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  • Prince's funk


    I always ready that Prince had a kind of funky albuns or songs but I don´t exactly know which ones... Can you indicate me some?


  • I haven't heard much, but the song "Musicology" might be a good start. Looks like that's the album name too.


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    • 2 sept. 2006, 21h56m
    Some funky Prince songs include "I Feel For You", "Soft And Wet", "Controversy", and "Sexy MF".

  • Re: Prince Funk

    Hi I used to be a massive Prince fan in the old days before the name changes and losing the plot a little. Check out tracks like 'Housequake', from Sign of the times album, some tracks from the album 1999, Tracks from 'The Black Album' are quite funky for starters

    All about the Funk baby
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    • 1 oct. 2006, 10h47m
    I Wanna Be Your Lover is also a very groovy song!

  • The entire Controversy album is pretty funk oriented.

  • check out the sign of the times live dvd, not only is it funking good music but its a hell of a performance by all involved try this link for a clip, quality could be better though.

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    • 21 mai 2007, 16h32m
    In my opinion, the funkiest Prince's album is The Black Album.
    It's always Prince, of course, so it sounds quite unique nonetheless.

    e.g., listen to Superfunkycalifragisexy

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    • 23 mai 2007, 21h57m
    The funkiest Prince song I recall is "Let's Work" "Erotic City" has always been a favorite of mine & funky as well.

  • How about the Rainbow Children? It's a very interesting work, a bit different from Prince's style, with real drums and all. It has something like a broadway musical feel going on.

  • i'm a hard fun of prince. i'll name you album per album the funkiest songs:

    - i'm yours (funk-rock)

    - sexy dancer

    - almost everything, except "when you were mine", "sister", "gotta broken heart again"

    - controversy
    - sexuality
    - let's work

    FROM "1999":
    - D.M.S.R.
    - Lady cab driver (fabulous!)

    FROM "PURPLE RAIN" no funk at all.. :S

    - tamburine

    - kiss

    - housequake
    - it's gonna be a beautiful night

    - almost everything

    - eye no
    - dance on

    - almost everything


    anyway IMHO his funkiest pieces are the ones not included on his album (outtakes, song written for other artists, demos, ecc). sure all of you named some HARD FUNK titles (i add to them "rock hard in a funky place, cindy C and superfunkycalifragisexy from the black album) but try to "find" these:
    - can i play with you (with miles davis!!)
    - 7779311 (written for the time and included in their album "what time is it?")
    - "Chocolate" and "jerk out"(from the time album "pandemonium")
    - all the "family" album (including "high fashion", "mutiny")
    - love or money
    - we can funk (from graffiti bridge album, but not the album version, check out some early demo of it)
    - Rebirth of the flesh
    - the line

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    • 6 juin 2007, 20h44m
    FROM "PURPLE RAIN" no funk at all.. :S

    don't think so.
    Computer Blue?
    Baby I'm a Star?
    isn't that funk?

  • i don't think so. computer blue it's absolutely ROCK. about "baby i'm a star" we can talk.. :) but it's not what i intend for funk. true hard funk. it's a whitey/pop funk..

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    • 26 juin 2007, 23h18m
    For start;]]
    1.'For You'
    2.'Graffiti Bridge'
    3.'Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic '
    5.'The chocolate invasion'

    "Musicology" is so good funk album I think...But my number one is "New Power Soul".It's like James Brown style.I love it.

  • THX

    Thank you all ad keep the groove ;) !!

  • to keep this thread alive...

    My top 3 of Funky Prince songs is:
    Erotic City (Dance Mix)
    Chelsea Rodgers
    A Love Bizarre (feat. Prince) by Sheila E.

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    • 8 mars 2014, 22h51m

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