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Créé le : 19 sept. 2007
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Topical Folk Music similar to the music that was covered in the legendary Broadside: The National Topical Song Magazine published in New York City by Sis Cunningham and Gordon Friesen. Phil Ochs...

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  • AristideKlopbk

    For those who want to protest against the new conditions :!

    27 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • GunClubbing

    Figured it out. Zachary 2 is a pseudonym for Len Chandler, and the song was re-released by him in 1994, titled "We will not bow down to genocide".

    14 mars 2009 Répondre
  • GunClubbing

    Hi Broadsideers. For the past six years I've been looking for a certain broadside tune. Maybe some of the 33 members in here could help me? The artist is called Zachary 2 & Group and the song's called "Genocide": the chorus is might strong and goes something like "We will not bow down, we will not bow down, we will not bow down, to genocide". i think the song appeared once on a compilation called "Broadside Ballads, Vol. 4: The Time Will Come and Other Songs from Broadside Magazine". I'm greatful for any help or information on this artist. Thanks!

    6 mars 2009 Répondre
  • ChainReaction66

    The groups 'Loose Change FC' and 'Endgame' are looking to recruit! Help spread the message and join!

    22 juin 2008 Répondre
  • broadsideballad

    Join the new group, BROADSIDE BALLADEERS! Let's find out who is writing and singing the best protest songs of our post 9/11 Bush/Cheney/Blair Neo Con era. Who are the Broadside Balladeers of today? Join this group and send their music our way! Get them some recognition, especially if they are unsigned and unsupported by corporate media. We need to hear from YOU!

    19 sept. 2007 Répondre