Whats your favorite album?

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    • 20 août 2010, 9h03m
    Bonded by blood. Solos from this album are amazing

  • Bonded by Blood my all time fav!!!

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    • 23 sept. 2010, 11h29m
    Bonded by Blood by a thousand miles!
    Fabulous Disaster then Pleasure of the Flesh
    and im pretty sure there the only good ones.....

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    • 9 mai 2011, 20h50m
    Bonded By Blood is possibly the best thrash metal album, but Fabulous Disaster is my favourite, so:
    1- Fabulous Diasaster
    2- Bonded by Blood
    3- Pleasures of the Flesh
    4- Impact is Imminent/Exhibit B

    And Exodus FTW!!!!!

  • 1.Bonded By Blood
    2.Exhibit B
    3.Shovel Headed Kill Machine
    4.Tempo Of The Damned
    5.Fabulous Disaster
    6.Exhibit A
    7.Impact Is Inminent
    8.Pleasures Of The Flesh
    9.Force Of Habit

  • Bonded by Blood.

    I'd say it's my fav Thrash Metal album.

  • here is my list:

    1.Bonded By Blood
    2.Shovel Headed Kill Machine
    3.Exhibit A
    4.Fabulous Disaster
    5.Exhibit B
    6.Tempo Of The Damned
    7.Pleasures Of The Flesh
    8.Force Of Habit
    9.Impact Is Imminent

  • Bonded by Blood would be my favourite although the new stuff is great also.

    Top 3:
    1. Bonded by Blood
    2. Tempo of the Damned
    3. Pleasures of the Flesh

    Smell of shit is so foul
    Writhe in disgust
    Earth heaves and death comes to call
    All the waste - Cling to your lie
    You are as sand and the wind blows
    My disgust - A fever
    To kill a thousand more
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    • 14 août 2012, 19h23m
    Bonded by Blood

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