Caleb's Best Lyric?

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    • 18 nov. 2008, 0h37m

    Caleb's Best Lyric?

    Revelry -
    Gonna run baby run like a stream down a mountainside
    With the wind in my back I wont ever even bat an eye
    Just know it was you all along who had a hold of my heart
    But the demon in me was a best friend from the start.

    Black Thumbnail -
    My cold, cold stellar heart says get on your way
    I ain't to proud to say but thats how I'm made.
    I'll be that person 'til my dying day
    I try so awful hard, but I can't change.

    From runways to the road, I ramble alone
    This thumbnail sized of a heart is black as coal
    Your beauty, it still brings me to my knees
    Don't waste a tear on me, this is my disease
    Don't take these boots off me when you're thinking I'm dead
    I'll still be running from the demon in my head
    I'll be that person 'til my dying day
    I try so awful hard, but I can't change

    Cold Desert -
    I've never ever cried when I was feeling down
    I've always been scared of the sound
    Jesus don't love me, no-one ever carried my load
    I'm too young to feel this old

    • hannah_kol a dit :...
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    • 9 déc. 2008, 0h06m
    yeah, that cold desert part is the best

    • empe7 a dit :...
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    • 6 fév. 2009, 16h17m
    For me Cold Desert's lirycs are the best : )

    • omega3r a dit :...
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    • 31 oct. 2009, 19h15m
    from revelry.

    "i get lost in the night so high i don't wanna come down
    to face the loss of the good thing that i have found."

    not because i think it's poetically outstanding, but because i kind of find myself in it.

    Tα μυστικά των βράχων.
    Μόνο η αγάπη μένει...
    Πάλι με χρόνια με καιρούς,πάλι δικιά μας θα'ναι!

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    • 12 avr. 2010, 11h27m
    Cold Desert, Closer, Use Somebody and Frontier City.

    • Ray_lane a dit :...
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    • 28 jan. 2011, 2h29m
    "Charmer"- i love when he scream in this song

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