Smashing pumpkins reunion line-up

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    • 18 août 2006, 13h18m

    Smashing pumpkins reunion line-up

    Does anyone have info on the SP line-up besides Billy and Jimmy ? I notice that Vanessa and the O's (in which is James Iha) are not touring despite the festival season and only have one concert scheduled in September. I'm sure it does not mean anything, but I'd like to believe that James is part of the reunion : without him or D'arcy, it won't feel like the pumpkins (even though it is still great to have billy and jimmy work together).

  • I'm content as long as James, Billy and Jimmy get together. D'Arcy, with all due respect, is not THAT essential. Melissa's playing is way above D'Arcy's anyway, so if they get her to play it's all good. But Billy and Jimmy is Zwan, not Pumpkins.

  • I agree with HuppumiesIsPest. Billy and Jimmy feels more like Zwan. Would be really nice to see James on the set.. And D'Arcy, well.. yeah, I don't have any hopes there actually. Anyway, it would be enough with three of them to make a comeback.. waiting with excitement for the new album!

  • Ok, so, is Tarantule really, really awesome or what?

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    • 10 juin 2007, 8h42m
    Yeah, if you don't know by now and enjoy Zero and SP songs like that.

  • Zeitgeist is awesome. Billy and Jimmy really pulled it off. My hat's off to them. Hopefully Iha's second solo effort will be as awesome.

  • Zeigeist still awesome. Saw SP live a while back, loved it.

    Still waiting for Iha to deliver.

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