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For those who are tired of people ripping off of Kate Bush.

"If it exists, it was ripped off of Kate Bush. If it was not ripped off of Kate Bush, it is Kate Bush." - The Gospel of Mother Goddess Queen Kate

One of the worst things about the music industry is that people copy/steal/ripoff of Kate Bush and are successful in passing that off as their own. This group is “dedicated” to those unoriginal, talentless cunts.

Notable ripoffs:

Tori Amos

Armed with a piano and a vagina, Tori Amos has been the most prominent Kate Bush clone in recent history. She has been ripping off of Kate since she was in her mother’s womb. Her music sounds exactly like Kate Bush in every way, including the topics. Kate wrote songs about sin, sinsuality, masturbation, homosexuality (male and female), homophobia, sexuality in general, 9/11, road trips across America, prostitution, pornography, rape, miscarriage, Christianity, Native American spirituality and history, America and its people, masochism, misogyny, being a mom, George Bush, Lucifer, Datura, betrayal, sleeping with butterflies, powerful orange knickers, being a MILF, asking zebras for sweaters, driving to Ireland, bouncing off clouds, beekeeping, death, the rebirth of the sun, religious intolerance, war, her complex relationship with her father, and things that take months to decipher way before "Little Shitquakes" stained the history of music.

Tori dyes her hair red to look different, but she is a natural brunette. JUST LIKE KATE BUSH. She probably mimics Kate’s bush too, but Kate’s is obviously more majestic and stylish.


"Debut" was released in the same year as "The Red Shoes", which is already enough proof that she ripped off of Kate Bush. Björk’s music is eccentric avant-garde pop/electronic/alternative. This is basically Kate Bush minus the piano. Björk is second behind Tori Amos as the most prominent Kate Bush clone, and rightfully so.
Not to mention that she appeared in a picture with the ginger. Of course, this makes her a Tori ripoff, which makes her a Kate ripoff.

PJ Harvey (entry written by fellow member starxnoxstar)

During the 90s there were many female singer songwriters that shamelessly stole from Kate Bush, but none were as successful in their attempts than Pee Jizz Whorevey, or PJ Whorevey as she is most famously known as. Her horrible crimes of ripping off Kate Bush might not have been obvious during the 90s because she is a guitar player and plays scary alternative rock music. Yet the fact that she has dark hair and is British like Kate Bush was enough proof at the time to hint at the fact that Whorevey is a Kate rip off.

In the 2007 album “Trite Chalk”, Whorevey played the piano for the first time and revealed her true colors as a blatant rip off of Kate Bush. While Whorevey tries to justify this by saying that she does not like to repeat herself musically and likes to experiment with different genres of music, we all know that this confirms what we already knew for many years: PJ Whorevey is a sneaky plagiarist of Kate's music, since we all know that Kate is the only female musician in the world creative and genius enough to write songs dealing with dark themes and perform them on a piano! In addition, Whorevey has posed for a magazine with Bdork and Torn Anus, both of whom are also notorious Kate Bush plagiarizers as well. PJ Whorevey can fool the general public with her generic, disgusting versions of Kate's songs, but bitch, you cannot fool us!

Lady Gaga

Gaga is considered the Antichrist of music, and has been negatively compared to every musician on the planet (X rules! Gaga wishes she could be like X!). Since she's a pop singer, Gaga's considered a rip-off of Madonna. Who she really rips off of is - you guessed it - KATE BUSH. This bitch tries to make Kate Bush's weirdness accessible to the mainstream. What an idiot. Kate's weirdness is only for the alternative scene to gush over! And get this: Gaga is a pianist too! THE OUTRAGE!!!

The higher-ups of the Kate Bush fandom don't remember if Kate wore a strange costume (Gaga probably stole that idea if she did), but we do know fellow Bush ripper-offer Björk had a couple of strange costumes! You know what that means.

Émilie Simon

Émilie Semen has the voice of a young Kate Bush. Her music is similar to Björk’s. As if that wasn’t enough, Émilie shamelessly copies Kate with “The Way I See You”. It could possibly be THE Kate Bush ripoff, but it doesn’t have a piano. Coupled with the fact that she’s not as well-known as Torn Anus, she slips by our radars…UNTIL NOW.

Liz Phair

The guitar + vagina combo that Jizz Lair is known for doesn’t get her any Kate Bush “comparisons”. BUT, she has at least TWO piano ballads: “Canary” & “Chopsticks”. Also, Liz has sexually explicit lyrics. Bitch, please. Kate was already a whore with the 1978 song “Feel It”.

Regina Spektor

Vagina Sphincter is claimed to be a Tori Amos ripoff by at least five people, which also makes her a Kate Bush rip off. Regina doesn’t get any Kate comparisons because she is “quirky” and “adorable”, and her music is “anti-folk”. However, is guilty of having a piano and a vagina, just like Tori Amos.

Fiona Apple

Let’s not look at the glaringly obvious things Fuckona Asshole does, like playing piano and singing about her inner turmoil. Fiona was a prodigy, just like Kate Bush! “Tidal (Wave of Crap)” was released when Fiona was only 18. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Kate already did the prodigy gimmick with “The Kick Inside”! Fiona thinks she is better than Kate because Kate was a year older when her debut album was released. It doesn’t matter, Fiona. Your music still sounds like you flushed a goddess album down the toilet.


Madonna is claimed to be the first pop whore in the business, influencing people like fellow Kate Bush ripper-offer Lady Caca. She obviously doesn’t deserve any credit, since Kate Bush CREATED pop music. Not only that, but she created the theatrical pop tour style that Madonna has tried so hard to imitate. Madumba saw her opportunity to steal it after Kate stopped touring forever. To top it all off, Madonna stole Kate’s idea of a wireless headset mic. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS FOR KATE TO MAKE IT?! Kate had to use a coat hanger to create it. Madonna doesn’t deserve to wear headsets based on the sacred prototype to sing her shitty, unoriginal pop songs.

Goldfrapp (entry written by fellow member artgeek707)

Goldcrapp are a shameless pair of rip off electro artists. They are named after the surname of the lead singer, "A Lie Son" (Allison). The pair of thieves released their first album of the dubious name, "I Felt Up The Mountain", in 2000 and have continued to suck Kate's long hard legacy by imitating her ever since.

BUT WAIT! Goldcrapp can't possibly copy Kate, since they use electronica as their main medium with forays into trip hop. It would appear as that in order for us not to sniff them out, since Goldcrapp abandoned all acoustic instruments in favor of technology. Yet in their hurry to create careers in music by subtly leeching off Kate’s discography they forgot one thing: SYNTHS AND ETHEREAL VOCALS! These are obvious plagiarisms as Kate was using synths back when they first showed up, and she is the absolute authority on breathy vocals. I mean really, "I Felt Up The Mountain" sounds like the messy afterbirth of the beautiful “Sensual World.” We have our eye on you, A Lie Son Goldcrapp, and we shall not stand by while you pervert Kate’s music.

Within Temptation (entry written by fellow member Supernature91)

Within Sicktation (Within Temptation) are an awful symphonic metal/gothic metal band from Holland. They say that they are influenced by Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Bride, but this is so nobody could expect that they are actually "inspired" by Kate Bush! They did an awful cover of "Running Up That Hill"... with a Celtic feel to it, which totally rips off Kate's song "Jig of Life". Their debut album "Enter My Arsehole" used death metal growls/vocals... sound familiar? "Waking The Witch" anyone? Kate was using death metal vocals back in '85 before they were even created. "Enter My Arsehole" used soft/gentle vocals, but we all know that Kate is the godmother of soft and gentle vocals.

Their second album "Mother Dearth" was just totally based on Kate's entire career (e.g. songs like "The Dumbise", "Dicksucker of Fools", "Never-Ending Shit" and the title track "Mother Dearth". On the "Mother Dearth" album, the singer used operatic vocals. Just listen to some live performances from the "Mother Dearth" era and you'll know what I mean. Kate was the creator of operatic vocals. How dare they attempt to re-create her music!!!!

When asked about the comparison with Kate Bush, Within Sicktation's vocalist Shaven Dick Gaydel (Sharon Den Adel) replyed "Since the start of our band people have been comparing us with Kate Bush, and we didn't know her music all that well... Well, we really like her music so we decided to do a cover of hers." - Bullshit! Damn you, Within Sicktation! Their third and fourth records dropped the operatic vocals for more of a commercial sound "The Silent But Deadly" and "The Heart of Why We Rip of Kate Bush", but still had the symphonic and classical elements. We won't stand by whilst Within Sicktation stands by and rips off Kate. Other unoriginal, talentless cunts that are in gothic metal bands that rip off Kate include Simmone Semen (Simmone Simons) from Shita (Epica) and Titja Turuin (Tarja Turunen) from Dipshit (Nightwish).

Within Sicktation's image even looks like Kate Bush back in the 80's. Damn you, Within Sicktation!

Cradle of Filth (entry written by fellow member Supernature91)

Cradle of Crap are a terrible Black/gothic/symphonic metal band from Suffolk, England. They state that literature inspires their work, but this is a big fat lie, Because they rip off the literary part of Kate Bush’s music. The singer Dani Filth uses death metal vocals, which we all know plagiarizes "Waking the Witch" and the majority of the 1982 album "The Dreaming". Classical music plays a huge part in the bands sound as well, which is even more proof to why they are considered a rip off. We have our eye on you, Dani Filth, and we shall not stand by and watch you turn Kate’s music into the diabolical crap that you call "music".

Amy Lee (entry written by fellow member Supernature91)

Dummy Lee is guilty of being "inspired" by Torn Anus and Bdörk. She plays a piano and most of Evanescence's songs are piano led with rock/metal instrumentation (just like fellow gothic metal band Kate Bush ripper off Within Sicktation). Some of Evanincest's songs are electronic, e.g. "Cum White Queen", "Cunted", and "My Last Suck". In the music video for “Lickyum" (which uses a piano), Dummy Lee appears in a white dress (which she obviously stole from Kate’s wardrobe).

While many of your fans don't know who Kate Bush is, they will...once we SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF KATE BUSH!

Tarja Turunen (entry written by fellow member Supernature91)

Tarja Turunen has somehow managed to make an entire career from imitating Kate Bush. She is most famously known for fronting the extremely overrated band Blightish in the late 90's and early 2000's. Her solo debut "My Winter Rip Off", was released in 2007, which we all know plagiarizes "Hounds of Love", "Never For Ever" as well as "The Sensual World." Her voice is extremely overrated. Her fans say that she has the best voice in opera and metal ever. Bullshit! Tarja? and Opera? Those words should not go together. Kate can do whatever Tarja can do and much more, reaching the highest note of her four octave Soprano voice e.g. "Wuthering Heights." And also she is also a pianist as well, Arggg, the outrage. Tarja, we have our eye on you, and we shall not stand by and let you use the great elements of Kate’s music, whilst you turn out the bullshit you somehow call music.

Muse (entry written by fellow member Supernature91)

Muse are a band from Devon, England. They are said to be the 2000's answer and a rip off of Radiohead. But who they really rip off is Kate Bush. Their frontman Matt Bellamy uses falsetto/soprano vocals, which rips off Kate's magnificent vocal style. They use electronic instrumentation, along with classical and progressive rock compositions. They try to hide this by saying that they like to experiment with different styles music. Muse you can fool people, but your crimes of ripping Kate Bush off will not go noticed.

Iron Maiden (entry written by fellow member Supernature91)

Iron Maiden are credited as being one of the pioneers of the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal”, but we all know that Kate created this movement with her 1982 album "The Dreaming." Iron Maiden use literature and references from books in their lyrics (just like Cradle of Crap). This is an obvious plagiarism because Kate had been writing about Emily Bronte’s gothic novel "Wuthering Heights" back in 1978 on her debut album "The Kick Inside." Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson, we have our eye on you, how dare you steal the literature aspect from Kate Bush’s music. Idiots.

Florence + the Machine (entry written by fellow member starxnoxstar)

Whorence + the Garbage Machine is an atrocity of a band that is lead by vocalist Whorence Belch who has owed their success to ripping off the almighty Kate Bush. Whorence + the Garbage Machine have tried to evade comparisons to Kate by including harps into the songs on their album "Dungs" hoping that it will make them unique. We know that this is bullshit though because Kate already had a harp on her album "The Sensual World"! If this wasn't bad enough, Whorence has cover up the fact that she rips off Kate by saying that her voice doesn't not sound anything like Kate's, because it's a "soul" voice and she was influenced by Nick Cave and Tom Waits. Once again, Whorence has been caught in a lie since Kate has been singing soul music ("This Woman's Work" anyone?) longer than that poseur ginger. As for Whorence's "influences, it is a well known fact that Nick Cave and Tom Waits have plagiarized Kate's music for many years, which automatically makes Whorence a rip off by default. You can try to cover up your crimes of plagiarism Whorence, but in time we shall reveal the truth to everyone, you lying liar that lies!

Ludwig van Beethoven (entry written by fellow member starxnoxstar)

Dudpig van Masturbate-ho-ven is a composer and pianist whom many deem as influential and innovative due to his musically expressive compositions which set the standard for the Romantic era and music to this day. However, we all know that Masturbate-ho-ven actually rips off Kate Bush and her music. Masturbate-ho-ven plagiarized Kate's music and piano playing and in order to not get caught, he took a cue from his good friend and fellow Kate Bush plagiarizer Elton John and traveled to the past to release his derivative music and take all the credit for Kate's accomplishments. His "Fur Elise" piece totally rips off "And Dream of Sheep" and his 7th Symphony is a cheap imitation of "Violin" except the crafty prick changed the tempo and structure in order to destroy any evidence that he is a fraud. Beethoven, you stole a whole legacy of music history from Kate, now we will expose you, your thievery and the horrible corruptions of Kate's music you have unleashed unto the world.

Emilie Autumn

Smellmilie Awful is a harpsichordist AND a violinist. Please, Smellmilie. The harpsichord was already featured in Kate’s opus “Lionheart.” As for the violinist part, Smellmilie obviously took violin lessons because Kate immortalized the instrument on “Violin”, which was on an album released in AUTUMN. There’s also the fact that Shakespeare influences much of her work, ripping off the literary aspect of Kate’s music.

Elton John

Elton John has a penis, which makes him ½ less of a ripoff of Kate Bush. Although he still is a pianist! He gets away with it because he began his career before Kate, but it is obvious to smart Kate Bush fans that "The Kick Inside" has “inspired” his music. Elton John stole Kate’s style and time travelled back nine years to release his debut album, avoiding any possibility of getting caught.

Prince (entry written by fellow member PartySanCTG)

Prince has long tried to overcome his chief handicap of lacking a vagina by working as hard as he can to steal from Kate Bush like the Washington plumbers stole shit from the Democratic Party at the Watergate hotel. His excuse is that he loves Joni Mitchell, but she's also a Kate ripoff (like everybody else), so he's fooling no one with his second hand xeroxes. We all know Kate Bush is the only person who can play non-white music properly (she showed The Clash and The Police to be fucking pussies with that Kite tune ever since way back in 1978), so why does Prince exist again? Oh, right, he has the distinction of being the only KB ripoff who actually blackmailed her into appearing on one of his shit-ass albums by threatening her with plastic surgery until she regained her prepubescent girly voice.

Mike Patton (entry written by fellow member starxnoxstar)

Schmuck Patdumb is a vocalist who is famous for fronting the shitty bands Mr. Butthole and Fuck No More during the late 80s and 90s (who were credited with being the pioneers of rap metal, but we all know Kate created the genre in her 1982 album "The Dreaming"). He was able to bypass our radars for so long due to the fact that he has a penis and is a metal musician...UNTIL NOW! Since the demise of the aforementioned shitty bands he was in, Schmuck has formed other piles of crap such as Suckage, Pissing Tom, Fagtomas and Tomacock among others all which make music such as pop, experimental/avant garde, electronica, jazz all in an attempt to cover his tracks as a Kate Bush plagiarizer. This failed because these genres were covered in Kate's album "Hounds of Love", thus making Schmuck both a ripoff and uncreative.

Schmuck also tries to copy Kate by having a wide vocal range and styles such as scatting, crooning, rapping , falsetto, death metal growls, and beat boxing among other styles. Please Schmuck, Kate can do all this and imitate the sound of the creation of the Earth by reaching the highest note of her four octave voice! If this were not enough to show that he is a ripoff, Schmuck collaborated with fellow ripoffer Bdörk for her 2004 release "MeDULLa", which we all know plagiarizes "Hounds of Love" as well. Schmuck, we have our eye on you, and we will not let you defile Kate's honor while you churn out the diarrhea that you dub music!

all metal musicians

Sure, metal doesn’t sound like Kate Bush, but the musicians are crazy. Kate Bush was crazy way before metal existed. In 1959, she bit the head off of a dove and a bat before Ozzy Osbourne was even famous.

No matter what, Kate Bush will always be the best musician ever. Everyone else…well…are ripoffs!

(credit to obwavionsea for creating the Gospel and starxnoxstar for coining the term "The Gospel of Mother Goddess [Queen] Kate".)

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  • GuzonjinaCerka

    the best group in the universe

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  • daddyfaux

    this group is iconic

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  • leolodreamland

    jeez there are so many better examples of kate ripoffs, you're just bitching,.

    26 jan. 2015 Répondre
  • BiteItMarie

    I mean I got the joke, but it is still a little infuriating... Especially since people actually think PJ Harvey is a ripoff. She's just inspired by her I mean geez. I'm sure if you asked Kate Bush, she'd be like "oh I love PJ Harvey's music!"

    21 sept. 2014 Répondre
  • mot00rzysta

    actually, it's all true. Amos and Harvey are the most ridiculous examples. they should pay Kate at least 20% from anything they sell.

    29 août 2014 Répondre
  • cragnog

    They forgot Lamb of God and Mozart. And don't get me started on Aphex twin, what an unoriginal hack.

    19 août 2014 Répondre
  • emilyanna2

    Okay... This article is satire obviously, so could everyone please lighten up? If you are still wondering: yes, this is a joke (and a very funny one too). I showed this to my 15-year-old daughter, and she got the joke. Hope you do too.

    24 mai 2014 Répondre
  • lanadelreyysus

    How nice of Kate to tour again to give these rip-offs something new to steal from

    6 avr. 2014 Répondre
  • Actually_GIOS

    LMFAO I didn't release how funny some of the ''ripoffs'' are just made my day lol

    4 avr. 2014 Répondre
  • icepulse

    Yeah.... this doesn't seem like a very informed, critical listener. I'm not blindly supportive of Bjork's more recent hiccups, but "Debut" is 10x the album "Red Shoes" is. Also, as much as I love KB, it's safe to say that she borrowed HEAVILY from Gabriel.

    26 mars 2014 Répondre
  • Abomination317

    Buddy Holly even stole his name from one of Kate's songs, the thieving bastard.

    21 mars 2014 Répondre
  • zhelnerovich

    You're missing Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly

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  • beskurcyja

    @Actually_GIOS Why so serious?

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  • Actually_GIOS

    I love Kate Bush a lot but this group it's the most stupid shit I've ever seen, like, what if they ''copy'' or ''steal'' from Bush? Kate is unique, if they're not let them be... and who wrote all that? Like... Kate is the queen of pop ok, but you need to believe in talent. Hope this is a joke, seriously.

    25 fév. 2014 Répondre
  • beskurcyja

    Worth mentioning: the new Spike Jonze's film 'Her' is a total rip-off of Kate Bush's song 'Deeper Understanding'!!!

    18 fév. 2014 Répondre
  • rinistiltskin

    What about Lorde?

    31 jan. 2014 Répondre
  • Borbus

    "So... this is satire?" Did you wonder this before or after you read the Beethoven entry?

    23 jan. 2014 Répondre
  • florianblaschke

    Hmm, I'm not really familiar withdon't really know anything about Joanna Newsom except that she is really hyped in some circles but I suspect she is yet another Kate Bush clone. Loreena McKennitt and the Clannad girls (Moya and Enya) as well as everyone ripping of of THEM (Celtic Woman etc.) and various ethereal/(p)opera-oriented groups such as Mediæval Bæbes and Opera Babes are arguably (don't you love "arguably"? Arguably the ultimate weasel word) further Kate Bush clones, only watered down for commercial appeal.

    13 nov. 2013 Répondre
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