What do you think of GDI and Brotherhood of NOD?

  • van_Hellsing пишет:
    I like Nod, they're one of the most complex factions created for a game - they draw on many political, religious, mythological and artistic sources.

    Ancient Rome, the Cain story, Josip Tito's Yugoslavia ("Unity and Brotherhood" was one of Tito's favourite catchphrases, Nod just added the subversive "Peace") etc., communist, fascist, fundamental influences all rolled into one in a commentary on totalitarianism.

    Best yet, they're not just "evil for the sake of being evil", they do have some valid arguments o their side. Yes, they are demonised quite a lot in the games, but that just makes them work on a viral level, appealing to our primal instincts.

    I gotta agree with you on the first part. Nod definitely brings some interesting elements to the story and in turn makes the story interesting.

    But as far as ideological preference, I'm all for GDI. Even if they are some democratically-disguised oligarchy, it would still beat living under a GDI regime than in an unpredictable climate that Nod would bring. GDI is the fictional incarnation of the United States and the West, which at least pretends to respect its people as individuals with free wills of their own instead of being treated as gears in a machine that is after some vague goal.

  • I pefer GDI. But the NOD have better and more powerful weapons.

    • Mii85 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 5 août 2010, 15h07m
    GDI all the way. :] Nod is still pretty sweet as well.

    • lordbray a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 6 août 2010, 23h58m
    Nod are superior... nothing levels a base like a pack of stealth tanks :p

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