Hair Was Made to Headbang

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Créé le : 8 déc. 2007
Description :
The one and only functional significance of long head hair is that it allows metalheads to do headbanging.

If you agree, join.

Hair Was Made to Headbang

Yes, the one and only functional significance of long head hair is that it allows Metalheads to do headbanging (no matter which style, up and down, windmill, side to side, half-circle etc).
  • Long hair does not increase your appearance or anything else (with some exceptions). It might show that you're a Metalhead, but after all having long hair is just for headbanging.
  • No matter what color your hair is or in which condition it is, the important thing is that your hair is long enough to headbang.
  • Headbanging with short hair is boring - all Metalheads should have long hair. Compare a concert of Cannibal Corpse (as an example) with f.e. a short-haired metalcore band playing at a concert. You'll see the difference immediately and you'll realize that a band headbanging with long hair is much more powerful.
  • Headbanging with long hair in general is much more powerful than "headbanging" with short hair. An audience with long-haired Metalheads supports the playing band much better.
  • It's very sad that there are more and more Metalheads with short hair. Long hair was, and sometimes fortunately still is, an attribute of Metalheads. This shall never change, long-haired Metalheads are the ones who're really proud to be a Metalhead and who feel Metal in their hearts and not in their heads.
  • Headbanging sometimes is like a drug. Headbanging is a must at a good Metal concert.
  • You can experience music (Metal) in a better and more powerful way when you headbang, you feel like you're in the music when you headbang, it gives you an enormous amount of power.
  • If someone tells you to cut off your hair you should go tell that person to fuck off. It's your damn human right to have long hair.

I know, there are a lot of people who'd criticize my point of view, so if you disagree, don't join and don't comment, it's useless.
If you agree, join.
Of course you should have Metal bands in your charts to join.

I didn't really re-read this text, so there might be some things wrong, and anyway, my english isn't too good.

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