• A new song and online store by VFSix

    13 jan. 2014, 11h33m par vfsix

    In space of VFSix passed a symbolic 12 years cycle. Our musical project grew from three musicians to tens, have gone beyond the borders of Moscow and a light trip-hop style frame, and have got the name V.I.C Sound. We were engaged generally in writing music and getting it through to our listeners, who could download our tracks for free and got gift CD's at our concerts. Now we have a good experience of working with record companies, publishers, distributors. The main conclusion is: the most fair and transparent way is to do everything by ourselves, independently.
    Therefore we invite all our fans to our online store vicsound.ru, where you can listen and download tracks of all our projects. All new music will appear first of all here as well.
    Purchasing on the site vicsound.ru you can be sure that all money goes directly to authors and performers. And now a choice where to search and download our music is yours.
    Have a good listening!
    A new song http://vicsound.ru/product/princess-of-moon/
  • Go melt back into 2012

    27 oct. 2013, 18h56m par Grindak

    Absolute top and most listened album:

    Bvdub - Serenity

    Best ones & loved:

    Coffin Texts - The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual
    Solar Fields - Random Friday
    Mathias Grassow - Alchemystery
    Alio Die - Deconsecrated And Pure
    Resurgency - False Enlightenment
    Steve Roach - Back To Life
    Orcas - Orcas
    Tormented - Graveyard Lust
    Earth House Hold - When Love Lived
    Aglaia - Absolutely Deep
    Incantation - Vanquish In Vengeance
    Anhedonist – Netherwards
    Illdisposed - Sense the Darkness
    Autopsy - All Tomorrow's Funerals
    East Of Oceans - Symbol #6
    Robert Rich - Nest
    ASC & Sam KDC - Decayed Society

    Very good ones & cherished:

    Bvdub - Strangers No More
    Bvdub - All Is Forgiven
    Bvdub - Don't Say You Know
    Mathias Grassow - Wisdom Of Fate
    Mathias Grassow - Daemmerung
    Desolate - Celestial Light Beings
    Urenga - After Rain
    Asphyx – Deathhammer
    The Dead Goats – Path of the Goat
    Skeletal Remains - Beyond the Flesh
    Ignivomous - Contragenesis
    Morbus Chron - A Saunter Through the Shroud
    As If - At Night
    As If - Faraway Trees Standing Still
    Indesinence - Vesseld of Light and Decay
    Evoken - Atra Mors
    Diskord – Dystopics
    Goat - World Music
    Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock
    Phobia - Remnants of Filth
    Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo - Frontiers
    Undergang - Til Doden Os Skiller
    L A N D - Night Within
    Suzanne Vega - Close Up Vol. 4, Songs of Family
    Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol
    Maveth - Coils of the Black Earth
    Anathema - Weather Systems
    Cannibal Corpse - Torture
    Wolfbrigade - Damned
    Sleep Research Facility - Stealth
    General Surgery - Like An Ever Flying Limb
    Om - Advaitic Songs
    Horrendous - the Chills
    Love Sex Machine - Love Sex Machine
    Centurion – No One To Serve
    Massacre - Condemned To Shadows

    Good & Liked:

    Gustaf Hildebrand - Heliopause
    Dead Can Dance - Anastasis
    Bvdub - The First Day
    Steve Roach - Groove Immersion
    Vassafor - Obsidian Codex
    Numina - The Deception Of Reality
    Acephalix - Deathless Master
    Neurosis - Honour Found In Decay
    Kill Devil Hill - Kill Devil Hill
    Necrovation - Necrovation
    Desiderii Marginis - Procession
    Mgla - With Hearts Towards None
    P.H.O.B.O.S. - Atonal Hypermnesia
    Towards Darkness - Barren
    Sinister - The Carnage Ending
    Lich King - Born of the Bomb
    Black Breath - Sentenced To Life
    Karnarium - Otapamo Pralaja
    Katatonia - Dead End Kings
    Vampillia + Nadja - The Primitive World
    Steve Roach & Dirk Serries - Low Volume Music
    Aeon - Aeons Black
    Six Brew Bantha - Six Brew Bantha
    Mirrorring - Foreign Body
    Quantec - 1000 Vacuum Tubes
    Gorephilia - Embodiment of Death
    Grand Supreme Blood Court - Bow Down Before the Blood Court
    Grave - Endless Procession of Souls
    Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre
    East Of Oceans - 121 Years
    RQ - Memory Fields
    Ian Boddy - Strange Attractors
    Nautic Depths - Submental Vol. 1
    Loscil - Sketches From New Brighton
    Thomas Koner - Novaya Zemlya
    Substep Infrabass – Brutibiental Narkogorium
    CONNECT.OHM - 9980 Noisear - Turbulent Resurgence
    Nominon - The Ceansing
    Obscure Infinity - Putrefying Illusions
    Inverloch - Dusk Subside
    Puteraeon - Cult Cthulhu
    Sonne Adam - Doctrines of Dark Devotion
    Sonne Adam - Messengers of Desolate Ways
    Genocide Shrines - Devanation Monumentemples
    Faal - The Clouds Are Burning
    Degial - Death's Striking Wings
    Shrine - Somnia
    Nuclear Death Terror - Chaos Reigns
    Dehumanized - Controlled Elite
    Father Befouled - Revulsion of Seraphic Grace
    Engulfed - Through The Eternal Damnation
    Mathias Grassow & John Haughm – Mosaic
    Putrevore - Macabre Kingdom
    Beheaded - Never To Dawn
    Desolate Shrine - The Sanctum Of Human Darkness
    Aldebaran - Embracing the Lightless Depths
    Bill Laswell - Means of Deliverance
    Library Tapes - Sun Peeks Through
    Gnaw Their Tongues - Eschatological Scatology
    Binah - Hallucinating In Resurrecture
    Dawn Of Disease - Crypts Of The Unrotten
    Master - The New Elite
    Aglaia - Otherworldliness
    Aglaia - Out Of The Way
    TROUM - Grote Mandrenke
    Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud
    Meshuggah - Koloss
    Escarnium - Excruciating Existence
    Ehnahre - Old Earth
    Headhunter D.C. - In Unholy Mourning
    David Galas - the Ghosts of California
    Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves
    Cryptopsy - Cryptopsy
    Flourishing - Intersubjectivity
    Brian Eno – Lux
    Yagya - The Inescapable Decay of My Heart
    Desecresy - The Doom Skeptron
    Chaos Echoes - Tone of Things to Come
    Harold Budd - Bandits Of Stature
    Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme
    Blood Mortized - The Key To Black Heart
    Bombs of Hades - Seprent's Redemption
    Funeral Whore - Step Into Damnation
    Napoleon Skullfuk - He Came With Rats
    Aes Dana - Pollen
    Martyrdod - Paranoia
    Alio Die & Antonio Testa - Reverie
    Alio Die & Lingua Fungi - Otter Songs
    Malefitor - Dum Morior Orior
    Erik Wollo - The Nocturnes
    Tor Lundvall - The Shipyard
    Mutant Supremacy - Rotting Season
    Dephosphorus - Night Sky Transform
    Aura Noir - Out To Die
    Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made

    Compilations / music archeology released in 2012 and worth of mention:

    David Sylvian - A Victim Of Stars 1982-2012
    Lost In The Humming Air (Music Inspired By Harold Budd)
    Abhorrence - Completely Vulgar
    Air Texture Volume II (Compiled By Loscil & Rafael Anton Irisarri)
    Can - The Lost Tapes
    Gorefest - The Demos
    Morgion - God of Death and Disease
    Dead Infection - Dead Singles Collection
    Mournful Congregation - Weeping & An Epic Dream of Desire
    Leukemia - Love
    Timeghoul - 1992-1994 Discography
    Gorement - Within the Shadow of Darkness - The Complete Recordings
  • moving dreams new compilation by lemonchill

    9 août 2013, 17h05m par meshi1977

    new compilation compiled by idan or aka lemonchill and aydin bz. this compilation while more dark,space trance , minimal, even has some Brian eno influences still manage to keep the downtempo vibes and atmosphere.more uptempo at times with low beat tracks and bpm. a new high quality compilation,that concentrate on both sound quality and concept. we made an effort to bring some of the most talented artists out there today on the downtempo electronica music genre.

  • Taliban FKK Club

    20 jui. 2013, 11h30m par tuhpawarez

    Hello my friends,
    its a while ago since my last visit here. No I'm back with a new Album and Videos. Its called "Tuh Pa Warez presents the Taliban FKK Club" and its all about faith and beliefe on whatever. I would be pleased to hear what you think about it.
    Tuh Pa Warez
    Taliban FKK Club
  • previews from a na compilation

    18 jui. 2013, 21h10m par meshi1977

    moving dreams new up coming compilation on a new founded label by idan or aka lemonchill and adiyn bz
    our aim top notch and best chillgressive psybient sounds out there today.

    compilation name:"moving sounds"
    music style: aes dana to altar records.

    link to some reviews:

  • buddhism cd now in stock

    23 avr. 2013, 6h24m par meshi1977

    Buddhism cd now in stock. price including shipment is:9$
    for info please contact me through my e mail address:meshtron@mailbolt.com

    or go to my bandcamp page:


  • exclusive lemonchill t shirts with special led light batteries

    13 mars 2013, 18h27m par meshi1977

    exclusive lemonchill t shirts with special led light batteries coming soon. for more info and purchasing please contact me through here or on my e mail address: meshtron@mailbolt.com

  • Der Waldläufer | Wanderlust - New album out now!

    19 fév. 2013, 14h26m par der_waldlaeufer

    Hello friends!

    My second self-release "Wanderlust" is out now!!! Digital download (Bandcamp, iTunes, AmazonMP3, Deezer…) http://www.xn--waldlufer-z2a.com/digital_download.htm


    Check out the album previews on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/waldlaeufervideo and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/waldlauf


    CD version available in March via Bandcamp and my homepage.


    Feel free to add me to your Last.fm library: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Der+Waldl%C3%A4ufer

    Thx & enjoy,
    Der Waldläufer

  • new lemonchill cd album is out

    28 jan. 2013, 8h13m par meshi1977

    you can now buy mastered wave files of album :"buddhism" from bandcamp

  • new CD :"buddhism" officially released

    19 jan. 2013, 2h08m par meshi1977

    guys i hope you will enjoy the vibes and atmosphere on this one