Goth room mystery....

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    • 12 fév. 2009, 4h08m

    Goth room mystery....

    Back when "Eddie's" was "Edwards No.8", the Goth room upstairs used to be rammed on a weekly basis and I got to know quite a few people (working behind the bar for a couple of years helped, LOL).

    Since the fire and the move to the new venue, most of the people I knew seem to have disappeared. :-(

    Anyone happen to know where the old crowd are going nowadays? Is there somewhere else in Brum that's doing a goth night....they can't all be staying in now, can they!?

    TTFN - Pete.

  • I used to go to the old Eddies and I was in the goth room. But I guess I couldn't afford to go all the time :(. I go to the new one though.

    Hello I am 1000014.
  • I have no idea I'm afraid! I only went to the old Eddies a few times. Maybe they all grew up and *shudder* married and had kids?! Nah surely not ;)

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