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    The B.Goodes - indie pop


    We are The B.Goodes

    Our self-titled debut album is currently being mixed and mastered and is due for release in March 2012 and will include songs such as these:

    Will I Remember In The Morning
    Sleep So Soundly
    Never Forget You

    Please have a listen and if you like what you hear leave us a shout, add us to your library or just 'like' us on Facebook/thebgoodes

    Check out our Last.FM page for more full length track previews and the the latest The B.Goodes news feed straight from Facetwitspace and find us on YouTube here - YouTube/TheBGoodes

    Peace and Love,

    John B, Phil, John R and Jay - The B.Goodes

    You'll Feel Alright if you add The B.Goodes to your library today!

    LastFM Fans of The B Goodes ¦ www.bgoodes.com ¦ www.facebook.com/thebgoodes
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