• Favourite decade?

    I was just thinking about this the other day. I have spent a long time trying to convince myself that I'm not an 80s person, but really, I am. I love my synth-pop. And my post-punk. And my new wave.

    What about the rest of you? 60s? 70s? 80s? 90s? Oh, and note that I'm asking for your personal FAVOURITE decade, not necessarily what you consider to be "the best".

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    • 16 mai 2007, 16h54m
    my personal favourite has to be the 60s, as cliche as that sounds because everybody seems to 'just lurrrrve the 60s'. Looking at my charts its filled with garage/psych rock from the 60s such as the seeds, 13th floor elevators, love, the count five, the sonics, syd barrett etc. Then theres other stuff which i guess would be classed as the 'classic' 60s artists like the beatles, the doors, the velvet underground, the jimi hendrix experience.

    60s blues-esque rock is another area i'm particularly obsessed with like cream, the yardbirds, captain beefheart and his magic band, bob dylan and nick drake.

    also, the original mod bands like the kinks, the small faces and the creation are ever-present in my charts

    i'm also a huge fan of 1960s soul and pop, particularly with female voices such as ike and tina turner, the crystals, the ronettes, the shangri-las.

    most of the more modern bands i listen to aswell are very 60s in style such as the strokes, the brian jonestown massacre, the dandy warhols and stuff like that, so yeah its the 1960s for me!

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  • Oh god this is hard. I'm more in between 70s and 80s, '75 to '85. I guess if I really had to choose a favourite it would be the 70s just for Glam Rock, Punk and the smallest flickerings of Post Punk. But I dislike most of the early 70s and most of the late 80s so if it were allowed I'd make a decade in between.

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    • 16 mai 2007, 17h45m
    i'm not gonna give a standard sixthies, but a lot of good shit came out then, either that or the 70s

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  • But I dislike most of the early 70s and most of the late 80s so if it were allowed I'd make a decade in between.

    Mmm, I know what you mean. There are very few bands from the early to mid 70s that I listen to (Roxy Music, T.Rex, David Bowie...and that's about it), and apart from The Jesus and Mary Chain and Love and Rockets, there isn't much I listen to beyond 1985. If I could make a decade between 1976-1986, then that would be perfect.

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    • 16 mai 2007, 21h59m
    Can't decide between the 60s and the 70s. Most of my favourite artists are one or the other, or split between the two.

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    • 18 mai 2007, 23h56m
    I'm halfway between the 70s and the 80s.

    The period 1977-1984 produced some astounding music. Now, there's definitely some late 80s stuff I do like—especially Sonic Youth and the Pixies—but in general, I prefer the aforementioned years.

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    • 20 mai 2007, 14h51m
    1. 1970s
    2. 1980s
    3. 1960s

  • Somewhere between '65-'75.

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  • well, for me probably the sixties and seventies, ´cause of the mods, glam rock and punk. But I mean real punk - oldschool, whatever you call it.. not the mutant of today´s Mtv.. Avril Green Day Someshit.
    Glam, punk and the mods - everything I like is connected:) How nice:)

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    • 31 mai 2007, 5h42m

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    • 31 mai 2007, 11h20m
    i always used to think that about the '80s, however, at the minute i'm going through a bit of an '80s phase and finding loads of stuff that is really great from the 1980s. i've been listening to a lot of The Teardrop Explodes, Pixies, Spacemen 3,Devo, My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth and it's all really good stuff, and i presume, merely the tip of the iceberg.

    Plus, from the 1980s there's the really good 'rough and dirty' stuff like The Psychedelic Furs, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Bauhaus

  • Exactly! The 80s wasn't all bad. Of course there was a lot of rubbish in 80s, and that's what everyone seems to remember and focus on, but there were also some brilliant post-punk/new wave bands.

    And synth pop. I love my synth pop. It may be a guilty pleasure, but....OMD!

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    • 5 juin 2007, 5h07m

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  • Sonic Youth don't have tiny drums. EDIT: I can't read properly >_<

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  • The Psychedelic Furs' later stuff couldn't be described as "rough and dirty", but their debut certainly could. It's so gorgeous and raw-sounding and Richard Butler's voice is go snarly and...mmmm.

  • 79 - 86

  • something like 1965-1975 for me. the most classic period of classic rock =)

    and besides that I'm getting more and more fascinated by jazz, swing and generally music from the 'between the wars' period. so 20s/30s would be my second most favorite.

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    • 7 juin 2007, 3h45m
    60's and 80's.

    Not just for music, but for the culture and lifestyle aspects too.

  • For culture and lifestyle aspects, I'd definately go for the 1960's, but as for music... I think it'd be the 1970's in the end, although 1967-1977 would be the most purrfect for me.

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    • 13 juin 2007, 16h18m
    60s because Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles were active. I think the 60s were the greatest generation of rock.

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    • 4 jui. 2007, 23h18m
    80's! And yes, this is not concidered to be the best, but it's what I like the most.

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    • 5 août 2007, 8h21m
    Okay, so I ask around, everybody says, "OMG You're totally the 70s!" Lifestyle-wise, I guess.
    My decade of choice would be the 1920s and the 1930s. It takes a little more than The Great Depression to get me down. Hell, I'd be King of that Decade. You could get away with murder!

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  • The late 60s, and late 70s to early 80s are the 2 great periods in pop music, but it's tough to pick a single decade. I'd have to go for the 60s I think - Beatles/Who/Stones/Kinks etc, plus Motown and Northern Soul and lots of different and new music out there. Would have been great to grow up during that time.

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    • 8 déc. 2007, 17h36m
    I'd love to in my teens in the middle to late sixties, cause most of my favourite bands are from that time.
    Then again, being teen in New York in the years between '74-'79 would be great too. Can't decide.
    I'll just take '64-'79.
    But then again, I love the late 80ties to middle 90ties grunge stuff too.

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