Introducing: DEV (Devin Star Tailes)

  • Introducing: DEV (Devin Star Tailes)

    If you break down the dark-edged, distorted echoes of the platinum-selling, electro-hop smash hit that is “Like a G6”, you’re left with the under-credited chorus of an up and coming KE$HA rival. The chorus of this song is sampled from “Booty Bounce” – a single of one of the U.S.A’s finest rising stars, Dev.

    The 21 year old Californian was discovered by the indie-hip hop duo, The Cataracs, after stumbling across her cover of an Amy Winehouse track that she described as being “super-weird and super-different”.

    During the summer whilst producing Far East Movement’s “Like a G6”, The Cataracs were working on material with Dev and decided to use a verse from her single “Booty Bounce” as the chorus for the song, after collaborating on some “pretty tough” and “simplistic random tracks” in the studio with her.

    In October 2010, she was signed by Universal Republic Records – the same label as the sassy, up and coming songstress – Jessie J.

    Her first official single “Bass Down Low” debuted in the USA in December, and has received almost 8 million views on YouTube. It has even been named by a critic as the fourth best single of December 2010, who compared it to KE$HA’S 2009 hit single “Tik Tok”.

    “Bass Down Low” was written by Dev along with The Cataracs and was due to be released with her featuring on the track, however she was made the main artist as they thought it represented her persona as a singer. In a recent interview, Dev talked about the song and said, “Well, it’s kinda sassy, it’s fun. It would just be a good follow-up to ‘G6.’ We (The Cataracs) thought it fit really well. You know, throw out some little radio bangers.”

    Although the brassy beats and repetitive rhyme of this mechanic track have a similar appeal to “Like a G6” and a grittier version of a KE$HA song, Dev obviously didn’t take note of what she says in her oh-so-catchy and infectious chorus as her beats aren’t that fast and her bass isn’t that low.

    Dev’s debut album, “The Night the Sun Came Up” is set for release in April of this year. “We have some club stuff, some dance stuff, but we got to play around with a lot of different tempos and textures,” Dev said about her album. “There’s some stuff where I’m just singing over a piano or guitar, then there’s some where I rap the whole thing. It’s very hip hop influenced. I’m excited to see everybody’s reaction. I hope they like it.”

    “Bass Down Low” and “Dancing in the Dark” are the only two songs that have been confirmed for the album track list but until then, Dev and The Cataracs are featured on New Boyz’s single – “Backseat”.

    Although her UK solo debut is still a few months away, this quirky and edgy chick will no doubt spread like wild-fire over the internet until then, giving her a fierce platform to enter the UK charts on.

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