Greetings fellow Canadians

    • eecadence a dit :...
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    • 17 août 2011, 20h44m
    Joliette, Québec, although I now live on Vancouver Island. :D

    "Aurora swims in the ether
    Emerald fire scars the night sky
    Amber streams from Sol
    Are not unlike the waves of the sea"
  • Born in Saint John, NB
    Raised in Nova Scotia (Lower Sackville, Yarmouth and Sydney)

    Somehow I ended up in Churchill Manitoba (by way of Winnipeg for a few years)
    Population 930, Polar Bear and Beluga Whale capital of the world. I can guarantee I'm the only one on here from Churchill!

    I'm a Bluenoser through and through though. I miss it everyday. :)

  • New Westminster, BC

    • BoucherDE a dit :...
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    • 16 mars 2012, 8h11m
    Chandler, QC (east coast of the PQ)

    I'm fucking in the alley ways, you know my style so come on, let's ride it you do it well!
  • Onion Lake, SK (North from Lloydminster, AB)

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