• Interesting Covers

    2 juin 2006, 17h43m par inkysplat

    A List of Interesting Covers...

    1. Fear Factory - Cars
    (Gary Newman)
    2. Disburbed - Land of Confusion
    3. Megadeth - Anarchy in the UK
    (Sex Pistols)
    4. Arch Enemy - Aces High
    (Iron Maiden)
    5. Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the Silence
    (Depeche Mode)
    6. AFI - Head Like a Hole
    7. Cradle of Filth - Fear of the Dark
    (Iron Maiden)
    8. Children of Bodom - Opps I Did It Again
    (Britney Spears)
    9. Korn - Another Brick in the Wall
    (Pink Floyd)
    10. Orgy - Blue Monday
    (New Order)
    11. Tori Amos - Smells like teen spirit
  • Whats your favourite Foo Fighters Album?

    20 fév. 2006, 10h58m par laddo22

    Just wondering what is everyone's (if you like FF of course) favourite Foo Fighters album?

    Cause I've noticed alot of people at school who only know of/have One By One and In Your Honour. They are good albums, don't get me wrong (arent they all good?!), but you know what I mean...

    My personal favourite is The Colour and the Shape, by far. So many awesome songs. Mind you, I like the rest of them very, very much.

    Anywho. Bye bye.
  • What Music to play at work?

    16 fév. 2006, 14h00m par inkysplat

    I work in a local pub, and most of the time the management put on some Mowtown Gold Collection. Which gets a little boring after a while. However when management aren't around, my colleagues decide to put on James Blunt(I will kill myself if i hear the album once more), and KT Tunstall, and Jack Johnson(occationally). To the point, yesturday Courtney (colleague) decided to put on some Kaiser Cheifs which caused a bit of a stir from the older customers and regulars. So it got us thinking at what music we could get away with as good background music in the pub.

    My personal favourites are Ben Folds, Death Cab for Cutie, Bloc Party as a suggestion. So what i'm asking for is; any suggestions for some cool background music that customers of all ages from students to oaps would like?

    TIG-TAG ColdplayBen Folds FiveBen FoldsDeath Cab for CutiePostal ServiceBloc PartyKaiser ChiefsJames BluntKT TunstallMowtownThe KillersRadioheadRolling StonesElton John
  • My 10,000th Track

    15 fév. 2006, 20h01m par inkysplat

  • Music to sleep by.

    30 jan. 2006, 13h17m par bearica

    I love to listen to music while I fall asleep, and then have it continue to play while I sleep. I've made my own specific playlist, the full of songs that help me sleep. I've got songs by Enya, Moby, Xela, Qeshi, Sigur Rós, Radiohead, GACKT, and Susumu Yokota, just to name a few. I like soundtracks too, background and ambient music is easy to sleep to. :] Stuff like Lost in Translation, Memento, and the Jade Empire soundtrack by Jack Wall. Speaking of video game OSTs... I also have a few songs from the various Final Fantasy games by Noubu Uematsu. Although I do enjoy the Chrono Cross OST by Chrono Cross.

    So my main point was... who else listens to music while they sleep? Any recommendations for me? :D Artists, specific songs...recommend away! Even if it's not the same sort of music I listen to when I sleep, I'm interested in seeing what others listen to during the night. [Or during the day, if that's when you sleep. Don't want to discriminate here.]
  • Strike It Lucky

    8 jan. 2006, 18h45m par bluretina

    A 1929 advertisement for Lucky Strike cigarettes, from The 100 Greatest Advertisements 1852–1958, by Julian Lewis Watkins, p. 66.

    “Light a Lucky and you’ll never miss sweets that make you fat”- Constance Talmadge, Charming Motion Picture Star

    Instead of eating between meals … instead of fattening sweets … beautiful women keep youthful slenderness these days by smoking Luckies. The smartest and loveliest women of the modern stage take this means of keeping slender … when others nibble fattening sweets, they light a Lucky!.

    Lucky Strike is a delightful blend of the world’s finest tobaccos. These tobaccos are toasted—a costly extra process which develops and improves the flavour. That’s why Luckies are a delightful alternative for fattening sweets. That’s why there’s real health in Lucky Strike. That’s why folks say: “It’s good to smoke Luckies.”

    For years this has been no secret to those men who keep fit and trim. They know that Luckies steady their nerves and do not harm their physical condition. They know that Lucky Strike is the favorite cigarette of many prominent athletes, who must keep in good shape. They respect the opinions of 20,679 physicians who maintain that Luckies are less irritating to the throat than other cigarettes.

    A reasonable proportion of sugar in the diet is recommended, but the authorities are overwhelming that too many fattening sweets are harmful and that too many such are eaten by the American people. So, for moderation’s sake we say:

  • Send For Help: Image

    23 nov. 2005, 9h03m par BaronLSN

    I uploaded an image for the band Send for Help and would like to ask everyone to go and check them out, and vote for the image.

    They released their debut EP this month.

    Buy it from CD Baby
  • Radio Show! Call for Posters!

    25 oct. 2005, 6h48m par apoc_metal

    I am the metal manager at my college radio station, and I run my own show. Playlists can be seen at

    I will eventually be making a website for the show, and syndicating podcasts of all the broadcasts (I already have a few recorded to mp3). I'll definitely be needing help with that as well. For now, I'm looking for poster designs... read on for more information...

    If you are interested, please email me: apoc.metal(at)gmail

    Originally posted on my deviantart journal:


    OK! Calling all talented graphic artists!!!
    I have finally gotten a timeslot for my radio show!
    Sundays 11:30pm-1am EST
    Anyone who wants to listen can hear the webcast at or if you live in VT or upstate new york you can try the radio dial, 91.1 FM WRMC Middlebury.

    On the website you can also playlists once the shows begin.

    So I'm looking for a sweet-ass catchy design for a poster (or many posters!!) to help me advertise my show on campus. The radio station is pretty low-profile, with not many dedicated listeners... especially for shows like mine which play music that is not very popular in the US, especially not in my demographic, though I am finding more and more people who like it!

    Anyways, the design needs to be funky and cool (or just sexy) and include the following info:
    Show Name: Melting Point
    Some indication that it is a radio show on WRMC 91.1FM
    Show Time: Sundays 11:30pm - 1am
    And somehow indicate that its a METAL show.
    Some ideas: Quote cool/funny metal lyrics (Manowar, dream evil, maiden are always good choices)
    Question-asking posters: ie. "SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW METAL?"
    "For you weekly fill of METAL, tune in to MELTING POINT"

    Ok, here are a few more bits of info I sent to ~e3rian who is going to make a few posters for me (THANKS!!) Visit his gallery and ~watch him!

    It makes little difference whether you love metal, or don't know it well. All that matters is that I have some sick posters to put up around campus that will get more people to listen!

    Black and white is a good idea, though I do have access to a color laser printer (which don't do great for photos, but good enough for posters) and color might be easier to make eye-catching? Though I'd have to print them out somewhat clandestinely... (using the geography department's printers hehehe).

    Size-wize... I'll be printing them out on normal paper... 8 1/2 x 11 in, though most printers get upset if you don't give them a half inch margin on all sides.

    Funny posters are great too cause they'll draw attention and stand out... maybe use some pics of black metal guys?

    Anyone interested, please send me a note... and just post your ideas and send me the links!!! I'll give you feedback, or if you get it perfect on the first shot, I'll print them up and put them around campus! And feel free to put link to your deviantart site with a "designed-by" credit so you get exposure (if you want it hehe).

    The show itself plays an eclectic mix of metal from across the spectrum, from Proggy Power-Metal to Proggy-Death Metal to Brutal Death and even a little Black Metal in there if its creative enough. I'm looking to kick off the show with the Dream Evil song "The Book of Heavy Metal". I will leave you with some lyrics:

    I'd sign... a contract with the devil
    I've tried... for so very long
    I'd die... to become immortal
    that's why I sing this song

    Am I a wannabe? - have I no dignity?
    Would give up all my life.. to be...

    In the book of heavy metal... METAL!
    In the book of heavy metal

    I've signed - a contract with the devil
    I'd like to become a star
    I'd die - to become immortal
    That's why I play the guitar
  • Viral infection.

    7 sept. 2005, 17h22m par cloude

    I love sharing music that I love with people in hopes that we can discuss it at a later date. I'm a big fan of good sound well interesting sound to be more exact. If you have anything to share that you just adore or think I would please do. Infect me with Prick or screw my head with Swervedriver. Just one big Massive Attack!
  • Reading Festival 2005

    2 sept. 2005, 18h23m par robbieo

    Anyone else in this group make it to Reading this year?

    Bands seen (in no particular order): The Pixies, The Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Incubus, Queens Of The Stone Age, Marilyn Manson, The Coral, Razorlight, Iggy and the Stooges, Elbow, Dinosaur Jr, Funeral For A Friend, NOFX, Graham Coxon, Roots Manuva, Alkaline Trio, Dropkick Murphys, The Wedding Present, Do Me Bad Things, YourCodeNameIs: Milo, Editors, Juliette & The Licks, The Kills, Hot Hot Heat, The Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, The Futureheads, LCD Soundsystem, British Sea Power, Maximo Park, Bad Religion, Nine Black Alps, The Raveonettes, Fell City Girl, Sleater-Kinney.