How to Organize Your Own Jack-Off Club / Party

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    • 9 jan. 2010, 21h36m

    How to Organize Your Own Jack-Off Club / Party

    1 Ready a spot good for 50 to 60 people or take it outside.
    2 Every bloke is invited. Girls, come at your own risk!
    3 No holds barred except penetration. That is no penis in the mouth or in the butt.
    4 Easy come, easy go: stock up on lube + paper towels. Gets hot in therre!
    5 Bring your own soda, or pool for refreshments. Put a record or video on.
    6 Outback or outdoor fun is awesome, but an airconditioned space is doable.
    7 You don't check shoes. The floor gets sticky. (Sweet!)
    Note: This is probably the safest thing next to abstinence and is absolutely light years better than drugs or alcohol, or even (protected) sex — there's no physical contact or any fluid exchange! So check your judgments at the door. And thank you for not smoking.

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    Oh wow.

    ~Sup ☮ .
  • Rofl, nice.

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