Share your band!

  • Share your band!

    Any of you in a sludge/doom/hardcore/crust (or any similar genre) band?
    Share your filth with the rest of us!

    This is my band
    "Family Time" is our first attempt at a release, both written and recorded in about 2-3 months at home.
    All feedback welcomed.

    Now you!

    Fuck your friends, let them die.
  • Cool shit. Here's mine:

    We play psychedelic sludge. Demo is home recorded, but it's free.

  • Pretty awesome man. Still sounds good even for a home recording, nice work.

    Fuck your friends, let them die.
    • Zagblorg a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 24 mai 2012, 2h14m

    Sea Bastard

    Hails! I'm the vocalist for Brighton, UK based doom/sludge/stoner band Sea Bastard. You can check out our demo at for free.

    Vocalist for stoner doom band Sea Bastard, death metal band Hole In The Sky and bassist for thrash band Headface. Check them out if you like that sort of thing.
    • Flamelord a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 7 jui. 2012, 22h43m
  • Brut

    Fuck it dude, let's go bowling!
  • I play in a Crust/Metalpunk band myself called Nuclear Devastation
    we did 2 releases at the moment... a demo and a split with Primal Order, furthermore we're working on a full lengt album now... maybe you''ll like it even tho it aint sludgy or heavy hehehe

    I also used to play in a band that started out as sludge/stoner a la melvins,electric wizard,kyuss but ended up as some shitty BLS ripoff band so i quit with it...

    • WCMN a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 27 nov. 2012, 23h59m

    Wolves Carry My Name

    Wolves Carry My Name - Sludge/Post-metal/Stoner from Germany, maybe you will dig the tunes:

    Our EP is free to download!

    MediaFire with high qualitiy:

  • Miramis - crust/sludge from Sweden!

    Miramis - crust/sludge from Sweden!

    From our upcomming Ep!

    Check it out, follow us here!

    Old demo download here:

    • punk_oi a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 16 mai 2013, 21h00m
    peronoisepora - hc punk/d-beat

  • Morts - Indonesian Sludge Metal (punk/blues/doom) untitled raw version.

  • New UK based Sludge band featuring members (past and present) of Iron Witch, Crypt Lurker, Black Magician, Wizard's Beard and Sloth Hammer

  • Gortaigh - s//t (LP)'2014

    Hi, this is our sludge. Lo-fi, noisy and dirty.

    Задыхаясь, он нацарапал кровью на своей последней стене:


    This is the band I'm in. We are as well a bit sludgy I think.

    Please listen to the band I´m in:
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