• Feest In het Park - Fi:Hp 2015 reviews + foto's @ snoozecontrol.be

    13 août 2015, 16h45m par GothicBowie666

    Feest In Het Park

    FI:HP gaat special op de allereerste dag + foto's

    Feest In Het Park opent met voor zijn 20ste verjaardag met een speciale feesteditie voor personen met een beperking. Wat die beperking ook moge zijn, iedereen is welkom. Dat FI:HP zich goed voorbereid heeft op de komst van deze personen is duidelijk merkbaar. Aangepaste platformen, vlot toegankelijke terreinen en een overbemande Rode Kruis post moeten ervoor zorgen dat alles tip top in orde is.

    Openen doet het festival met Urbanus & De Fanfaar. Een geslaagde opener als je het mij vraagt want wie beter dan Urbanus heeft het ooit beter gedaan in onze kindertijd? En wie doet het nog steeds even goed? Klopt, Urbanus uit Tollembeek. Terwijl de klassiekers erdoor gedraaid worden blijft de temperatuur stijgen op en rond het terrein. Een ongelofelijke warmte overweldigt ons maar het publiek lijkt schijnbaar te genieten. Een geslaagde opener als je het ons vraagt.

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  • My Sleeping Karma - Moksha CD recensie @ snoozecontrol.be

    13 août 2015, 16h24m par GothicBowie666

    My Sleeping Karma - Moksha

    In 2012 bespraken we al een album van My Sleeping Karma. Over die plaat, Soma, schreven we het volgende: "Soma is de perfecte manier om de geest volledig leeg te maken, het 'goden drankje' schijnt dus wel degelijk te werken." Deze Duitse Psychedelische rock band timmeren al sinds 2006 aan de weg. Elk van hun platen heeft een spirituele achtergrond. Zo verwees Soma dus naar een godendrank. Ook in hun nieuwste album Moksha liggen verwijzingen naar spirituele achtergronden. De term Moksha is in verschillende Indiase religies redding, bevrijding en verlichting. Of wij ons na het beluisteren van dit album ook verlicht, gered en bevrijd voelden? U leest het hieronder.

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  • New Breed Invasion - Eternity industrial metal

    12 août 2015, 8h05m par fabrykamagazine

    New Breed Invasion - Eternity (song review) |self-released, New Breed Invasion, 2015| 4/5 industrial metal

    New Breed Invasion is the new musical project of Daniel, the founder of Sekten7 and Tribeleader. Akin to Sekten7's music, the new track brings a rough, rhythmic, and industrialized vibe filled with chunky, vibrating guitar riffs and predatory vocals.
    The atmosphere is dense and heavy but listeners will find the track quite easy to get hooked on thanks to well put together repetitions. Drums and guitars are put to the forefront, while the hellish voice remains a bit subdued throughout the entire track. Lyrics are rather spoken in a possessive way than sung. A simple looped yet melodic arrangement makes the guitar riffs sound mighty. Since the song is so down-tuned, any graded arrangements or sounds coming above the low scale make a big difference and engage the listeners better. This happens with the chorus, where the riff is higher and spread broader - also joined by vocals reminiscent of both 1980s / and 90s times. Fortunately, the track is not kept in any “trendy” style and therefore should age gracefully. Moreover, the guitars resonate with a slightly -esque distortion giving them a modern vibe.

    Parts of the track are very memorable, but listeners will probably find this out only after a few additional plays. That’s a good thing, since the song may not become boring after being looped on repeat.
    The arrangements aren't complex, so they won't engage the logical part of your brain, but the dynamics will definitely make your heart beat stronger. The rhythm is so concrete and visual that sometimes you can easily imagine an audio graph with the dotted waves joyfully jumping along the scale.

    Daniel as a sole member of the band wrote the track, played all the instruments, and then mixed and mastered it. Personally speaking, the drums could still have been cleaned a bit more, since the guitars and vocals have some depth or 'echo' effect but the drums sound too dry - specifically the cymbals sink into the composition without much of a footprint.

    "Eternity" could be illustrated with a thought-provoking music video with rapidly moving, distorted images in low quality, where nothing is polished - similar to the visuals behind 90's Schnitt Acht. There could also be an additional background story like those found in The Fields of the Nephilim videos.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, August 9th, 2015. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
    Source: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=560


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  • Azureflux - Pocket Boy

    11 août 2015, 15h21m par psenough

    enrmp378 - Azureflux - Pocket Boy

    8bit/16bit album by Portuguese project Azureflux. Including a few remix works for ogui, Dragão Inkomodo, Bit Shifter and Irisu Syndrome. Artwork by iloveui.

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  • Fonnefeesten 2015: Sfeerreportage - 06/08/2015 @ snoozecontrol.be

    7 août 2015, 18h48m par GothicBowie666

    Fonnefeesten 2015

    De Lokerse Feesten week is aan zijn laatste weekend toe. Zowel de Lokerse Feesten als Fonnefeesten mogen, naar we hebben vernomen, terugzien naar een heel succesvolle editie. Het mooie zomerweer zal daar ook wel een stuk mee te maken hebben, maar ook de affiche van beide festivals speelt uiteraard een rol. Ging Lokerse Feesten nog steeds door op De Grote Kaai, dan moest Fonnefeesten verhuizen naar het Josephine Charlotte Park. We vroegen ons af of ook op deze nieuwe locatie de gezellige en intieme sfeer zou kunnen bewaard blijven? Waren er min en pluspunten? Is het voor herhaling vatbaar op die nieuwe locatie? We zakten op deze zonovergoten donderdag af naar het park om de sfeer op te snuiven, wat concerten mee te pikken, en links en rechts wat reacties op te vangen. Tot dansen op new wave beats tot de vroege uurtjes. Onze bevindingen:

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  • I just found something super weird...

    6 août 2015, 22h44m par ringwraith10

    As the great Felicia Day says, You're Never Weird on the Internet. BUT, though I found this very weird song on Spotify, I'm pretty sure it was released on a physical album as well so... Vince Gill is most certainly weird. Here's the reason: Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song) by Vince Gill. This song is a Christmas classic (I have no idea how I randomly found it in the middle of the summer. Hmm.) and has been performed by many artists in the past. According to my quick Wikipedia research, the song was first recorded and performed by Amy Grant (who later married Vince Gill -- possibly explaining why he chose to perform this song).

    Here's what makes it extremely weird: the song lyrics are written in first person, from a woman's (Mary's) point-of-view. Not only that, but she sings about being pregnant. Now go listen to Gill's version of the song and listen closely to the lyrics. He hasn't changed anything -- he sings them as they were originally written. Why in the world would he sing a song about being pregnant? Frankly, I barely want to think about it. The only reason I made this little post is so that all of you who read this can be just as creeped out as I am. :)
  • Xandria - Fire & Ashes Ep review @ snoozecontrol.be

    3 août 2015, 18h18m par GothicBowie666

    Xandria- Fire & Ashes

    Xandria strikes back with a brand new EP called Fire & ashes and follows the latest, very successful and beloved, release called Scarificium. The full CD was the first one with Dianne van Giersbergen as their new leading lady. It was a shot in the rose!

    Not only the CD was a fine piece of music but she also confirmed on stage! With the new EP we can she an evolution: Dianne is more and more integrated and the band now act as one resulting in an even better result! If you already read positive things about this one, well: I can fully confirm all the great things on this one!

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  • Fotoverslag: M-IDZOMER 2015 Dag 1 30/07/2015 @ snoozecontrol.be

    3 août 2015, 17h07m par GothicBowie666

    Thu 30 Jul – M-IDZOMER 2015 - Dag 1

    M-IDZOMER festival in samen werking met Depot Leuven en het M-Museum Leuven.

    Het is festival zomer dus ook weer in het M-Museum te Leuven. Onze fotograaf Alexander Eyckmans ging op pad en legde de eerste dag vast.

    Douglas Firs Reymer Daan

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  • Beer Killer - What Else review hardcore 2015

    3 août 2015, 9h22m par fabrykamagazine

    Beer Killer - What Else (song review) |Dogozilla S.R.L.S, Start Living Or Die Today, 2015| 4/5 hardcore/punk

    Beer Killer is an Italian hardcore-punk quintet. The musicians’ influences and sonic experiences vary from metal, hardcore and punk through funky and electronic-dance to classical and jazz genres. The line up includes Fulvio (guitar), Miki (bass), Manuel (drums), Panga (guitar), and Viktor (vocals). Their musical careers began at the end of the 80s, except for Panga who started playing guitar in 1997. They performed several live shows and their tracks were played on various local radio stations. In addition, Miki - a former DJ - collaborated briefly with the once famous indie electronic act Apollo 440.

    "What Else" begins with a short electronic arrangement which could illustrate such lofty themes as the Universe and its galaxies, space travel, spirituality, and more in that vein, thanks to its vibration. It then turns into an in-your-face hardcore song, clocking in at less than 3 minutes. The arrangements are fueled with edgy guitars, rebellious vocals and a fast-paced rhythm that emanates rough masculine energy all over.
    The two guitars collaborate nicely with the bass in both verses and choruses. The riffs are simple, yet graded to increase the sonic tension when necessary. The intensity and dynamics run high through the entire track and hit listeners like a tornado mixed with a twister. It should be noted that Beer Killer has a very skilled and convincing drummer - Manuel plays like a well-oiled machine on this track! In addition, the drum beat is very exposed, perhaps even stealing the show from other instruments. The vocals are aggressive and coarse, and would definitely sound homely in any hardcore song.

    "What Else" is a potential hit to the point that you can definitely see yourself rooting for the band to perform it live. The production sounds a bit dirty however - maybe this is what real hardcore fans like - allowing for a virtual trip to a venue rather than enjoying the track on a home stereo alone. Moreover, the song's arrangements bring back the original feel of old-school American and UK - sound represented by the likes of Agnostic Front, Disorder or Broken Bones - the bands that inspired Beer Killer to form their own group. If you're in love with Ministry on the other hand, the speedy riffs here will keep you pleased as well.

    Beer Killer's forthcoming album Start Living Or Die Today will be out in September 2015, available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital distribution channels. Interesting trivia: the band received the permission of the Madrid Pardo Museum to use a famous painting by as its cover.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, August 1st, 2015. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
    Source: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=559
  • Cerakai - Against It review punk British rock

    3 août 2015, 9h09m par fabrykamagazine

    Cerakai - Against It (song review) |self-released, Cerakai, 2015| 4/5 punk British rock

    Cerakai is a UK based producer and musician with over 10 years of experience in the field. He's been measuring his song writing and compositional skills against various music genres to find the best match for further musical development. Now he presents a brand new punk-rock track, making a solid departure from his previous hip-hop and electronic compositions released on the Within Your Realm solo EP.

    "Against It" blooms from the very beginning with open dynamics provided by accented drums and high-pitched guitars, followed then by the bass and straightforward, shouted vocals. The mood and performance are as spontaneous as the punk attitude requires. The vocals have a taste of a 'young & rebellious' yet sound 'metallic', probably thanks to a mic filter. The arrangements are melodic but also include a mix of metal and hardcore sounds. The graded, vibrating guitar riffs and filling drum beats found in the third part of the composition make for a neat change from the simplistic punk rock songs which you may have heard before. The rhythm changes help the composition remain interesting by shifting the listeners' attention.

    The song writing as well as the rhythmic, smart and well rhymed lyrics sound great. Consider this: "I was born in the ocean and dragged from the sea, I got goldfish lungs and I can't breathe (…) There's a bunch of vultures cycling me, I gotta find my way back to the sea". As you may suspect, the theme of "Against It" calls out for resisting things you are forced to do against your needs or will and the overall world-wide bigotry supported by the lack of human empathy. The song is quite memorable and could easily engage the audience to sing along with the band's leader when performed live. It may happen soon, as Cerakai is planning a national UK tour to promote the album.

    On a final note, a few things you should know. Firstly, the reviewed track is a slightly different version to the final one appearing on the upcoming album, which you'll be able to buy from on-line music distributors in the last quarter of 2015. Secondly, Cerakai doesn't have a solid line-up yet as they've just formed mid-2015 - various guest musicians were invited for the album’s recording while Ben, the group's founder, sings and plays the guitar on each of the twelve songs. Finally, the mastering and production sound as if done a bit intuitively in this version, so an overall cleanup may be needed before the final release, since the current mixdown gives the impression of a live event rather than a studio version. Undoubtedly, the song's quality will be improved for the final release.

    Overall, if you like bands that perform for the joy of playing and bringing pure British Rock energy at the speed of 145bpm, then Cerakai's sounds may be ideal for you.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, August 1st, 2015. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
    Source: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=558

    Version reviewed: http://www.musicxray.com/xrays/1616327