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    True Norwegian Black Metal в фотографиях

    décembre 2010
  • maxillae

    да ну нахуй

    décembre 2010
  • silentEviL_

    ууух деманы

    octobre 2010
  • Luchtrat

    The Deathtrip (feat. Aldrahn) 'Global Exit' out now! Check www.myspace.com/luchtrat

    juin 2010
  • ErrorMaker

    New Free Album http://www.last.fm/music/Lycanthrop/Ambiass

    mars 2010
  • brotherofsleep

    wow this group rules, but the name i think is not accurate, digital only because use some tools? any hellhammer project is not digital, use some but is not a rule to always use digital technology. In industrial the analog side is very important, but nevermind they are unique in the way they use the technology. is a must to join this group cause i love lifelover,and oceans,any hellhammer project, strapping young and others many good metal bands. saludos a todos.

    octobre 2009
  • translucent_air

    This is a far better term than Industrial Black metal

    septembre 2009
  • nerghal


    mars 2009
  • sanjiwell

    ID:Vision and neo inferno 262 shud be in here!

    janvier 2009
  • Rottingchrist

    pls be moar angry if music isnt br00tal enough

    décembre 2008
  • Ian_Tincknell

    Hocico and Grendel are aggrotech : Nothing to do with Industrial Black Metal try Anaal Nathrakh

    novembre 2008
  • myth666

    Digital black metal fans and cradle of filth at the top ... it`s fucking ridiculus <rotfl>

    octobre 2008
  • Rottingchrist

    Grendel #1 ! 8/// why grendel... some decent electro bands pls

    août 2008
  • PeacefulDemon


    août 2008
  • nefolk

    If it didn't have "Fans" in its name, I would join here

    juillet 2008
  • Thagoth

    I follow, Iperyt it's damn good

    juin 2008
  • djsatansfury

    Best Group Ever. Kovenant, Dodheimsgard, Havoc Unit, Emperor in the top 4 = sex :D Are Diabolicum THAT good then?

    avril 2008
  • Rottingmakss

    Diabolicum the great industrial black metal

    mars 2008
  • Crusheer

    Awesome charts.

    mars 2008
  • khaarnicolhaass

    ^^ Legionz ov Hell

    janvier 2008
  • Damnated6mil

    add Control Human Delete and Dimensional Psychosis already

    janvier 2008
  • nobody_here

    Hail! http://saintvitus.proboards77.com/index.cgi

    janvier 2008
  • Rackshassa

    Wow, how many top-industrial-black metal groups %)

    novembre 2007
  • Rottingchrist

    umm Zyklon??? that not black metal... and its dumb @@ imo Tartaros isnt that much like limbonic art ... =)

    septembre 2007
  • sublimewreckage

    silly me, i forget a few groups for this category: Black Astrology - Kingdom of Ghosts (ambiance use + industrial subtleties), The Kovenant (of course), and Tartaros - Grand Psychotic Castle (1999, like Limbonic Art). Also questionable groups/albums are: Zyklon's - World ov Worms and Cadaver Inc's - Discipline (basically these are grindcore bm albums with a fuzzy post-bm sound, so is questionable)

    septembre 2007
  • sublimewreckage

    sorry, that's Void - Posthuman (not postnuclear.. heh, was thinking of the ebm/industrial act Dismantled album title).

    septembre 2007
  • sublimewreckage

    Psyclon 9, LOLz. Their vocals are the closest thing to BM, thats it. Otherwise they're another SC clone, in my mind. Some bands that might be considered for this tag are: Void ('Postnuclear' lp of 2003), Arkona (maybe), Bethlehem (on later albums perhaps?), Spektr, Samael (hello?!), and some might say Anaal Nathrakh, Ad Hominem and Blut Aus Nord (but those are highly questionable).

    septembre 2007
  • Legioona

    Digital Fans of Black Metal... i see.

    septembre 2007
  • Rottingchrist

    lol hmmm ohh advice.. : ) i like industrial bands. But they dont fit here : ) And tnx to the guy who mentioned Iperyt. really worth listening. Another good thing from poland is Profanum Aeternum. Pretty slow ambient like but in some parts with fast industrial drumming etc bit like limbonic art but more artificial

    septembre 2007
  • elborult

    i just want to say hello to all..and thanks for the recommendations

    septembre 2007
  • allfailed

    ok, i'll remove Dimension(i really haven't heard it myself :-) ) from music conect.. keep on giving other pieces of advise. cool, Rammstein in the group chart :D the group's crue is quite industrial ;)

    septembre 2007
  • Rottingchrist

    Hi! Hmmm nice bands linked but some arent black metal at all... like Dimension F3h? woot its industrial sound but never black. What About alien vampires... EBM with black metal vocals... rather this genre

    septembre 2007
  • Sir_Julian

    Very Cool this Place... Normaly people like us is Not Accepted by Black Metal or Raw Black Metal Heads... I think this is a god Place to Start the Infection!!! Keep in the Madness www.myspace.com/legion_dark_wampirs

    août 2007
  • m_s0

    Adding Darkspace would be a good idea as well. Btw, http://www.last.fm/group/Darkspace :)

    août 2007
  • allfailed

    Sorry, I'll be out of home for 14 days.

    juillet 2007
  • SulphurSouls

    Not sure, but The Axis of Perdition might fit here quite well. Alien Deviant Circus too...

    juillet 2007