• Attention music enthusiasts! Think you’ve got what it takes for ‘Comes With Music’…

    21 mai 2010, 14h07m par gaz_nokiamusic

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    What would you do with a year’s supply of free music downloads? Would you go for some old school favourites like Elvis or Elton John? Would you explore new genres or just download the latest album from your favourite artists?

    Well here’s your chance. We’re looking for 20 heavyweight music lovers from the following countries (UK, Singapore, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands) to participate in the Nokia Comes With Music ‘Bootcamp’ and help us learn about how people discover new music.

    If you are seriously passionate about music and want to get a new Nokia X6 plus a whole year of absolutely free music downloads then apply now.

    Music fans that buy a Nokia X6 Comes With Music device can download all the music they want from the Nokia Music Store/Ovi Music – for free. They can take it with them wherever they go, listen to it wherever they are, add more tracks whenever they want and keep it all, forever!

    So we’re looking for 20 lucky people to try Nokia Comes With Music and tell us all about what they think of the service and the great new music they’re discovering. If you want to be in with the chance to participate then follow these simple steps:

    •Make friends with Gaz our Nokia Music community manager on Facebook

    •Leave a comment on this blog with your name, and answer the following 3 questions:

    •What kind of music are you into?

    •How much music do you think you can download and listen to in 30 days?

    •Tell us why you want to take part in the ‘Boot Camp’?

    If you are the lucky winner we will send you a shiny new Nokia X6 device + Comes With Music subscription. 

All we ask in return is that during the 30 days any time you discover and download a new album or track, you update your status on facebook and tell your friends about your Comes with Music discovery (you will have to do this at least twice a day for the 30 day period).

    At the end of the 30 days, the device is yours to keep and you can continue discovering great music and download over 6 millions tracks from the Nokia Music store*.

    We’ll also review your feedback, as we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can improve the Comes With Music service.

    Simple right?

    What are you waiting for? Come on, leave us a comment, answer the questions and cross your fingers – you are only a few steps away from absolutely unlimited music downloads for 12 months.

*(Nokia Comes With Music is compatible with PCs only)
  • Music To Die For - A book by Mick Mercer (includes The Psychic Echo)

    28 mars 2009, 17h34m par PsychicEcho

    Hi friends! Please take a look at this great book about music. We are honoured that The Psychic Echo is included in it. Spread the word. Thanks!

    Love & light,
    & :-)

    Here's his info:-


    Books £17.99
    Amazon UK £11.99

    's fifth book concerning Goth has now arrived. It is 624 pages long, containing individual entries on 3,581 different bands, from 70 countries, with 183 photos. It covers bands from the beginning of these scenes to the present day and wherever possible contains full line-up details and discographies as well as unusual facts revealed by many of the bands. This is the biggest guide ever printed about the underground scenes in which , and all things co-exist with equal splendour....

    You can find this on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (etc) but if possible please use the link below to buy direct from the publisher. They accept Paypal and for such a chunky book they’re doing a very cheap deal on postage. They have shown faith in Goth and have their own excellent series of Goth CD releases so I think it is only right people buy through them if at all possible.

    Musical representatives from these distinct and Goth-related genres:

    ‘Alt’ (covering a multitude of sins) – 336, – 71, Classical/Ethereal – 33, Comedy – 1, – 12, – 99, Electronic(a) – 79, Folk/Country – 67, – 11, – 1042, Gothic/Metal – 449, – 4, – 25, – 99, – 117, Other/Exp/Minimalist – 135, – 356, – 93, Punk/New Wave – 234, – 238, Shoegaze/Psychedelic – 36 and Surf/Garage – 44.

    Please spread the word now that it’s out! I hope you find it worthwhile and useful, and I obviously want as many people as possible to do likewise. Your help in circulating the news is much appreciated.

    [url=]Music To Die For Available from Cherry Red Records

    Last FM
    CD Baby