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Créé le : 4 nov. 2008
Description :
Group for one of the most creative and experimental female artists alive, the living Jarboe.

Jarboe (also known as The Living Jarboe) is an American singer, songwriter, and keyboardist.

Jarboe is a solo artist who came to prominence in the mid-1980s with the New York City based group Swans.
With founder Michael Gira, the duo was the core of Swans until the group broke up in 1998.
She continues to release numerous solo albums and collaborations.

Here is a try of a discography, if anything's missing, please shout!

with Swans:

• Time is Money (Bastard). EP (1985, K.422)
• Greed (1986, K.422)
• A Screw EP (1986, K.422)
• Holy Money (1986, K.422)
• New Mind 12" EP (1987, Product Inc.)
• Children of God (1987, Caroline Records)
• Love Will Tear Us Apart (1988, Product Inc.)
• The Burning World (1989, Uni/MCA Records)
• White Light From the Mouth of Infinity (1991, Young God Records)
• Love of Life (1992, Young God Records)
• The Great Annihilator (1994,Invisible, Young God Records)
• Soundtracks for the Blind (1996, Atavistic Records)
• Swans Are Dead (1998, Young God Records)

As Jarboe:

• Thirteen Masks (1991, SKY Records)
o reissued in 2004
• Red CD single (1991, Jarboe Records 75066)
• Beautiful People Ltd with Lary Seven (1993, Sub Rosa Records 061)
o reissued in 2004
• Warm Liquid Event CD single (1993, Sub Rosa Records 064)
• Sacrificial Cake (1995, Alternative Tentacles 167)
• Anhedoniac (1998)
o reissued in 2004
• Disburden Disciple (2000)
• Dissected (2002)
• Process (2004)
• A Mystery of Faith: Unreleased Pieces - Swans + World of Skin (2004)
• Knight of Swords/The Beggar with Nic LeBan (2005, Vivo Records)
• The Men Album CD (2005, Atavistic Records 167)
• The Conduit CD (2005, Atavistic Records 175)
• J2 CD (2008, The End Records )
• Mahakali CD (2008, The End Records )

The whole list of albums and collaborations/guest appearences can be seen here:

Official Site: http://www.thelivingjarboe.com/

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  • Sneakingtrain

    In case anyone is deliberating over whether to get the box set of Mahakali, or to get just one version, here is a summary of the differances between the three CDs: End Records Jewel case: Has 'The house of Void', the other two have 'The house of Void (Visceral Mix). Has Kali Lemantation III (not on others) Has Empty Mouth (not on 'The End Records Digipack' version) Season of Mist digipack: Has 16tracks (the other two have 15) Has Kali Lemantation II (not on others) Has 'Violence' (not on Jewel case version) Has ' Empty Mouth' (Not on End Records Digipack version) End Records Digipack: Has 'Kali Lemantation I' (not on others) Has 'Violence' (not on jewel case version) There's also the Cedric Victor CD 'Dark Consort' to consider of course, which has some fine moments. I understand you can only get this by ordering the box set, which is what persuaded me to get it, plus the curiosity of hearing all the exclusive tracks on the 3 versions of Mahakali ;-)

    3 juin 2009 Répondre
  • Sneakingtrain

    I know it's probably a silly question, but bearing in mind Jarboe now calls herself 'The Living Jarboe' should people be scrobbling her work with that name, or still use her old name 'Jarboe'? I only ask because I played a CD of hers, and iTunes named it The Living Jarboe as the artist, so I left it like that on the assumption that she had something to do with the namimg of it...

    12 avr. 2009 Répondre
  • Xhi

    Hell, "Mahakali" is one of the year's best!! Love it!

    18 nov. 2008 Répondre