New Deeprhythms guest mix by Brad Peterson - #23 "Hi-Tek House"

  • New Deeprhythms guest mix by Brad Peterson - #23 "Hi-Tek House"

    w00t, w00t, another fine guest mix up at


    #23 - 'Hi-Tek House' by Brad Peterson

    It was 5 and half years ago since we last featured Brad as a guest dj on DR and yes, this mix was most definetly worth the wait. Many of you know Brad through his tracks on Moods and Grooves, Little Angel/Harley and Muscle, Altered Moods, as well as well as self-released material in the 90's.

    This mix is a beautiful and smooth excursion into the detroitish deep house sounds - surprising, dynamic and addictive. Mark my words - you'll be coming back to this mix time and time again.

    Be looking out, as Brad has more projects in the works to be coming out in the near future under his name as well as the alias "Trackmachine" for you techno lovers.

    In his own words: "This site, along with several others has kept me inspired with a fresh perspective every time I hear these mixes.

    I hope you find this mix to have a fresh perspective within the house music realms. I tried to incorporate some music that I admire that has popped up out of Detroit over the past decade, largely due to UR, along with some other sounds that came my way from other parts of the planet"


    Download links over here - 128kbs mp3 & realaudio



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    Deeprhythms guest mix #23 - 'Hi-Tek House' - 07022008

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