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    I'm a big fan of the two Fairport Convention albums I own (Unhalfbricking and Liege and Lief) but know absolutely nothing about any other Fairport music (It gets a grand total of zero radio airplay here - the only way I know of the band is my parents had Liege and Lief on vinyl so I grew up with it).

    What would everybody here recommend as a good Fairport album from the modern era for me to try?.

    • Zebratan a dit :...
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    • 12 mai 2007, 16h09m
    Well, first of all I think it's a pretty safe assumption that not everybody who likes the older Sandy Denny stuff automatically will be in to the newer material. Though the band still moves in the same genre and largely plays the same type of music, they have gone through a lot of changes. That said, I myself am a big fan of the newer stuff as well as the old. Since the joining of Chris Leslie, a couple of albums ago, as new unofficial bandleader they sound as good as ever.
    My recommendation as far as a newer album goes, would definitely be "over The Next Hill" from 2004. This album is almost only great songs and I think any real fan of Fairport should at least give it chance. Great tracks from the album count “The Fossil Hunter” and “I’m Already There”. Check it out, if not for anything else just to hear the remarkable skill of the musicians. Fairport have always consisted of talented musicians, but in my opinion they have never been better than they are right now and on the last few albums...

    • EJPace13 a dit :...
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    • 13 août 2007, 21h26m
    I'd recommend "Jewel in the Crown" I'm not sure when it came out, but my library has it & it's great.

    • greenman7 a dit :...
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    • 16 août 2007, 21h16m
    Their latest offering "Sense of Occasion" is a good one. I am enjoying it downloaded it from emusic. The new lineup is a lot different from the early days but they do have a lot to offer. I saw them in concert about 3 tears ago and was VERY impressed - they did some old numbers with a new slant, very enjoyable.

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