Phoenix: French band of the year (2009)

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    • 3 jan. 2010, 14h06m

    Phoenix: French band of the year (2009)

    The band from Versailles just had an awesome year. They had a great series of concerts with Central Park, NYC probably the apex of it all. The new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is not their best in my mind but it probably was the one with most acclaim, up to a point where some are saying they are not independent anymore. Who cares if they license soundtracks to Cadillac, I mean Sébastien Tellier did so with Renault! They sound great and that's all that matters: Phoenix are band of the year on the French touch group...bonne année 2010!!!

  • Phoenix at Mile High Music Festival

    Yo everyone,

    So for those of you going to Mile High, I found this awesome opportunity to help promote Phoenix. By signing up for the Mile High Street Team, you'll help promote the show (specifically Phoenix) by hanging up posters and flyers, and you get recompensed for your work in the form of free tix, shwag, etc. Check it out!

  • Phoenix at Mile High

    Anyone attending Mile High Music Festival in Denver this year?? Phoenix will be headlining on August 14 and honestly this looks too good to pass up. With headliners like Weezer, Dave Matthews Band, Slightly Stoopid and Steve Miller Band, there’s no way I’ll be missing out on this festival!

    Check out the line-up here:

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