• Gloria Estefan, Bette Midler and Kathy Griffin at the 2008 Hulaween Gala

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    Check out these 3 lovely ladies all dressed up for Halloween! Kathy Griffin, Bette Midler and Gloria Estefan at :
    Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project (NYRP) honors renowned chef, Alice Waters, at her Hulaween Gala 2008, held at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

    Bette Midler founded the nonprofit New York Restoration Project (NYRP) in 1995 in the belief that clean, green neighborhoods are fundamental to the quality of life, and that every community in New York City deserves an oasis of natural beauty. Seeing many parks and open spaces in dire need of cleanup and restoration, Ms. Midler created NYRP to be the “conservancy of forgotten places,” particularly in New York City’s underserved communities. - Courtesy of NYRP.org

    Gloria Estefan
  • Gloria Estefan gambling chip at Seminole Hard Rock

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    The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has created a $5 casino chip with Gloria Estefan's picture on it. This special edition collectible, the first in a musical series the hotel plans to promote, debuted to players and fans on Monday and is limited to a 2,500 run.

    The chip is available at the casino cash cage and is valid for all table games (such as blackjack and Pai Gow poker, but not regular poker) at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, only.

    The casino chip launch coincides with the five-time Grammy Award-winner’s charitable concert 8 p.m. Oct. 24 at Hard Rock Live. A portion of the proceeds from that show will benefit the education funds of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Indian River County public schools. Tickets are available via ticketmaster.com

    The rest of the Hard Rock release:

    “Without a doubt, the Gloria Estefan chip will be an in-demand cross-over collectible,” said Gene Trimble, noted gaming chip collector, author and historian. “Between the chip collectors and Gloria’s fans, it is certain to be a scarce chip.”

    Gloria Estefan’s career has spanned almost 3 decades with over 90 million albums sold worldwide. Her live concert tours have taken the performer around the globe with millions of fans cheering her on.

    The former Gloria Fajardo, born in Havana, Cuba, in 1957, enjoyed her childhood and adolescence in Miami, where she still resides. At 18, she was invited to sing at a wedding with a local band called Miami Latin Boys. The gathering, in which she would meet the group’s young leader and future husband, Emilio Estefan, would mark the beginning of a radical change in her life. The singer would become an integral part of the band, later renaming itself Miami Sound Machine, and enjoy a string of hits known around the world.

    Their first album in English, Eyes of Innocence, spawned the famous single “Dr. Beat,” a hit in Europe that took Miami Sound Machine to number one in the United Kingdom. The hits arrived continuously with the release of the album Primitive Love which sold more than 3 million units in the United States, alone, and produced the hit singles “Bad Boy,” “Words Get in the Way” and “Conga” - the song with which the band would become most identified. The song also has the distinction of being the only track in the history of music to appear simultaneously in Billboard’s Pop, Latin, Soul and Dance charts. The next two albums, Let It Loose (1987) and Cuts Both Ways (1989), were worldwide sensations. This period was dominated by audience favorites such as “Anything for You,” “Can’t Stay Away From You,” “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,” “1-2-3,” “Don’t Wanna Lose You,” “Oye Mi Canto” and “Get on Your Feet.” Around this time also, Gloria Estefan’s name had taken center stage, still being backed by her infamous band Miami Sound Machine.

    With success and awards in pocket, Estefan’s fortune took a severe turn in 1990. While sleeping, her tour bus, was involved in a horrible accident, leaving Estefan partially paralyzed. Against all odds, she surprised the world when she appeared on the American Music Awards just one year later singing an emotionally personal new composition, “Coming Out of the Dark.” That #1 song was followed by the album Into the Light and by a huge 17-country tour attended by more than 10 million people.

    Following a Greatest Hits release in 1992, she released Mi Tierra (My Homeland), her first in Spanish in a decade. A critical and commercial success, Mi Tierra earned Estefan her first Grammy award.

    In 1995, she returned once again to her Latin roots with Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors), another Grammy and another #1 hit with “Más Allá’ (Beyond)”. Estefan became the first pop music star to sing to a pope when she performed that song for John Paul II.

    The ‘90s were a decade of great achievements for Estefan with “Reach,” the official song of the 1996 Summer Olympics; from the album Destiny; a collection of dance tracks launched in 1998 to the name of Gloria!, and which featured “Don’t Let This Moment End” and “Heaven’s What I Feel” which she also performed at the Original Divas Live concert series for the VH1 network. The composer and musician also delved into acting working alongside Meryl Streep in Music Of The Heart, receiving accolades as well as an Oscar nomination for her theme song of the movie recorded with Justin Timberlake’s band *NSYNC.

    In 2000, the Spanish-language album Alma Caribeña (Caribbean Soul) brought her another Grammy and several radio hits including a duet with Cuban music legend Celia Cruz. This was followed by one of her most personal and intimate records, Unwrapped in which she collaborated with music icons, Stevie Wonder and Chrissie Hynde.

    An exemplary role model and artist, Estefan has received innumerable awards and distinctions including the American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement, BMI Song-Writer of the Year, induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and a host of MTV, VMA and Cable ACE awards. She was also given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and received the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor in 1993. This award constitutes the highest honor that can be bestowed on a naturalized U.S. citizen. She has even penned two New York Times best-selling children’s books. She is currently working on a script based on the life and career of ‘60s pop music icon, Connie Francis

    The CD 90 Millas is Gloria’s Estefan’s latest and features musicians Arturo Sandoval, Andy Garcia, Chocolate, India, Cachao, Papo Lucca, Johnny Pacheco and Generoso. It includes the hit single “No Llores.”

    Gloria Estefan
  • Reni - The Bulgarian Diva

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    Reni became a godmother of the sum gala evening recital at the International Festival Pirin Folk "in Sandanski, which took place on Sept. 7. Reni
  • Gloria Estefan - Quotes

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    I'm never going to stop making music. I couldn't. eluniversal.com.mx (December 9, 2005)

    In every interview I've done since the beginning, [I'm asked] 'How do you feel about opening doors?' And I always say, 'There are two men who opened the doors for all of us, and they were Feliciano and Santana.

    Reuters (July 23, 2007)

    For the rest of my life, the one song that people will remember -- regardless -- is "Conga" . . . I never get tired of singing it. It never gets old for me.

    iTunes interview (released June 2, 2007) When you sing in English and Spanish, it's two completely different forms of expression and . . . even the people who don't speak Spanish love to hear me sing in Spanish.

    iTunes interview (released June 2, 2007)
    We do have the power to save one another . . .

    iTunes interview (released June 2, 2007)

    [She was the first pop singer to perform for a Pope.] And a woman at that. Apparently Pope John Paul II and his boys -- is that what you call them? -- loved one of my songs and thought I was puting spiritual messages in my music. I'm not religious as such. Dogma and I don't get along. They knew all that, but the Pope was celebrating 50 years as a priest, and he asked for me. Quite an audience -- bishops, cardinals, a handful of nuns -- and me, covered from neck to ankles.

    www.huffingtonpost.com (September 7, 2007)
    Motherhood is... difficult and... rewarding.

    unknown source

    I tell him [husband Emilio] you are lucky I am not a jealous woman, because look at the women he's worked with: Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Madonna. These very sexy women. I trust him.

    Dutch television interview (March 1, 2007)
    [The royalties from] four of my songs go directly to my foundation

    [The Gloria Estefan Foundation], and I don't have to bother people for money.

    I have been funding it myself all these years, from different concerts that

    I do that pay right to my foundation. It's what I love to do.

    cbs4.com (February 9, 2007)
    My foundation trys to help people that fall through the cracks, [people] that can't get help from big organizations . . . . We try to fill in where [other] people don't help out.

    CNN's Showbiz Tonight (October 27, 2005)

    A woman's exterior beauty is a reflection of her internal peace and happiness.

    www.beautyblabber.com (July 31, 2007)

    Well, you know, in the first place I'm a pretty private person. But I can assure you that I'm no saint by any means of the imagination. You know, we go to parties and we drink like any other people. But I think the key word is balance. I've been married (to keyboardist Emilio Estefan) for 28 years; we've been together for 30 years. I had my son when I was very young and my priority has always been my family. My husband has been very supportive. We live a very normal life, something that may be boring to some people. But it's a great life! We travel a lot. My son is 26 and my dauther is 11. Family is the center of our lives. We try to stay out of the tabloids.

    answer to question "How do you maintain your clean image, something not every artist can do?"
    I just want to be happy, joyous and free.
    I Just Wanna be Happy lyrics Music should always be a means of bridging gaps and uniting people. The beauty of music is that it can -- and should -- gather a wide variety of concepts in a way that's universal.

    (www.internationalspeakers.com February 1, 2007)

    I make the best pancakes you'll ever have! And I claim that title gladly. On Saturdays I make them for everybody.

    Latina Magazine (September, 2007)

    What happened is the music listener has become much more of a connoisseur and a king of his own destiny. You can no longer shove an album down their throats and say, 'Here's 15 songs, four of them are good, you know. Spend 20 dollars on this CD.' It's not going to happen. That's what has taken the music industry down.

    thestrippodcast.com (September 9, 2006)

    I do [like being a redhead] . . . I do . . . because lighter is better as you get older . . . It's nice . . . I

    can't be a blonde. I'm definitely not a blonde . . . So, that doesn't leave too many other colors available.

    Style Network (December 15, 2006)

    Sometimes one bad decision can mess up your life

    Seal Our Fate lyrics

    grew up in this city [Miami], and my music is a blend of two cultures. In the beginning it was heavily Cuban. At this point it's [from] all over . . .

    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (February 4, 2007)

    [Cuban coffee is] very powerful, very sweet, and a little dangerous —- just like the people who drink it.

    Entertainment Weekly (30 July 1993)
    I'm looking forward, though, one day, if I'm not too old, to do a free concert in a free Cuba. That to me would be fantastic. We're looking forward to it. Well, hopefully, I mean he's [Castro] gotta go [die] sometime. He's gotta go sometime -- let's hope it's sooner [rather] than later.

    televised interview" (22 April 2005)

    I'm not the best singer in the world. I'm a communicator.

    unknown source

    I'd lock myself up in my room with my guitar. I wouldn't cry. I was afraid if I let go just a little bit, it would all go. I would sing for hours by myself . . . . It was my way of crying.

    Entertainment Weekly (30 July 1993)

    You know, I don't know about this

    "Diva thing," O.K. This

    "Diva thing" is getting a little out of hand,

    I think. I mean if anything,

    I'm a divette.

    VH1 Divas Live 1998

    Excuse me, you have binoculars in the second row . . . and there're zoom . . . What exactly were you looking at there? . . . Very cute . . . Well, get your money's worth, honey.

    The Evolution Tour: Live in Miami 1996
    Fame has given me a lot of free love -- and that's the best thing fame can afford you. What has it taken away? My privacy.

    "Billboard Magazine" (11 October 2003)
    When I wrote "Words Get in the Way" my husband and I had just had a horrendous argument . . . . [After it was an international hit] My husband said, "We have to have more arguments."

    Gayle King XM satellite radio program (October 23, 2006)

    As a writer, I see myself more as a communicator. For me, writing is the best part of my career.

    "Billboard Magazine" (11 October 2003)

    Q:Is love a lottery?
    A:It's not a lottery.

    It's a dance: there are moments when you dance apart and others when you are almost one.
    Hello Magazine October,1998

    When I did "Unwrapped" -- that's one of my favorite albums I've ever done in my life -- I love it when someone listens to the whole album. But I would rather them be able to buy some songs that they like, [rather] than not buy the album at all . . . . You can't fight technology. You can't fight, you know, the consumer.

    thestrippodcast.com (September 9, 2006)

    I've bought more music for my Ipod in one year than I bought in the last ten years of my life.

    thestrippodcast.com (September 9, 2006)

    Everyone’s trying to survive, we’re not just born to be alive.

    You’ll be mine party time lyrics

    We want the disaster victims to know

    we have not forgotten them.

    I'm here with help.

    comment about Hurricane Katrina relief effort on September 12, 2005

    People told me at the beginning: 'You're too Latin for the American, too American for the Latins.' But that's who I am, I'm a Cuban-American -- I'm not one thing or the other. I have an American head and a Cuban heart.

    unknown source

    If I had one thing that I wanted people to say about me, what would it be? Hmm . . . Probably: Oh, she's so tall! Oh my gosh, she's so tall!

    unknown source
    The power of love inspires me and keeps me going.

    unknown source

    I believe we are here not only to enjoy the wonderful and delicious experiences avaiable to us in this physical world but also to learn to love each other unconditionally. After all, what else is there of any real value?

    unknown source

    I see each fan of my music as an individual person. I have always tried to deepen those relationships, since I highly value those who enjoy my work.

    unknown source

    The way I see it, you're either a year older or you're dead. It's a good alternative to be older!

    unknown source

    About a week after it [my bus accident] happened, I said to myself: 'Enough of this. I mean: you can't just let life land on you. Bad things happen of course, but you have to take control of your life.'

    unknown source

    Emilio became so supportive, I couldn't have asked for more love and support.
    The greatest feeling is to have [fans who are] so happy to see you. unknown source

    You're where you are because of [fans]. Maybe there's somebody standing there who made a very big effort to come to your show. Maybe this is their only opportunity to be this close to you.

    unknown source

    Love is a constant source of inspiration, surprise and wonderment. unknown source

    Fame is something you get from other people.

    It's not that I have some intrinsic thing that makes me famous.

    If your self image depends on that fame, you're in trouble.

    unknown source

    Performing is one of the best feelings that I know. For me it's one of the most beautiful things I do in life.

    unknown source

    "I wore chaps in the video for the single '1-2-3,' and do you know what one of my nightmares is? It's that i'll grow old and senile and wear those particular chaps in my house with long, curly, gray hair and my butt at my ankles. People do strange things when they get old. Can you imagine, I put them on and start yelling: "I'm the Conga Queen!, What a nightmare!"

    unknown source

    Sex and drugs were simply not discussed in our culture at that time.

    unknown source

    You never know what life has in store for you,

    but I believe there are certain things one is meant to go through.

    unknown source

    I have gotten more than I could ever wish for so I think three "more" wishes would be greedy.




    http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/g/gloria_estefan.htmlGloria Estefan

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    GRAMMY®- and Latin GRAMMY®-winning international superstar Gloria Estefan will be honored as the 2008 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year, it was announced today by The Latin Recording Academy®. Estefan was chosen for her philanthropic, professional and cultural accomplishments and will receive the honor at a star-studded concert and tribute dinner on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. A portion of the proceeds from the evening’s tribute dinner will benefit the Gloria Estefan Foundation as well as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The prestigious event will be produced by 13-time GRAMMY winner Phil Ramone and will precede the 9th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards, which will be held at the Toyota Center in Houston on Thursday, Nov. 13, and will be broadcast live on the Univision Television Network at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central.

    “The Latin Recording Academy and its Board of Trustees are elated to recognize Gloria Estefan as an extraordinary Latina woman, humanitarian and talented musician who has made a global impact on music and culture,” said Latin Recording Academy President Gabriel Abaroa. “She is one of Latin music’s most enduring icons, and we are privileged to be honoring such a dedicated, generous, and gifted lady.”

    Estefan has been a force within the music industry for three decades with 22 albums and more than 90 million records sold. She began her career collaborating with the Miami Latin Boys band. Estefan became an integral part of the band and was essential in creating the group’s new sound and by 1980, she and the group became known as Miami Sound Machine and were signed to a record label. They went on to release albums such as Primitive Love, which sold more than 3 million units in the United States alone and produced the hit singles “Bad Boy,” “Words Get In The Way” and “Conga.” The next two albums, Let It Loose (1987) and Cuts Both Ways (1989), were both worldwide chart-topping sensations, and produced such hits as “Can’t Stay Away From You,” “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,” “Anything For You,” “1-2-3,” “Don’t Wanna Lose You,” and “Get On Your Feet.”

    After a bus accident that left her partially paralyzed in March 1990, Estefan, against all odds, triumphantly returned to the stage with a 17-country tour and her chart-topping album, Into The Night. In 1993 she returned to her Latin music roots and released Mi Tierra, which garnered Estefan her first GRAMMY Award. She performed the official theme song, “Reach,” at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, which became the first single from a new English-language album Destiny. Released in 2001, Alma Caribeña earned Estefan a GRAMMY Award for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album and a Latin GRAMMY for Best Short Form Music Video. Her most recent album, 90 Millas, pays tribute to the roots of Cuban music and gave Estefan the opportunity to work with fellow legendary artists such as Sheila E., Andy García, Israel “Cachao” Lopez, Johnny Pacheco, Carlos Santana, and many others.

    Not only is Estefan an award-winning singer/songwriter and musician, she is also a compassionate philanthropist who established the Gloria Estefan Foundation, which aims to promote good health, education and cultural development. One of the main benefactors of the Gloria Estefan Foundation is the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis — the leading research center for spinal cord injuries. Estefan served as chairwoman for a capital campaign that raised more than 40 million dollars to build the Lois Pope Life Center neurological research facility. The foundation also raises funds for other organizations and has donated millions of dollars to a number of charities including the American Red Cross, UNICEF and the Miami Children’s Hospital Brain Institute.

    Estefan is the ninth Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year honoree and is the first woman to receive the honor. She joins a prestigious list of previous honorees, which includes Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Carlos Santana.

    For information on purchasing tickets or tables to The Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year tribute to Gloria Estefan, please contact The Latin Recording Academy ticketing office at 305.576.0036 or e-mail Laras@grammy.com.

    The Latin Recording Academy is an international, membership-based organization comprised of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking recording artists, musicians, songwriters, producers and other creative and technical recording professionals. The organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for Latin music and its makers. In addition to producing the Latin GRAMMY Awards to honor excellence in the recorded arts and sciences, The Latin Recording Academy provides educational and outreach programs for the Latin music community. For more information about The Latin Recording Academy, please visit www.grammy.com.

    Gloria Estefan
  • I'm infuriated by having to *explain* my kinky hair..

    22 jui. 2008, 22h19m par 2Serenity

    It comes to a point when you experience some people oooh-ing and ahh-ing and they try to emulate you, and they still they say the most condescending things about your culture because of ignorance or HATE.

    Look at this - No Blacks, Mongolians Allowed At Beijing Bars: Report

    You have no idea how this annoyed me. And people wonder why some black people have an attitude problem? Please don't even try me or you have to experience the wrath of me sharing history but in the end I am told *oh spare me of your historical drama.* OOOOOOOOOO

    My other rant comes from seeing this video on CNN because I am honestly TIRED of people asking asking asking and curious about black hair issues. I am NOT the authority on black people or black hair care but I do not mind sharing from my experience but today this video irked me into orbit:


    I am beyond tired of this discussion.

    May we MOVE on! Please please JUST STOP this discussion of our hair being a political statement or not. If I want to braid, twist or wear my hair in an afro I may, so deal with it. You know I get a little *annoyed* when some people flip their hair all the time. I know exactly what that means and you know if I straighten mine I can *flip* my stringy ass hair too but I prefer it natural! I chemically straightened my hair so I would not have to deal with having to explain my natural hair to others who just do not get it or think I am weird for having it.

    As India.Aire sang, "I am NOT my hair"

    And to all non-kinky haired people my hair DOES grow and it is extremely RUDE for you to put your hands in my hair. This has happened to me as a kid and even last year for my neighbor had the gall to put her slimy hands in my hair. I wanted to SMACK her for invading my personal space but I was SHOCKED she did that to me.
    Please STOP the insensitivity..

    New Movie on Kinky Hair
  • Gloria Estefan's dreams, rage are '90 Millas' away /BY PABLO CALVI/

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    Wednesday, October 10th 2007, 4:00 AM
    In 20 minutes of conversation, Gloria Estefan has mentioned Fidel Castro's name 17 times. And there she goes again.

    "He even ruined my taste for coffee," says Estefan, explaining that a year ago, when she heard news of the Cuban dictator's illness, she made herself a full pot of Cuban coffee to stay awake in front of the TV.

    "Emilio [her husband] had to take me to the hospital. I had palpitations. Sadly, after that I couldn't have coffee anymore. This was one of my pleasures in life, but 'this man' even took that away from me," she says.

    For Estefan, 50, Castro embodies exactly the opposite of what she treasures most: Latin music, memories of her late father and, of course, Cuba, the country she left at age 2.

    "It may very well be that the Cuba I long for doesn't even exist," she says during a visit to Manhattan.

    "It's just like [filmmaker/actor] Andy [García] says. Cuba is like an impossible love, someone you long for but you can never have."

    Estefan re-creates the sounds of the island's world-popular music in her new CD, "90 Millas," named for the distance between Key West, Fla., and Cuba.

    Her first Spanish-language album in seven years, "90 Millas" feels in many ways like a followup to her 1993 nostalgia-filled Grammy winner "Mi Tierra." But in her latest — released last month — she has taken more liberties with traditional Cuban genres.

    "It's very percussive; the bass and the drums are up there," says Emilio Estefan, Gloria's husband and the producer. "We realized that, in order for a salsa album to compete with reggaetón, we had to put all the focus on an artillery of percussion."

    The album also makes the best out of an A-list of Latin guest stars, including Carlos Santana, La India, Johnny Pacheco, mambo king Israel (Cachao) López and trumpeter Alfredo (Chocolate) Armenteros.

    In songs like the salsa "Volveré" (I will return) and the son "Esperando (Cuando Cuba Sea Libre)" [Waiting (For Cuba to be Free)], Estefan sings at her best, displaying her sultry yet resonant voice.

    Last week, the CD had reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart, a spot it retains this week.

    "90 Millas" will soon have a companion DVD on the making of the album. "Emilio interviewed all the musicians who collaborated," she says, "as a way to preserve also a part of our musical roots."

    These roots are dear to Gloria Estefan, who became one of the first Latin crossover stars with hits like "Conga" and "Cuts Both Ways."

    "Being in Miami helped me a lot to gain the attention of the public all over the world. I don't think that this would have happened had I started my musical career in Cuba," she said.

    But the island remains the central topic in her life and art.

    "You know, Fidel took away some things from Cuba, but our music is something we treasure," she says.

    "We have neglected it for a long time, and we even needed an American like the guy from Buena Vista Social Club [Ry Cooder], to tell us how amazing our music is."
    Gloria Estefan
  • Enrique Iglesias Can You Hear Me video

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    http://www.musicvideocast.com/2008/06/enrique-iglesias-can-you-hear-me-video.html Enrique Iglesias Can You Hear Me video, Lead single from Enrique Iglesias - “Can You Hear Me” is the official anthem of EURO 2008. Song is from the reissue of Enrique’ album “Insomniac”, 2008.
  • Gloria Estefan's Miami Beach Home

    9 mai 2008, 19h07m par destiny77

    Gloria Estefan says, "I am an island girl! I love to be surrounded by water. The best view for me to wake up to and go to bed at night is this beautiful water Biscayne Bay, right near the Atlantic Ocean."
    Welcome to the Pleasure Dome! "This is our conversational area in the Pleasure Dome and it's filled with one of the best things in life, I think, candles!" says Gloria. "It gives so much ambiance and warmth to a place."
    Gloria's Pleasure Dome even has separate "His" and "Her" bathrooms with extra stalls for the ladies!
    Gloria and her husband Emilio love to collect art, especially Latin American art. "This room is really a collection of our very eclectic taste and our travels across the world. We have many different artifacts that are spiritual and beautiful." They even had one-of-a-kind dining room furniture made from temples in India.
    Here's Gloria's favorite room of all—her personal home theater. "We have 'opium beds,' really comfy and cozy," says Gloria about her overstuffed beds perfect for lounging.
    Gloria Estefan is a nature lover and she loves being outdoors under the palm trees. "This is my backyard, my favorite place, my heaven, my peaceful place to hide away from it all," says Gloria. "We have a lot of lush landscaping. I need greenery. I need trees."

    This is Gloria's Bongos Cuban Café—a restaurant that turns into one of the hottest clubs in Miami!
    "I think the best thing is the giant dance floor," says Gloria. "I don't think I have been to any club anywhere in the world where there is a dance floor this big."
    Welcome to the heart of Bongos Cuban Café—the kitchen.
    "I come from a long line of chefs," says Gloria. "I grew up watching my grandmother cook in the kitchen so I am spoiled. I am used to the best home cooking and that's what we try to give people in this restaurant. The secret in Cuban food is marinating, we marinate our meats our chicken so it is nice and tasty."
    Gloria Estefan
  • Gloria Estefan will be Live In Concert at the MGM GRAND at Foxwoods on Memorial…

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    Gloria Estefan will be Live In Concert at the MGM GRAND at Foxwoods on Memorial Day Weekend
    May 23-25

    Find out more about the premier three-day engagement to mark the MGM Grand Theater's inaugural public opening with Gloria Estefan, Friday-Sunday, May 23-25 by visiting
    http://www.mgmatfoxwoods.com/Promos/gloriaEstefan.aspx or www.GloriaEstefanMexico.com