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    Here you can read about some Jonsi's interesting trivia.
    Let me start it. Add one yourself if you've got some.

    -The name of the band, sigur rós, is actually the name of jónsi's little sister, except it's spelled sigurrós. she was born at the same time as the band formed. sigur rós translates to 'victory rose'.

    -Jónsi was born blind in his right eye. He once remarked, “If I saw in stereo I’d go mad.”

    -Jónsi is gay

    -The first song jónsi learned how to play on guitar was wrathchild by iron maiden, at the age of 13. iron maiden remains one of jónsi's favourite bands today.

    -in 2000, sigur rós did the voices for an icelandic children's mathematics video game called 'reiknibíllinn' (the calculation car). Jónsi made some great recordings ;)

    -In 1995, Jónsi fronted a band called 'Bee Spiders', under the alias 'Jonny B' (a hidden reference to ‘Jón Birgisson’). He wore sunglasses onstage throughout the whole concert. Bee Spiders received the ‘most interesting band’ award in 1995 in a contest for unknown bands called ‘Musiktilraunir’ (Music Experimentations). The band played long rock songs and was compared to the Smashing Pumpkins.

    -He sometimes uses the alias Frakkur to release his solo material.

    -jonsi was thrown out of the reykjavík city hall by police at a large protest against the controversial kárahnjúkar power station project. jonsi was shouting at city officials as several others were doing but jonsi was the only protestor removed from the scene. police claimed he was “the one who behaved the worst” but spectators overheard police officers whispering among themselves before the protest began “keep an eye on that one in the blue jacket”

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    wow i didnt know about the last trivia... pretty interesting.. thanks for posting it! and i wonder if somebody have found something about the calculation car?

  • "The Calculation Car"

    You can download some samples of what they recorded, at Sigur Rós' homepage!

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