• The Game Owls : Trinity Ocean And The Zero Desert (Free Download!)

    2 août 2011, 3h40m par SwingBreed

    Trinity Ocean and the Zero Desert

    Download it here :

    The Game Owls returns to Argali Records with their second offering: “Trinity Ocean And The Zero Desert”. Featuring his distinct hybridization of post-rock/post-metal and experimental electronica, this album is a decidedly darker affair than “So The Heavens Can Hear Us…”. Yet, with the frequent acoustic touches and mournful vocals, this is an experience that is both personal and universal in scope: dark companion hymns for the days long left behind, and those still remaining. Album graphic design by Florian Ayala Fauna and additional instrumentation on the track “DeserTriniZerOcean” by The Jesus Fish Experience.

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  • The Jesus Fish Experience: Magnitudes Of Infinity (Free Download!)

    27 juin 2011, 7h44m par JohnLithium

    Download here ( and here (Last.FM).

    The Jesus Fish Experience returns to Argali Records with their fourth release: Magnitudes Of Infinity. Several months of planning, composing, recording, and mastering have resulted in the creation of a two-headed behemoth of a composition, the second half featuring the vocal talents of Jordan Hyman of The Game Owls. In a lush marriage of dissonance and harmony, otherworldly soundscapes blend seamlessly with hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies.

    Minimalist, and yet still intense and emotive, "Magnitudes Of Infinity" eschews (to a degree) the nihilism found in previous releases by The Jesus Fish Experience, and instead looks outward towards a strange reality, in which empiricism, mythology, spiritualism, and the cold reach of science uneasily reside together. There may be more philosophical questions than answers presented by this album, but trust me, gnosis has never sounded this good.

    For fans of The Angelic Process, Nadja, Cocteau Twins, The Chameleons, Swans, and the almighty Godflesh. Certain base graphics used in the graphic design originated from NASA TRACE/ESA archives. All others used for this release are in the public domain and/or taken by John Lithium.

    Music to accelerate evolution.
    This is ARGREC15.
    This one's for you.


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  • New Argali Records Netlabel Release: The Game Owls: "So The Heavens Can Hear Us, The…

    15 oct. 2010, 17h15m par SwingBreed

    The Game Owls
    So the Heavens Can Hear Us, the Earth Will Be Our Sound

    Available for free download here and here (

    A heartfelt exploration and expression of the infinite cosmos which surrounds and imprisons the Earth, "So The Heavens Can Hear Us, The Earth Will Be Our Sound" is a multifaceted auditory document, radiating outward past the usual banal musical forms you typically experience. Although not easily lending itself to simple classification, it contains elements of avant-garde post-rock, experimental electronica, acoustic rock, and even varying strains of blues elements. Meanwhile, the vocals, while being mystically minded and cryptic, are far from being the typical 'statements of the genre' or 'predictably cliched' (which even the vanguards of the respective genres are slowly falling prey to). In short, if you are tired of listening to music that sounds as if it's listlessly staring at the floor, give this album a spin and shift your gaze upwards, to the endless ocean of stars.

    Music to experience a higher reality to. This is ARGREC12.
    This one's for you.
  • People Are Animals - Talpa

    5 jan. 2009, 3h16m par SwingBreed

    "She says, quote, 'I was looking at my friend Linda. Suddenly feathers popped out of her skin. Her nose turned into a beak. She had an eagle's face. I looked at my boyfriend Johnny. He was turning into a bird too. So was Linda's boyfriend. We were at Central Park Zoo. I couldn't move, I wanted to cry but no tears would come. Oh God, I heard myself yell, people really are animals! I started laughing hysterically. On the inside I didn't feel funny. I started to run away from the others through Central Park until I stopped under a stone bridge. Johnny kept calling me. After a long time I went up the bridge. Johnny always had source of security. He said LSD was groovy, it wouldn't hurt me. He said I'd see beautiful colors and hear musical notes. But I never did. Instead I saw awful things: people looked like monkeys. Cracks in sidewalks became big crevices you could fall into. Finally after about 8 hours the drug started to wear off. I was depressed for days afterwords."

    quite an opening sample for mischievous psytrance....