Ronnie Ripper's Private War - Socially Challanged OUT NOW!

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    • 26 jan. 2010, 18h23m

    Ronnie Ripper's Private War - Socially Challanged OUT NOW!

    Hello guys here's some kind of rock'n'roll advert, so read you basterd! ;)

    You might know of Ronnie Ripper through his near decade of detention as lead vocalist with VOMITORY from back in the day, or for being a driving force behind contemporary thrash bastards TURBOCHARGED, but you’ll most likely remember him leading the genius, rumbling bulldozer that was GEHENNAH, a band which cut through the wimped out scene of the nineties like a drunken switchblade. Word on the street though, is that if you want something done properly, you've got to do it yourself. So for the first time, the Ripper takes full charge and leads the private war against humanity.

    "Socially challenged" is the white trash gospel against everything. A restless and arrogant punchdrunk packed with 60 minutes of anger and contempt. This record has it all - from the massive rock'n'roll chartbreakers, namely "To Hell With It All" and "Socially Challenged". Through more-than-literal in your face hatemongers like, "Everybody Just Fuck off", a touch of good old alcoholic "Beer Gut Super Hunk", ending with the obvious GEHENNAH's leftovers, "Thrash Metal, Satanism & Alcohol" and "Rock And Roll Whore". This record has it all.

    1. Pound of flesh
    2. Hate for everyone
    3. Beergut superhunk
    4. Socially challenged
    5. Mr. Callahan (told me so)
    6. Me good, you crap
    7. Everybody just fuck off
    8. Anger, contempt & arrogance
    9. Cornered
    10. Rock'n'roll whore
    11. Overactive brain
    12. Feel free to annihilate
    13. Get paranoid
    14. Thrash metal, satanism & alcohol
    15. Second class citizen
    16. Brokeback cadillac
    17. Coldhearted bitch
    18. Indimitation blues
    19. One man, private war
    20. To hell with it all

    Also: GEHENNAH "10 Years Of Fucked Up Behaviour" Gatefold Vinyl EP Still aviliable!

    If you want to buy this masterpiece check out:

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