Best duet ever!

  • Best duet ever!

    What is your best duet what you ever hear?

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    • 25 fév. 2009, 19h06m
    Well, what I like best is changing from time to time, therefore I can't name "my best" duet, only some favourites.

    As he is already mentioned, Peter Gabriel done a lot of good duets with different vocalists, for example:

    Peter Gabriel & Alison Goldfrapp with The Time of the Turning from OVO. I don't know why, but Alison Goldfrapp is not mentioned in the credits of this album.

    Peter Gabriel & Laurie Anderson with This Is The Picture as another track form So.

    Peter Gabriel & Paula Cole with Come Talk To Me (Live Version) from Secret World Live

  • Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where the Wild Roses Grow

  • Joe Jackson and Elaine Caswell's Happy Ending comes close to best!

    Elaine isn't known very well. But I found it nice to read about her. Elaine appears to have sung in a band called Pandora's Box, on their only album Original Sin. On that, she sang It's All Coming Back To Me Now, which is known by the interpretation of Celine Dion.

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    • 23 déc. 2011, 12h35m
    Kiss by Scout Niblett and Bonnie Prince Billy

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