we might get some we might get some,but dont you worry, you can help me. first you´re worried, then youre hurried . dont thnk that everything is gonna stay the same, that´s impossible. before I let you go, let me look at you, dont you worry . yes I know youre still, you are a friend of mine, yes i notice you, you´re a friend of mine. how did anybody found out where I was, I was hiding from the world I was a squirrel. cant you wait, I´m not done. You´re no fun. everybodys drunk loud and pissed off . I know you hate to be impressed with someone else, other than yourself . trying to hold back on being an asshole helps.Where´d you go? You´re no fun. It was all just a dream. Oh no. I wish it was real. Everybody is so invited It´s not that I dont really love you, its just that i dont really know. the hateful things you think you want to say, time will turn them into jokes . it was just a dream, was it real, i dont know, I hope so . can i play? can i watch? everybody at the party , everybody at the party , shouldn't worry what they wear, today they talk about us tomorrow they dont care. Life is a dream, I cant tell . first second circle five six seven eight nine ten eleven , and of course, twelve major chords. sometimes it feels like the world is falling asleep, how do you wake someone else from inside a dream ? once that your music was born it followed you around and then it gave you activities meaning and let you be loud. you´re sad but you smile its not in your eyes, your eyeballs dont change, is the muscles around your eyes. an egg, a pulse, a body , a life, a child,young adults, citizens , generations to desensitize. your dreams are sweet and obsessed and youre overworked. D.I.D.I.PP . Am I prisioner to insticts or do my thoughts just live? Music was born and detached from your heart, is your free time for free minds of for falling apart. .Night after night, you turn off the lights, you dont fall asleep right away. are we, are we done? organize, advertise, monopolize, idolize, scadalize, neutralize, apologize, tranquilize, sincronize , vapor- they love you or they hate you but they will never let you be. never let you see. despite intimidation, pleased dance alone. someday you ll come back. I dont wanna break your heart in two halves, tell me what to do. nothing? me too. youre the prettiest smartest captain on the team, I love you more than being 17. Two could be completed without the rest of the world. an entire generation that has nothing to say. I got your name and your home address, you might need help, all the girls could never make me love them the way i love you. can you see the sky is not the limit no more . are you coming on to me. saw your face, so invited, eyes are gray, your minds okay. forehead is cold , I was waiting for my baby to arrive right by my side, please, leave me home tonight. FORGET THE PAST. an entire generation but entertainer to blame get yourself a lawyer and a gun, the sky is not the limit, and you never gonna guess what it is. / Putting your patience to the test. didnt you know there was a choice, wearing a jacket made of meat, waves turn to grey, violent clouds, im just trying to find, a mountain i can climb.blondes turn to gray, lifes in the shade. porn´s on the rise , psychos in disguise.Darling aint nobody gonna tell us, theyre gonna be oh so jealous,theyre gonna be stonned in silence. wy are you waiting behind the door? im just trying to find a new nice place for you and I. Its a nightmare, so im joining the army- will you wait for me now?got everything but you cant just choose it, i wont just be a puppet on a string, dont go that way, ill wait for you. I´ll better call you. so long my friends and adversary. do it best. are you okay?everybody singing the same song for ten years. will you wait for me too? so long my adversary and friend . what to take and then what to bring . one is the pleasure one is the flame. Inside everyone love conquers alter-joy. dont waste your heart, One's an instinct, one takes some will One you laugh and one makes you kill What's lovely is that one's for the end. Dont waste your heart, Dont you give in. Tell me what happen ed if you like. what are the reasons to fall out? I wanna tell you I wanna tell you . i am on at any time. Hello Forest. I dont want to fight, dont wanna beg you anymore. I wouldn't hurt you, If I could- Sister,dont you forget my number ,on the door. something wonderful that i could not be. everybody hanging on for their lives, but you cant help them cause you dont have have the time. i know anyone goes, any damn place theylike. I dont know why . Its so early I dont wanna wake up. Mama, dont you forget my numer, I dont wanna be the one to let go. tourists , not afraid of anything, except death, I dont know why I dont know why, I dont know Why. The day has just begun. Living in an empty world, living in an empty world,living in an empty world, living in an empty world. the diamond cuts her eye . they werent all that proud, by now they hear it loud . i´m okay, I´m alright, I was out late last night, empty world, empty world. I will wait one more night. Wait time is the worse. no one has the time, someone´s always late. I look for you and you look for me. I hear a voice in the crowd. the hard part is telling something that youre not likely to tell you. I look for you and you look away. I dont know why. Dont wake up.But she'll never gonna get my loveWe can only blame the sun Get up in the morning and learn You'll be frustrated till the day that you're done. But you’re never gonna get the love We can only fight in the sand You get tired when the days are too long You get lonely when the days are gone. So plain, just plain. always in pain. Silently obsessed with it, just anyone I guess . trying for the perfect life . denial. Animals on tv singing about some paint that they once felt. I wanted to pretend that I was better, didnt wanna tell you I was jealous, and alone. So we talked about ourselves in hell, to forget the love, we never felt. Universal truth. Dont try to stop us. get out of the way. living ghost I see. Animals on tv singing about some pain they felt at some point. jealous jealous jealous, what's the point? the door was closed for forty years. dont try to stop us , get out of the way.

    The Strokes
  • These bands are fucking right!: Indie-O Fest 2011 @ Polyforym Siqueiros

    14 mars 2011, 2h43m par Valaro

    Sab 12 Mar – Indie-O Fest 2011

    Satisfecho estoy por la oportunidad de tener en nuestro país a bandas tan pequeñas y al mismo tiempo de tan buena calidad, a un precio moderado y en un venue tan hermoso como lo es el Polyforum Siqueiros.

    Un desahogado ingreso nos daba la bienvenida para comenzar puntualmente a las 20:00 hrs. con los mexicanos Childs, quienes tocan un post-rock muy lindo (creo que es post-rock, si no es así, no me golpeen) , con muchas atmósferas etéreas y pocas voces. Estuvieron sobre el escenario alrededor de 25 minutos, ante un público que no rebasaba las 250 personas. Debo decirles que valen la pena y si en algún momento de la vida pueden verlos, no lo duden.

    Para seguir leyendo la reseña, ve a Muestra Los Huesos
  • MANDO STORIES: Rivalry Amongst Three

    31 jan. 2011, 22h36m par Indianen

    In the Norén family, three brothers wanted to become musicians - they all did.

    The Norén brotherhood is consisting of Gustaf, Carl and Viktor. Big brother Gustaf, born 1981, is a core member in Mando Diao and sing and smashes the guitar. Carl and Viktor are both members of Sugarplum Fairy where Viktor plays the bass and sings while Carl takes care of guitar, harmonica and sometimes keyboard. Though, now that Sugarplum Fairy is put on hold for a while Viktor and Carl work on their solo projects.

    Carl has released two singles, The Anger and Going Out Tonight. The Anger is a brilliant pop song that really anyone can enjoy unless they're deaf. This song also differ a lot from the Sugarplum Fairy sound. Going Out Tonight is far more relaxed compared to The Anger. I'd say most girls like this song because he sings with a vulnerable-heartbroken-voice, much like most Sugarplum Fairy songs. And of course, what girls like, guys dislike. ( In this matter )

    Viktor recently released his new single When We Were 10 under his artist name Viktorious. This single is what surprised me the most. It could just as well have been a Darin song. And the title When We Were 10. What's that supposed to mean? At the age of ten you play freeze tag or trade pokémon cards. Viktor has said in media that lately, he has been out clubbing much, so he wanted to make electronial-party-hits and he also point out that you can't make danceble music in a rock band. I'd say he is wrong. This single is the result of producers in a studio trying to make a hit machine out of a rock musician.

    Anyhow, what's interesting with the relationship between these three is their good self-perception skills together with the rivalry they repudiate. Viktor claim that "Rivalry between siblings is childish, i'd rather see it go well for my brothers rather than not having a relationship at all". He also claims that Carl is the troublemaker while he and Gustaf are the more orderly ones.
    Carl responds to this by telling us that it became that way unintentionally. He was nice and all but he has always been a control freak and mabye that is the reason why he was a "problem child" in school while Viktor and Gustaf sat there with their ties and apples for the teacher.

    Then he explain the most interesting part:

    "Okay, this is how it is: Gustaf is born on a sunday, so he is lucky with everything he do. I am a wednesday child so Im born to misfortune. And Viktor, he is born on a monday so he is handsome."

    So it's quite clear that the rivalry is strong between them. Funniest of all is that he say Gustaf has luck with everything he do which makes it kind of clear that he and Viktor have some kind of mutual jealousy thoughts.

    Honestly I believe Gustaf is where he deserves to be. Sugarplum Fairy isn't anywhere close to Mando Diao quality. In my opinion Carl should continue writing songs similar to The Anger and Viktor should keep himself to Sugarplum Fairy that as far as I know, is pretty much a little cooler and rockier Backstreet Boys.

  • Franz Ferdinand - The Sarajevo Shootout

    29 jan. 2011, 11h42m par Indianen

    Franz Ferdinand was the archduke of Austria and was shot in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Serbian nationalistic organization The Black Hand. This event was later known to be one of the fundamental reasons of why World War 1 broke out.

    Franz Ferdinand (1914) was a start of many following events. So was the rock band Franz Ferdinand (2001) for me.

    I first heard of Franz Ferdinand when I was in Reykjavik on vaccation with my family and they played Dark of the Matinée 24/7 on MTV on the hotel room. In this current period of time in my life I was mostly listening to some Green Day, Blink 182, some minor swedish artists etc.

    More and more I started to get Dark of the Matinée planted into my brain and when I came home from Reykjavik I was obsessed. I got the soul of energetic music inplanted in me again. The kind of soul I was certain I was too grown up for, the kind of energy (don't interpret me wrong here) equivalent to the Smurf Hits records that I used for releasing my stored-up energy by dancing like hell on the kitchen floor when I was six years old.

    The band Franz Ferdinand is just as much a starting shot in my music life as Archduke Franz Ferdinand was for WWI. Franz has influenced me into listening to almost everything I am into today.

    Based on all of this it is easy for me to say that Franz Ferdinand live on Hultsfred 2009 (R.I.P) was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

    Viktor Gustafsson
  • My list: The 10 Best Albums from 2010 (so far)

    1 août 2010, 18h36m par MySpeakers

    The 10 best albums so far...

    10. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Before Today"
    09. Broken Bells- "Broken Bells"
    08. Yeasayer - "Odd Blood"
    07. Beach House - "Teen Dream"
    06. Vampire Weekend - "Contra"

    05. Hot Chip - "One Life Stand"
    Key track: "I Feel Better"

    04. Crystal Castles - "Crystal Castles (II)"
    Key track: "Baptism"

    03. Salem Al Fakir - "Ignore This"
    Key track: "Brooklyn Sun"

    02. LCD Soundsystem- "This Is Happening"
    Key track: "All I Want"

    01. The National - "High Violet"
    Key track: "Lemonworld"

    What do you think?
  • Check Out These New Artists! Nneka, Vedera + More!

    7 fév. 2010, 21h37m par marissamiller


    If you haven't heard her yet---where have you been? She is a native of Nigeria but relocated to Germany about five years ago. This woman has soul! Any fans of Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, etc. will love her! http://bit.ly/da0xxE


    New album came out last week. I get to see them live in about a week or so! Definitely looking forward to it! www.vederamusic.net


    I've posted about them before. It's the new collaboration between James Mercer (The Shins) and Danger Mouse. If you haven't seen the video yet--check it out here. Can't wait for this album! http://bit.ly/9Ly49r
  • The 50 Best Albums of the Decade: (2000 - 2009)

    30 jan. 2010, 13h07m par MySpeakers

    This decade of music has been fantastic, with all these great albums released. So I've had a hard time selecting and arranging this list. Hope you like it!

    50. Daft Punk - "Discovery" (2001)
    49. The Knife - "Deep Cuts" (2003
    48. The National - "Boxer" (2007)
    47. The Kooks - "Konk" (2008)
    46. Antony and the Johnsons - "I Am A Bird Now" (2005)
    45. Death from Above 1979 - "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine" (2004)
    44. Josh Rouse - "Nashville" (2005)
    43. Daft Punk - "Human After All" (2005)
    42. Mando Diao - "Ode to Ochrasy" (2006)
    41. Phoenix - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" (2009)

    40. The Strokes - "First Impressions Of Earth" (2006)
    39. M.I.A. - "Kala" (2007)
    38. Cut Copy - "In Ghost Colours" (2008)
    37. White Lies - "To Lose My Life…" (2009)
    36. Feist - "The Reminder" (2007)
    35. Broder Daniel - "Cruel Town" (2003)
    34. Queens of the Stone Age - “Songs for the Deaf” (2002)
    33. Håkan Hellström - "Ett kolikbarns bekännelser" (2005)
    32. Shout Out Loud - "Our Ill Wills" (2007)
    31. Coldplay - "A Rush of Blood to the Head" (2002)

    30. Wolfmother - “Wolfmother” (2006)
    29. The Hives - "Veni, Vidi, Vicious" (2000)
    28. The Knife - "Silent Shout" (2006)
    27. Justice - "Cross" (2007)
    26. Muse - "Absolution" (2003)
    25. Julian Casablancas - "Phrazes for the Young" (2009)
    24. Muse - "Black Holes and Revelations" (2006)
    23. Kings of Leon - "Only By the Night" (2008)
    22. Belle and Sebastian - “The Life Pursuit" (2006)
    21. The White Stripes - "Elephant" (2003)

    20. Panda Bear - "Person Pitch" (2007)
    19. LCD Soundsystem - "Sound Of Silver" (2007)
    18. Markus Krunegård - "Markusevangeliet" (2008)
    17. The Kooks - "Inside In/Inside Out" (2006)
    16. Arctic Monkeys - "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (2006)
    15. MGMT - "Oracular Spectacular" (2008)
    14. Jens Lekman - "Night Falls Over Kortedala" (2007)
    13. Kings of Leon - "Youth and Young Manhood" (2003)
    12. The Strokes - "Room on Fire" (2003)
    11. The Killers - "Sam´s Town" (2006)

    10. TV on the Radio - "Return To Cookie Mountain" (2006)
    Key track: "Wolf Like Me"

    09. Interpol - "Turn on the Bright Lights" (2002)
    Key track: "Obstacle 1"

    08. Arcade Fire - "Funeral" (2007)
    Key track: "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"

    07 . The Flaming Lips - "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" (2002)
    Key track: "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1"

    06. Håkan Hellström - "Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg" (2000)
    Key track: "Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg"

    05. Voxtrot - "Voxtrot" (2007)
    Key track: "Every Day"

    04. The Killers - "Hot Fuss" (2004)
    Key track: "Mr. Brightside"

    03.Arcade Fire - "Neon Bible" (2007)
    Key track: "No Cars Go"

    02.Fleet Foxes - "Fleet Foxes"(2008)
    Key track: "White Winter Hymnal"

    01.The Strokes - "Is This It" (2001)
    Key track: "Last Night"
  • Sí, sí, sí: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Butcherettes @ Palacio de los Deportes

    29 jan. 2010, 7h24m par Valaro

    Mie 27 Ene – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Butcherettes

    3 integrantes, 3 discos, 3 visitas a México. Casi 4 años tuvieron que pasar para que mi banda favorita regresara a tocar a México.

    Para seguir leyendo, ve a Muestra Los Huesos
  • My list: The 10 best albums from 2009

    15 jan. 2010, 19h39m par MySpeakers

    The best albums from 2009!

    10.Deportees - "Under the Pavement - The Beach"
    KEY TRACK: "Under The Pavement- The Beach"

    09.La Roux - La Roux
    KEY TRACK: "In For The Kill"

    08. Girls - "Album"
    KEY TRACK: "Lust For Life"

    07. Grizzly Bear - "Veckatimest"
    KEY TRACK: "Two Weeks"

    06. Mando Diao - "Give me Fire"
    KEY TRACK: "Dance With Somebody"

    05. Markus Krunegård - "Prinsen av Peking"
    KEY TRACK: "Hela livet var ett disco"

    04. bob hund - "Folkmusik för folk som inte kan bete sig som folk"
    KEY TRACK: "Blommor på brinnande fartyg"

    03. Animal Collective - "Merriweather Post Pavilion"
    KEY TRACK: "My Girls"

    02. Phoenix - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"
    KEY TRACK: "Lisztomania"

    01. Julian Casablancas - "Phrazes for the Young"
    KEY TRACK: "11th Dimension"
  • Most Anticipated Broken Bells = James Mercer + Danger Mouse | Free Limited DL!

    21 déc. 2009, 15h35m par marissamiller

    The hype is still building and everyone is ecstatic about the new collaboration between James Mercer and Brian Burton (Danger Mouse). It's finally been announced that the album comes out on 3.09.2010 and the release is self-titled Broken Bells.

    For a limited time they are giving a free download for The High Road. This track is phenomenal! I'd love to get your feedback on this single. Get excited and check it out!