Fuck Your Pedo Pop Music

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Créé le : 30 juin 2009
Description :
Descriptions don't matter, anything i'll say will come off as elitist to those who don't share my views. Join if you like, but please don't troll because we don't like wasting our time on idiots.

A group for people who are sick of pop music and the people associated with it.

I personally put most generic popular music as pop music so it ranges from your pedos to nickelback, to your cokeheads like whitney houston to cock rock ones like motley crue. If it's junk love songs, christ rock, crude sexual innuendo for kids to spoon up, etc... this is basically the place to hate on it. Lastly this isn't about what people should listen to or not. So if you take offense that people find your taste in music lacking you obviously are too up tight because we all know musical preference is personal taste and we all are entitled to our own.

**Also fans of sludge, hardcore, grind, crust, noise, folk, psy-folk, anything ... are all welcomed to join as long as you don't listen to a considerable amount of lame pop music. This group's sole purpose isn't just about saying fuck you to over hyped artists, but for a convergence of like minded individuals who like broadening their horizons beyond the banal basics.**

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