This place needed a thread...

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    • 17 déc. 2005, 21h19m

    This place needed a thread...

    So, whats your favorite Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan/Billy Corgan/James Iha/Jimmy chamberlin/D'arcy/Melissa Auf Der Maur/Other related side projects song?

    Overall, Porcelina of The Vast Oceans.

    Smashing Pumpkins:: Porcelina
    Zwan :: Honestly
    Billy :: A100
    James Iha :: Jelaousy
    Jimmy Chamberlin :: P.S.A
    Melissa:: Followed The Waves
    A Perfect Circle :: Blue

  • Out of the songs i've heard so far.

    smashing pumpkins: Geek USA. I Am One. Bullet w butterfly wings
    zwan: settle down. honestly
    billy: i've only heard walking shade
    james: haven't heard any of his solo stuff
    jimmy chamberlin: haven't heard it.
    Melissa: haven't hear it
    A Perfect Circle: Thinking of you

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    • 29 jui. 2006, 21h23m

    let's see...

    Smashing pumpkins: Mayonaise
    Zwan: Lyric
    Corgan: Mina loy (M.O.H.)
    Chamberlin Complex: Streetcrawler (drumming is AMAZING)
    haven't really heard any james iha stuff or auf daur maur

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    • 14 août 2006, 15h17m
    Smashing Pumpkins:: Obscurred, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Bodies, An Ode To No One, .. I think too much to count ;D
    Zwan :: Ride A Black Swan, Lyric
    Melissa:: Real A Lie, I'll Be Anything You Want, Lightning Is My Girl, Beast Of Honor
    A Perfect Circle :: Weak And Powerless, 3 Libras, ...

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    • 17 août 2006, 14h06m
    One song for each :
    The Smashing Pumpkins - Soma
    Zwan - Riverview
    Djalizwan - El-a-noy
    Jimmy Chamberlin - Life begins again
    Billy Corgan - The camera eye

  • S.P: Hummer, Ghost and Glass children, BwBw (this is too hard so ill stop)

    Zwan: Lyric, Gods gonna set this world on fire

    Billy Solo: Mina loy (M.O.H), All things change

    Mellisa solo: Taste you, real i lie, followed the waves

    Jimmy: the whole album is just sensational, the drumming is so varied, yet linked, oh man, if you play drums, or enjoy good music you NEED to get it, individualy i probly like P.S.A and lokicat, oh, and streetcrawler, actualy, just the whole freakin album.
    James: be strong now, beauty, no ones gonna hurt you

    APC: 3 libras, the outsider

    The marked: (are we counting the marked?) staine glass window

    Starchildren: (why stop with the marked?) a night like this, germans in leather pants, cars, war jam

    Snaketrain: Cowboy X, Big Sleep

    Catherin: Its gonna get worse

    (sorry ill shut up now)

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