pulling last.fm tags into music collection

  • pulling last.fm tags into music collection

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know of an easy way to pull the last.fm tags into a music collection, possibly enabling one to search genres in clementine based on these?


    • Heijohpeih a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 11 fév. 2012, 20h20m

    • Plex66 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 7 avr. 2012, 10h56m

    MusicBrainz Picard

    MusicBrainz Picard is a good tool to update your ID3 tags via internetdatabase. I just discovered a Lastfm-plugin which is capable of pulling tags from Lastfm and writing them into the genre-tag of your songs. It has also some advance features, but sadly not all of them are supported by clementine.

    I should mention that, for an optimal result, you need some time to configure the plugin.


    • Heijohpeih a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 17 avr. 2012, 16h56m
    Thx for your tip.

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