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    • 8 sept. 2010, 16h15m


    Jay Sean had many forums. I remember on 2005 I was in a forum from UK.

    I think I was the only spanish girl in this forum... hehe... remembering those days...

    Jay Sean was doing tunes with Rishi Rich. And also I remember... watching all his Melas in diff. places in UK. Yeah, It was like ... I can't go to any Jay Sean concert, but thank's to internet I can see and learn etc.. ' Cause I never been in UK.
    All the members was supporting Jay Sean ( including me :D ) like crazy !!!! * remembering face * hehe * eyes in the sky * =D

    Actually the Official website is jayseanworlwide <3

    And I am very happy to see the connection with lastfm thank's to this group <3

    Jay Sean had conquered all the world with his amazing voice. He is a very complete artist with his incredible performances.

    Jay Sean deserves a play day !!

    So, don't forget it !!!

    And spread the word !!!!


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