How do you read?

    • RomeroShaw a dit :...
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    • 31 jui. 2011, 1h22m
    I tend to read as many books at a time as I can keep straight. usually 3-5. start one, then pick up another. sometimes I'll let one sit for weeks before I pick it up again, especially if I get deep into another book.

  • i prefer reading one book at a time, but if i get new books i'm excited about during that time i usually start another. & another. & only remember my first one several months later.

    Halqion said:
    When I really enjoy a book I'm reading, I focus on that novel alone because I want to savour it and give it my undivided attention. When it's more mediocre, I often mix it with another book that I'm reading at the time and find hard hard to plough through, like A Small World History of Philosophy right now.

    this too.

  • I've found that taking on more than one book at a time is asking for trouble. Being a good number of years out of the public education system does a number on one's ability to juggle multiple books at once, it seems.

  • There are times, I read one Book from start to the end, without any break, and other times I read more than 10 Books the same time. Sometimes I start a book, put it aside to read 10 others that are mentioned in this book, or might be .necessary to understand, and finish the first a fortnight or a month later.

    • machine80 a dit :...
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    • 12 août 2011, 13h40m
    I've tried without success in the past to "juggle" books... so it's usually one-at-a-time for me now. They have to have my undivided attention, and unless I'm REALLY not enjoying it, I usually have to struggle through until the very end and finish it! :-)

    Because I am in a book group at my workplace, however, on any given night my bedside table will have a pile of various books and magazines - most of which will be things that I've "chosen" to read but have had to be put on the backburner because the book group has chosen something else...! :-)

  • I have to force myself to read one book at a time. There are times I get impatient and start another book because I'm excited about it. It works best for me if I just hide that book until I'm down with the one I'm currently reading. If not, it's like it keeps seducing me into picking it up.

  • I usually read one novel at a time, with increments of short stories and essays thrown in during the dry spots. Also, I have certain novels for certain places. I have my novels I read at home, and those at school, and those (sometimes!) at work. I guess I would be poli, haha.

  • I read multiple books at a time, but usually try to keep it to one novel until I finish. For example, I may be reading one novel, but I have 2-4 collections of poetry I read as I'm reading the novel and maybe even a non-fiction book as well.

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    • Mrazko a dit :...
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    • 5 avr. 2012, 16h34m
    I usually read one book at home and listen to the other one on my way to work.

  • I usually read one book on the toilet using my eyes.

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