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Leader : Sir-Pommes
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Créé le : 11 oct. 2006
Description :
For all Gentle Giant Fans and Prog Fans
Come in my buddies

Who would believe me now that my hands are free, that my hands are free.
I never thought it would ever come to me, ever come to me.
Now that my life's my own, I leave you behind, leaving you behind.
What ever made you think that I'd change my mind, that I'd change my mind.

It wasn't hard to run, break away from you, break away from you,
After all you'd done, what was I to do, what was I to do.
Who's gonna take my place in the games you play, in the games you play.
Nobody's listening now to the things you say, all the things you say.

Now my hands are free from the ties, from the ties.
Now I look forward to the future, where it lies.
And with you, feeling low, looking black
Here, now my head is clear, why should I look back.

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