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    viernes, octubre 17, 2008

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    Tonight I'm really thinking about this upcoming election for we Americans. I guess I'm learning what's important to me in these turbulent times. I didn't really have a grasp on America's appearance to others. But I began traveling a lot about 10 years ago, everywhere from China to Australia, Europe to Japan to Dubai to South Africa to every corner of the US, and well, almost most everywhere I can think of. I am really fortunate for that. What a huge awakening to be able to see how others live around globe. Definitely mind opening. What a beautiful world!

    So, I would take my Dollar and buy lots of goodies for cheap because the Dollar was strong, and people told me how they couldn't wait to see America for the first time! And, I loved that. I remember going to a Lee Greenwood's (uh-huh, Lee Greenwood---stop judging me!) concert when I was a kid with my parents, and the US flag flying down as he sang "God Bless the USA". I mean, people were standing on their chairs screaming, and others crying with pride...what has happened? Now we have Americans on every street corner talking about the downfalls of America. And, spreading the hate and negativity all over the world. I imagine it must be the same around the guys are disappointed in your governments, too...right? I don't have to ask because I have always been fascinated by big business and government, so I always find myself in conversations like this when I am overseas. I know many of you are also disappointed in your governmental systems. History proves we all make mistakes at some point.

    So, I always get a little perplexed by those who think they have all the answers in something as vast as Government. Unless you are Dick Cheney (Hi Dick!) reading this blog right now, you probably have no idea what is REALLY going on in America. It's like telling freakin' Bill Gates how to run Microsoft because you've gotten a few emails about Windows. Am I wrong here, Michael Moore? You obviously know. :-/

    I believe, in the end, Americans should be true to America. Stop talking smack about your own country. That's like going to Christmas dinner and telling the whole family Cousin Sally had an abortion last week (no, I don't have a cousin Sally). Why make matters worse? Do something about it if you feel so strongly. That goes for all of us, no matter where we live. Let's educate ourselves as much as possible. And, if you find that your PC just doesn't cut it, buy a MAC (or, move to Switzerland). Small efforts make a difference.

    And THAT is why I have decided to RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!! That's right! I know what you are's sudden! BUT I am a spontaneous person, and 'by Golly' I can do it! I will NOT disappoint you! I will get some oil, create some jobs, lower taxes, health care for all...did I mention that it would all be free? I'm going to figure out how you old people can support yourselves since you won't have your Social Security or 401k's, make education affordable and reduce that gosh darn debt of ours. I tell you, I'm gonna ROCK as PRESIDENT. Vote for me, 2008! I am very well spoken, and I promise to always dress nice and talk sweet to foreigners.

    God bless the USA!

    Please tell me I'm not going crazy...and, neither am I! :)

    Bye for now!
    JP aka Jane Fonda

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