Oh Ne (No Warranty, Anti, Freakout)

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    Oh Ne (No Warranty, Anti, Freakout)

    “die +geilste musikgruppe der welt. gewinnt alles. mit recht. ist mega. und super und giga. MACHT! krieg! terror! Oh NE! entropie! Wüste! dein GESCHLECHT!”

    Three friends that have been playing (amiga, wrestling, world domination) together since their childhood decided some time in 2006 that music must be it, the perfect playground for world domination causes. Without any further knowledge how band music should be made or what stadium rock meant they threw themselves into it. Growing slowly but steady every day they come closer to their goal of The Oh-Ne-World-Domination: As 2008 arrived they had their first Album recorded. They enchanted the newly founded Union Without Nation Records to release the “Ogelo” Album in the U.S. and moved on recording further material for the US Ogelo release in August 08 to make it a Double. For euroasian continent they gathered up with the also newly founded Ramin Tonträger to take it on with the nasty forces of old Eurasia! We all hope to become enchanted/enslaved by them as soon as possible. I send best wishes to all of you with the old Oh Ne greeting: MACHT! (now you have to reply with “Yes, MACHT!”)

    One Song:
    Miami Auslegware

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    Oh Ne MyShice
    Oh Ne Last.fm
    Ramin Ton (Oh Ne Label/More Songs to listen to)

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