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    • 8 mai 2012, 16h04m
    ^ Holy bucephalous bouncing balls Carrie, what outside influences inspired that one? Brilliant work! :D

    1,000,000 Scrobbles and a Spare Patch Lead: The collected audio experiments of MC ۝ from the much overlooked and underrated hip-hop unit Blaqq Aphrykyn Amyrykyns. Having amicably parted from B.A.A. (and their regular if somewhat erratic release schedule) ۝ became known for featuring/collaborating with other avant-garde rap and electronic artists - most notably sci-fi dub kings Dominars Of Hyneria and several of hardstyle drum n' bass singles by Fat Goth.

    Inbetween his 'dayjob', as he self-effacingly calls it, ۝ spends his time posting Fortean news articles on music networking sites and generally promoting other idiosyncratic solo artists/experimentalists. Whilst scrobbling tracks, he records his days surfing and uses the shuffled songs as a basis for his own incredibly long ambient/sound plunder mixes.

    Next one; Star Elf Threat

    (EDIT: We've finally made it to page 2! :D This thread is going up in the world... ;p)

  • Star Elf Threat is a post-noisy-punk-reggae-instrumental band that form one day after the second day of the year that Inter Milan won the UEFA Champions League . This band was what you would call a "supergroup" because this is a side project of many people from massive bands in the world that contains Josh Homme (violin) , Andy Nicholson (lead guitar) , Dave Evans (bass) , and Bizarre (drums) . However , they only created one EP that titled "Queen of The Arctic/dc 12" , and then they split up.

    Next : Liam Gallagher and the Low Flying Birds

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    • 11 mai 2012, 12h17m
    Liam Gallagher and the Low Flying Birds: Not to be confused with Liam Gallagher of Oasis fame, 28 year old Welsh novelist Liam Gallagher from Llandrindod Wells pens both optimistic odes to 60's/70's brutalist architecture and council estates, as well as nostslgic and slightly sad tributes to quaint Victorian survivals.
    Oddly he has enlisted the aid of depressive post-black metal band Low Flying Birds to accompany his musical renditions of these essays. The band have earned comparisons ranging from the dream pop of Fairewell and Crystal Stilts, right through to the more highbrow slowpaced BM acts such as Trancelike Void and the the Texan drone metal project Wyrm.

    Next: Einsatzgruppen

  • Einsatzgruppen is a rockabilly band from San Fransisco that form in the early of 2007 ,created first album in 4 May 2008 , and the second album in 5 may 2008. They've been known for the wild act on stage that includes guitar-burning , bass-crushing and crowd-pissing-drummer . In the latest interview the lead vocal + keyboardist Sergio Moist have stated that they gonna make a new album in 2022.

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    • 15 mai 2012, 7h37m
    ^ You cunning sea weavil, you... ;)

    Gun N' Rose: One-man electronic free-beat spakk-out unit Darryl Noop sits uncomfortably between clinical drill n bass precision and swonky uk funky/urban musique concrete styles, although that description is scarcely apt enough to describe the barely controlled cacophony of digital percussion and acid pads. He is particularly noteworthy in that every single one of his tracks contains samples from the character Compo from British sitcom Last Of The Summer Wine.

    Next; French Pakistani

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    • 19 mai 2012, 16h22m
    French Pakistani was the nickname for the short-lived alternative She-Ra-metal band Friends, Pack His Tanny because nobody still remembered what a "Tanny" was... Was it a piece of PA equipment, an item of feminine hygiene, or something too obscure to even guess?

    However, even the nickname was destined to fall away into obscurity due to its vague racial implications, and the members of the band eventually reformed into the Adventure Power MMO RPG Metal band MacroNot 800

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    • 1 juin 2012, 7h59m
    Nine Densities and an Uprise is an Archimedean Metal band consisting of Adnaw and Seeoow, two Phys/Elec grads, who wanted to determine the gravitomagnetic analogue of Archimedes' principle.

    They released a number of albums between 1986 and 1990, on various obscure media (such as 78's, paper tape, EPROMs, and RK05's). Their only top-50 hit however was a program for designing kitchens in wireframe perspective, released in 1982.

    The band's name comes from an experiment performed by Adnaw, who pedalled a bicycle at close to the speed of light in order to measure the frame-dragging effect between the rotating wheels (which acted like gyroscopes), having remembered to re-inforce them against centrifugal force shattering them due to their awesome angular velocity.

    The experiment was a success, inasmuch as the gravitomagnetic force between the rapidly-rotating wheels caused a significant reduction of local gravitational mass of the bicycle, and levitation was achieved. Adnaw and the gravitomagnetic bicycle were last seen rising into the sky before contact was lost altogether. Fortunately Adnaw took an oxygen mask to allow for this possibility.

    Many years later, the bicycle (the legendary "MicroCycle") was found chained to a lamp post round the back of an Italian restaurant, its wheels still rotating in a ghostly fashion; the bicycle frame having become transparent due to its transmutation into bosonic matter. Adnaw and Seeoow warped into cyberspace and started a four-user text-based MUD running on an Atari 800XL and a stack of ex-GPO modems.

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    • 9 juin 2012, 17h42m
    Double Bus Error is a doub-and-bass-step project by Lolly Watt and the Faders, getting extensive airplay on Live365. Their new album, "That's a large Beeeetle, is it Poisonous", was also featured on Veronica. Their musical style is a mix of dubstep, wubstep, woostep, yaystep, and wutsdatstep.

    Their name comes from when they were poor and had no roadie or van, and had to ride to gigs using the local public transport. They would wait for nearly half an hour, and then two buses would arrive simultaneously, defying Pauli's Exclusion Principle as well as the terms of the transport franchise. Fed up with this, they won a minibus on the lottery by rolling a ten-sided dice 32,000 times. They also increased their athletic skill in the process.

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    • 17 juin 2012, 18h35m
    The Deathgirls were neither death metal, nor were they girls. It was an automated groove generator rack; that took an audio input from anywhere you can imagine, such as vinyl, CD, next door's cat falling off the roof, or a flushing toilet; did some incomprehensible number-crunching on it (using a whole bunch of some obscure RISC chips and a whopping great cooling fan); and output something so totally different that for a long time nobody even knew what genre to call it.

    Was it industrial? Was it avant-garde? Was it musique concrete? It never made the top 50 anyway, but it did have a great underground following. Eventually a hipster record producer discovered it. That is, this rack of spooky electronics was discovered in a car-park when they were rebuilding an adjacent italian restaurant. Luckily it was still in perfect working order. Why was it called "The Deathgirls"? Nobody knows...

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  • Big Sister is an alias for a Post-pop female singer whose real name is Alicia Cecilia , she already made 2 album with the name . The first album which is called Message from the Bee Gees is a tribute , it's filled with 9 great cover song of the legendary band The Who.and the second album is called Appettite For Reconnection ,it's produced by one of the legendary guitarist in Rock n Roll history , Brian May . The second album will be releasing soon , december 2017.

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    • 30 juin 2012, 13h41m
    Green 182: Cleverly naming themselves after a well known pop punk collaboration effort, the band called Chromium Oxide Green are a minimal electronics band trying to reinvigorate and reconsider the detroit techno and Underground Resistance Label output of the late 80’s/early 90’s. They only ever release 7½ copies of every album they record and it wasn’t for Youtube nobody would ever of heard of them.

    Next; The Insects From Shaggai

  • The Insects From Shaggai

    An Afro-futurist Jazz combo lead by veteran saxophonist Albert Smythe-Sirius jnr. They are infamous for their cosmic blow outs lasting up to 190 minutes-a third of this taken up by Albert's free-wheeling solos-which are hastily recorded on tape & sold after the concerts for $100 each, surprisingly these have been known to be sold in their dozens.

    Next up is- Up & At Them

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    • 5 jui. 2012, 20h10m
    Up & At Them: A genuinely alternative 3 piece band that never deny any label assigned to them or dismiss any attempt to pigeonhole their sound, giving the impression to fans and critics alike that they are right whilst deliberately altering their stylistic direction at every opportunity.

    One last.fm user once described them as being "like what The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower would sound like if they subscribed to The Chap magazine", another Youtube commentor akined them to "early emo music played by baby rhinos whilst a Burzum-bummin' hipster wept in the background", whilst some guy on BLABBERMOUTH.net simply said they "weren't metal enough" before arguing with his moms new boyfriend and storming back down into the basement of his parents basement.

    A groundbreaking act of unpredictably chaotic hardgazercore that will continue to defy both expectations and coherant logic and sure to cause more consternation and controversy on that surrogate for real life we affectionately call the internet.

    Next... DJ /I/Iedvshvssha Vespida-Chan

  • DJ /I/Iedvshvssha Vespida-Chan

    A Slovak producer & DJ working in tandem with various saxophonists to produce a series of albums of Scratchadelic Jazz freak-outs.

    He is currently working with folk musicians from Borneo to produce a new music he calls Ethno-phunk-trance, what this will sound like we hope to hear in 2014 at the latest, meanwhile he is working on a series of remixes for Ukrainian group Dubby Du & New York singer Abbey Abbas.

    Next; Alexander & The Wall.

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    • 17 jui. 2012, 19h48m
    Alexander & The Wall: One of those weird indie bands that manage to straddle the seemingly disparate borders between pleasing the NME's relentless weekly popularism and The Wire's more considered monthly approach. Are best described as sounding like a hybrid of Bloc Party's electro-kissed rock, the string-led heaviness of Bodychoke and the retrograde batcave revisionism of The Dead Jivaro. They tend to pen extremely ambitious concept albums about recent Baltic history and traditionally make sure to have at least one song per album thats a reference to the work of Sven Johne.

    Next... Poirot's Pseudophilia

  • Poirot's Pseudophilia...

    ...are long forgotten contemporaries of Nurse With Wound. The band were fans of Faust & The Goons mixed with the work of H.P. Lovecraft & Arthur Machen. The groups début tape was once described in a Sounds review as "...silly tape nonsense with clumsy 'spooky' vocals...More Spike Milligan than Vincent Price..." , although they did garner more positive press later on.

    They have been based in Belgium for the last three decades where the they still enjoy a cult following. Poirot's Pseudophilia once toured with Hula during their European tour in 1985.

    Next; Xtasy seX

  • Someone rescue this thread...Maybe we need more creative people on Last.fm cos people seem to just wanna cut'n'paste...

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    • 19 oct. 2012, 15h08m
    ^ I've inexcusably neglected this thread. I convince myself that someone other than myself, yourself Russell, or SaltComplex will join us in regular exercises in make-believe :p Alas my intentions never seem to pan out...

    Xtasy seX: Effortlessly straddles the margins between melodic neurofunk ala Future Prophecies, the melancholic urban musiqe concrete that the Burial & Four Tet collaboration excelled at, and the weirdo mutant funk of Sebastien Tellier. Xtasy seX offers an eccentric brand of perverted electro-crossover that surprises and shocks at each turn. Crooning pseudo-lounge moments slowly up the tempo and accumulate into the kind of metal/dnb mashup music that all the angry kids love, only to drop unexpectedly into down tempo microtonal beats and appropriated RnB vocals.

    (I didn't like that name so much)

    Next name: Aurangzeb (Persian boys name meaning "honouring the throne")

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    • 19 oct. 2012, 15h16m
    Aurangzeb is a six-member gothtrot-wave band from Mesopotamia, and released their sixth album "Fatima's Fourth Secret" on vinyl only. Unusually, it was recorded backwards on the flipside of the album, to save bothering opening up your turntable and reversing the wires to one of the motor coils. It has six tracks (three per side), thereby being a 6-member band's 6th 6-track album.

    Unfortunately we weren't sent a deejay review copy, so can't comment further.

    Next name: Two Rival Websites

  • Two Rival Websites
    A secretive knob twiddler from Bristol & his sister Bertha are both enthusiastic bloggers constantly trying to outdo each other by sharing the most obscure street sounds from Electro to Brostep.
    They have updated the sounds of yesteryear (1991 to exact) recreating the music of their childhood when they drank Red Stripe while listening to Smith & Mighty and Massive Attack.
    The duo's trademark sound is brontosaurian dub drums dragging along at a snails pace (110 bpm) while Betha warbles sultry soul ballads over them, intertwined with found sounds from Bristol's streets.
    Downtempo is here to stay say the duo and who can argue?

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    • 3 avr. 2013, 16h26m
    You forgot to provide a next name, so I'll make my own.


    Formed in 1993, Epididymectomy was one of the pioneers of brutal death metal. The band's demos are mostly in the vein of Cannibal Corpse - no-frills, basic death metal with groovy and brutal riffs. On the first full-length, "Conceived In Rot", guitarist Robert Dross's lead guitar played an important role, but when the vocalist/rhythm guitarist's (Albert Sloppenberg) arm was paralysed in an unfortunate go-cart accident and he moved on to performing vocals only, Robert Dross adopted a more simplistic and rhythm-oriented style. The second album showed a definitive shift towards brutal death metal and slam, and it became a classic of the subgenre. Later albums have received less recognition; fans have criticised Epididymectomy of becoming stagnant.

    Alber Sloppenberg - vocals
    Robert Dross - guitars
    Eric "Clitoral Dominator" Muffin - drums
    Hans Ordurion - bass

    Decomposition - demo - 1997
    Repulsive Nymphomanic Orgies - demo - 1998
    Conceived in Rot - full-length - 1999
    Drowned In Rectal Goo - single - 2002
    Manifesting Utter Debauchery - full-length - 2002
    Postmortal Rectal Prolapse - full-length - 2006
    Cunnilingus of Rotten Vaginal Cavity - EP - 2007
    Fecalitarian - single - 2008
    Urological Sadistic Fixation - full-length - 2009
    Ecstatic Excrement Devourment Orgy - full-length - 2011

    Next: Anti-Pattern

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    • 3 avr. 2013, 17h39m
    Anti-Pattern was a particle-wave band from Airstrip One, initially playing synths and drum machines only, and was fairly unique in handing out infra-red remotes to members of the audience so they could all influence the flow and harmonies of the performance. Due to the disproportionate loss of these devices by forgetful participants, there was a £20. refundable deposit for these on future gigs. No two concerts were alike, and the performances only stopped because of several potential legal threats by dubious audience members who claimed copyright over their contribution; the band then moved to internet virtual performances only. During its long existence, the line-up consisted of one or more of: Tanda Whewitch, Lorrie Coakahead, Cicro Mycle, Step Coppuk, Rai Sandhri, Wyitoo, Ruchel Ratherfrod, Tarianet Mannew, and backed by the CCB Licro-Mive orchestra.

    Next: Ravious Statris

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    • 3 avr. 2013, 18h31m
    The London-based Ravious Statris is one of the most renowned modern groups in the electroviolence scene (powerviolence combined with gabber or other hardcore techno). They debuted in 2006 with a download-only single "Fuck Me to Gabba", which was featured in the 2007 winner of World of Warcraft machinima contest hosted by xfire. It became an internet phenomenon that brought popularity to Ravious Statris. However, the fame faded as quickly as it had come, and the group became mostly appreciated among enthusiasts of the electroviolence niche.

    Meatbone Slash - vocals, programming
    Jürgen Rawcunt - programming, percussion
    Ernest von Lobotomie - guitars, vocals
    Buck McDoodowfertyconnor - bass
    Lord Saddam Iblis Shaytan - drums

    Fuck me to Gabba - single 2006
    Your Vigilance Is Shit - single 2007
    Drugged up, Fucked Up - full-length 2007
    Fuck Reason (Mankind's Final Stand) - full-length 2009

    Handicap Avenger - single 2012
    Pig Flu - full-length 2012

    Next up: Unibrow Supremacy

    Satu juutalaisten kuninkaasta
    On saavuttanut ehtoopuolensa
  • Unibrow Supremacy

    Noel Gallagher's secret Nu-Disco alter ego.

    Next up; Oiling The Sprocket.

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    • 10 avr. 2013, 9h16m
    Some of the detail and effort put into the replies here is inspiring and very amusing! I'm not sure if I can manage that.

    Oiling The Sprocket: An emoclash band from Hawaii that sound like an uncomfortable but ass-shaking sparring session between Underworld and Her Space Holiday. They formed in 2011 and recently supported Ravious Statris where they were poorly received by fans of said band.

    Next, The Birmingham Campaign

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