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  • Spotify Playlist

    Hey all, I thought it might be fun to make a collaborative playlist for this group. So if you guys have Spotify, this is the link here:

    I've added many connected artists from the group, as well as a few I felt matched pretty closely or gave the mix some variety.

    Since it's a collaborative playlist, you guys can add songs too. But please make them fit. Nothing weird like "The Offspring" or "Paramore". Also, no IDM, dub or trance please.


    Update: There is no playlist any longer.

    Modifié par idyllchilde le 28 fév. 2013, 1h35m
    • viciomora a dit :...
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    • 10 oct. 2010, 20h23m
    oh, great idea, and I support NO idm, dub or trance ...

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    Spotify Open is available in "Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland (including the Åland Islands), France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom".

    Sign up for free.

    Modifié par idyllchilde le 16 mars 2011, 17h39m
  • Two more playlists

    If anyone's interested, I've made 2 more playlists for the group. 1) with older artists from the 80s and 90's, and 2) a hour-long set if you just want something shorter.

    Fluorescent Odyssey Classic:


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