• Dynamic Range Day 2011

    25 mars 2011, 12h30m par Skonrokk

    Here's a short little bass theme I wrote for (or inspired by) the event.

    Theme for Ian

    I highly recommend that you check out http://dynamicrangeday.co.uk/ to read more about the subject.

    If you care about music then you care about the dynamic range. Right? ;)

    Spread the word:

    Dynamic music sounds better !

    NO MORE Loudness War

    Join us on March 25th for the Competition and Award announcements


    Follow the discussion on Twitter:

  • New music by Danish trumpet player and vocalist HC Erbs

    19 déc. 2010, 20h59m par Skonrokk

    Hello friends and music lovers.

    l just wanted to recommend this album here: Don't Wear It Out by HC Erbs.

    HC Erbs played trumpet on the Menn Ársins (12 Steps to the Liquor Store & Allt að gerast.

    Don't Wear It Out is a great sounding album with melodic jazzy pop songs. Good songs and very well produced.

    Check it out and I hope you like :)
  • Last Chance to Say Goodbye - fretless bass solo - solo transcription

    29 sept. 2010, 9h35m par Skonrokk

    Here is a transcription of my fretless bass solo ft. on the Menn Ársins song "Last Chance to say goodbye" from the Menn Ársins (debut) CD.

    Last Chance to Say Goodbye - fretless bass solo by Siggidóri, on Flickr

    You can listen to the song at:

    Last Chance to say goodbye (free download)

    http://mennarsins.bandcamp.com/track/last-chance-to-say-goodbye (pay what you like for the album on Bandcamp)



    Haraldur Vignir Sveinbjörnsson (Red Barnett): Rhodes, vocals
    Kjartan Guðnason: drums, vibraphone, percussion
    Sigurdór Guðmundsson: fretless bass
    Sváfnir Sigurðarson: acoustic guitar, electric guitar

    Read the full article at:

    Í hljóðverinu með Mönnum Ársins by Siggidóri, on Flickr

    15 mai 2010, 9h35m par klangding

    Oedipal Complexities, the very long-awaited second album from doomed Hackney improv-punk avant-ists the Little Princess Orchestra, is now available to download, free of charge, from their website.
  • New Menn Ársins song (from a radio performance) - Last.fm exclusive (so far) :)

    22 fév. 2010, 9h50m par Skonrokk

    Here's the song Langir skuggar [radio performance]

    Recent radio performance with Menn Ársins. Unreleased track.

    The mix is not so great but I really tried to save what I could in the mastering process.

    Check it out and I hope you enjoy!
    Have a great week!
  • TheiT, The Plot

    26 jan. 2010, 21h32m par FOWLmusic

    Alright, I've finally decided to post .TheiT (FOWL CD # 6) for all to hear on Last.FM, even though the mix is terrible. I wouldn't sell it in this state, however, I'll let people download it to get an idea of what it is, my masterpiece, although mixed a little too far into the red zone if you know what I mean. I was far too immature a producer at the time to know how to handle 55 minutes of non-stop action with all 16 tracks occupied with fully dynamic overdubs coming in and out at random intervals properly. My loving/fearful term for TheiT was always The BEAST, and with good reason.
    Here is the plot of this, my first symphony, and here's to hoping someday I actually get around to mixing this properly.
    The small tail-less mouse runs around that house, rearranges starting the sphere and the candy cane of turd which approximately is prepared for forming a line the enormous ratio…. As for month full fourth of the glory which is covered .....There is transmission. The fractal framework of branches intermingle in the air forming myriad mad shapes in silver definition dancing along his lawn. Yes, all the time and this mouse railingest the path of the first batch of mad cow disease in search of folk Monsutamasshuappu Moon owns the grass saunters along unexpectedly. Very fighting spirit between the participants lottery [ku] description being strange, be whimsical people. Despite the confusion in understanding the convergence of the mouse eye conceives and magic away the temptation to turn off. Just ride the flow of the night if he is only there to exist together in holy synergy may be frozen to enact this holy celebration. Please help the dogs! As for more many people just the eye of the mouse the refuse kana fiber of relationship the fact that it crosses in the friend who others is fast and becomes is detected, the plant approximately it arrives accidentally, speaks in them themselves.
    "But what we and triumphant? How to break a sweat" is one from the back of the closet one of the strange wounds rampant inflation in your socialist ideals! Hobbles dare threaten progress towards the center of my spiritual creativity Damnation.
    "ARrette LA! " Screams mouse EYE "This is a friendly gathering of minds melding and contrasting to excessive extensions of mental derision, here's the vision, drown that decision, and let's begin with this slicing arc incision!"
    Everything ridicules ridiculous logic, solves because of large proud concept of month. How festival model, the precision which that from 10 times that in all stone tragedies of the rhythm which was standardized kicks excessively the tunnel the underground which echoes! As the back foot disorder copious amounts of smoke and dust stirred up, increase heat to hear the hack is to increase the noise level of friction on the lawn facing the outflow, the howling of the wire away from the night light like men. It is also surprising in this light.
    The signs of lycanthropy begin to appear. Rupture of a virgin flesh and fur. The howl surges. Wicked urge to purge owl circle. Oh, you are still monitoring the excessive volatility of this meeting. Freakified this deviation will be monitored by all stations. So everyone straps on a drum and starts constructing an impenetrable wall of rhythm. Cemented by moonlight, not even the Rhino's ramming horn can penetrate this solidarity. It applies everything of attendance, sings the protest of silence.
    The sport-related activity which ties a certain that entirely together being calm it gets together, it meaning that air mollecules was successfully reconstructed in order to describe the lawn of normal evening, the bloodthirsty fowl avaricious pack rises in order to
    polish the land. As for looking at the wave of fear seeking the stimulus of copulation, the throwing arrow of the cat where it can appear in sort, penetration due to the couple it crossed, but
    unexpected, it meets to the ego travelling of gangsta of the wanton woman of unprovoked wildness. Mean-spirited" 1 cat was heard in order to become aware. "I had no idea the Crips had opened a chapter in Kapuskasing!" and, "How do you expect to pay your union fees with only the bottom swills of our beer to show for this scratch?"
    Regardless of no, bad kitty cat man handle almost medicine men, jerking meat needle was sewing sweat shop production line itself. In time the pain in his brain is screaming, and three torpedo one of your own sub-conscious and deeply real. How shitty holiday? Soon, the pain leaves, and he reawakens at mouse eye's home, with only a few stray stragglers left flailing wildly in a vain attempt to keep the morning light from breaking the moon's hold. In the process, someone accidentally breaks a silly window, upsetting the hornet's nest housed directly above it, causing a swarm of fuzzy stingers to buzz in for retribution and deterrent of future insurgence.
    At the store in angle for the cream of the rod where the sun observes
    at that it licks the scar, with it rises in sort after the pursuit, remaining explosion sound of randy. As things will start to get goofy role of the hill toward the bend in the river below. The sudden surge of serotonin, such as sleep deprivation and how people will get eXtatic. mouse EYE, in no mood for shenanigans, mosies on home and basementifies himself with a guitar and a candle drawing cave art with wax on Robo-Colin's wares. To become aware in confusion, as for coming to that feeling of the 10th after all you went away whether with the removal of the bottle which on the cardboard where he places on the rag moves with the lever with in that address of approximately scurries the resident and the word order changing and manic illness motion of freakified month from. With every step and party artifact dismantled the night comes flooding back to him with crystal clarity, scenes preserved in their refuse, it all swirls through him, vomiting up the reality of his surroundings and settling in to a throbbing numbing pain. Reveal ground. He did not party at all. He is a single cell, and the music sounds bad, CIA agent was splattered dreams of recording his every word. As for him becoming aware the thing which was bound with the torture instrument string where he himself inserts in all open parts. The scream for the putrid music which in the land of eye nevernever of the mouse of the flood of fear and helplessness overflows in the back section of that consciousness as that all inch. Around that of the thin weak rhythm where the cell carries away the eye of the formal mouse, the way the inanimate thing intended shaking, and others and others with it starts sounding.

  • FOWL As Sandy Claws

    9 déc. 2009, 2h46m par FOWLmusic

    As a special Christmas treat, I urge everyone to go check out FOWL's interpretation of Sandy Claws on Jerry Ford's excellent freaky musical promotion site In Protest of Boredom . Get the skinny on what the fat man is really up to, and why he does the bizarre things he does! Enjoy!
  • The Adventures Of Wireman

    26 nov. 2009, 6h27m par FOWLmusic

    Wireman moves on wire brush feet. Sometimes he skips, sometimes he shuffles down the street. Sometimes he even jumps up and swishes the splashy street signs, but often he just drags his feet. With his lanky wire body he makes spastic movements in random directions. While this does mean fun tangents in freak flavoured directions, it also leads to snapped strings in abundance. Along his way one day Friar goat nudges him forward horn wise towards a placement agency for to toil. As Friar head butts the door closed wire man's left hand of thick sturdy bass strings gets caught and warped out of shape. Trying to fill out the second grade math test proves near impossible as his left arm is no longer stable enough to hold the sheet down. One of the other worker drones offers the advice that when he gets a new bass guitar, it's always good to get your hydraulic suspension pumping enough to really get some good lift on your vehicular, then bounce it over onto the strings a couple times. It melts 'em and wears 'em down a little, gets it warmed up to a real nice tone. "That's what you need son, a real good tone." The kind slave trader secretary then sling shots the Wireman by his lean spastic right arm. He lands rolling down-hill tumbling towards his yellowarm loved one. There she winds new wire around his frame, and patches him up for to re-enter the new world. Whilst mending his weary wires during the burning bright of mid-afternoon with audacious audacity assinine assailant posing as furnace inspector wearing a suspicious black "Energy" cap worms his way past security and down in the depths of his bass meant for glory maliciously cracks a patch cord in half and snaps lady's high E string. At which point lady whirls around with hockey stick in hand and swirl flips the cap off, exposing a flurry of stolen heating bills to the floor. Wireman awakens and stumbles downstairs. Wherein he slips and falls, head landing on the gorgeous pillow of stolen bills, sliding instantly into a deep dream ridden sleep. Getting tired eventually of the sloppy rodeo he has entered into in his subconscious, he awakens, and realizing the deep debt incurred by his very real and disturbing pillow, vowing to retain his null credit rating from here to eternity, Determines to delete his downtime and venture back into the real world. As he steps outside for the first time since the cold last snapped a string, he chooses to speak for the first time, informing the hammers beating inside of his wire framed skull just what he thinks of their games.

    The Adventures Of Wireman
  • Banging, Pounding, Racket, Noise Vol. 3

    7 nov. 2009, 7h16m par FOWLmusic

    For anyone who hasn't heard it yet, I suggest dowloading for free
    Banging, Pounding, Racket, Noise: Vol 3
    It is my most emotionally dense recording, yet the most sparse note per second of any of my releases, go figure! I consider it perhaps my favorite release.

    19 oct. 2009, 18h34m par FOWLmusic

    My special Hallowe'en video of HORROR! The song is the The Scary off of my cd InaStorMental (obligatory futile purchase link http://www.indiepool.com/fowl001 or you can download off your favorite digital music site). Featured in this highly disturbing video, real live forced drugging, ritual blood letting, and the eventual sacrifice and dessecration of a corpse. No really! Enjoy.