• Why Country?

    There are friends of mine who don't understand what I see in country music. Often they ask me why I waste my time on a kind of music that seems too uncomfortably southern (ie, redneck), too rural, antiquated and just unrefined to them. There's a lot of answers that float through my head, but besides the most obvious--that being it strikes my fancy--I suppose it's the songwriting and lyrics that reach me the most. A country tune almost always tells a story of some kind, and even if the vocalist croons in a unique manner that is accustomed hearing, a life unfolds and events are recounted that touches my humanity. Often memories from my life re-emerge during a song and what's playing sounds like a narration of what I've experienced. I don't suppose, either, that other singers/genres aren't as capable of doing this, either, but in good country and western.......there's a kind of unaffected earthiness, with sincerity, that embraces me.

    Anyway, whoever you are, wherever you are, Why Country for you?

    Pax Tecum
    • CDPETE01 a dit :...
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    • 25 jui. 2009, 21h06m

    Why not country.

    I love old time country from the early stuff like Jimmie Rodgers(the singing brakeman),Papa Charlie Jackson and Uncle Dave Macon and through to the likes of Eddy Arnold,Hank Williams,Cliff Carlisle .I agree it is the basic story telling of the songs,but its alot to do with not being there at the time.When alot of these early songs were recorded it was in a shack somewhere with one Mic and in one take.To hear those old 78rpm recordings now is fantastic and so much is available on cd boxsets,i already have boxes of Hank,Eddy,The Carters,Flatt and Scruggs,Milton Brown and Bob wills and loads of Compilations .Thanks to collectors down the years we are able to buy and listen to them still.

    The others will never know what they have missed out on.

    • Stray-x a dit :...
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    • 28 août 2009, 13h04m
    I used to listen rock, metal and etc. But now - country is my favorite kind of music. it is amazing. I am easy in my's mind, when I listen to it. This style is fill with kindness and positivity. I like it.
    Also I am in favor with the folk music. Russian and celtic folk music. =) May be it is patriotic, but... =)

    For me this style of misic is comfort.

    so here we are.
  • Why country

    that is basically all I have listend to my whole life. I listen to bit of Rock, Southern Rock, Blues and other types of genes but none tell the stories as good as Country music dose. Also would reather listen to it then something like Rap, Hip Hop or Metel cause those styles eaither just don't tell a very good story or u cant even understand the lyrics

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    • 26 nov. 2009, 0h27m



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    • NuUbKaka a dit :...
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    • 8 août 2010, 19h19m

    The love of Country

    The thing that hits me most about country is the special sound it has. Violins, guitars and saxophone. Alone or all together, it can make the most awesome skinshivers or the greatest feel good-feeling.
    And that is why country is great.

    Save a horse, ride a cowboy
    • DoctaMario a dit :...
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    • 25 oct. 2010, 19h03m
    SOmething about hearing a tune with great pedal steel on it just makes me feel good when I'm down. JAzz is the only other genre that gives me that feeling. I'm a country singer and songwriter and it took awhile for me to come around to it. I grew up in a small town, heard it everywhere, and dismissed it until I moved away. Sometimes you have to come full circle to find yourself.

    It's generally honest, and it's the only commercial music genre that still cares about great songs and great performers.

    • GabzCash a dit :...
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    • 21 jui. 2011, 18h10m

    Why Country?

    First i need to say that i'm brazilian and I don't know why i'm so in love the USA patriotism, and the proud of southern cowboys. That's not part of my world.
    In other hand, I'm a researcher, I study global history and anthropology, and is the american history, western movies and the country songs that makes me happy.
    North American Country Music, in my humble opinion, can be defined in one word: PROUD.
    Proud of a brave people, and thats why it sounds so true.

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