1st band you can remember hearing...

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    • 17 nov. 2006, 1h44m

    1st band you can remember hearing...

    First band you remember seeing and/or hearing for the first time ever.

    I remember being in a shopping centre and walking past a T.V with billy joel's - up town girl on, I think I was about 4 at the time.

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    • 17 nov. 2006, 15h56m

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  • First song was probably "Dance Hall Days" by Wang Chung around 1984, listening to a tape of my mother...

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    • 25 nov. 2006, 8h54m

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    • 26 nov. 2006, 0h04m
    Yo, I have no idea what the first band I ever heard was. I do, however, remember that the first concert I ever went to was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No lie.

  • Phattie-Kat said:
    Your mother is Wang Chung? Or did you mean off?!

    Ahahahahahahah!!!!! Sorry... My mother bought the tape! She was a Wang Chung's fan! Have you ever listened to this group?
    p.s. Forgive me! My english is not very good... :)

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    • 29 nov. 2006, 14h39m
    video killed the video star.the bugles on the radio , betwin two different radio shows. it was the jingle of the show i think.

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    • 11 déc. 2006, 15h43m
    One for the Road on vynil with my parents. My brothers weren't born yet so I wasn't older than 2.

    Wow this really is a trip down memory lane, cause I remember sitting there with my parents and listening to records, and one of them was an old Alfred Hitchcock album of stories, and I remember trying to tell them that it scared me, but they couldn't understand me, and I was frustrated. I now have a 2 year old of my own and know why they couldn't understand what I was saying.

    Kind of cool to remember that.

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    • 27 déc. 2006, 9h55m
    Dio, as my cousins used to be deep fans

  • One of my earliest memories of life is singing "Freeze Frame" by the J Geils Band in my mom's station wagon. I also vividly remember hearing "Lucky Star" by Madonna in the station wagon and singing along to it around the same time.

    • ChrissyM a dit :...
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    • 2 jan. 2007, 4h59m

    Wake me up before you go go.

    I remember it being a major part of my childhood....
    da da da Jitterbug....

    This is what comes from being born in 1980.

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  • First band I remember hearing

    God I can remember from as early as maybe 2 my dad playing Celebrate on vinyl. I loved it. One other early, early memory would be dancing in the kitchen with my parents listening to I Feel For You.

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    • 29 jan. 2007, 16h20m

    My first

    The first song I remember hearing was Queen's RADIO GAGA...

    first casette tape I bought was Poison's Open Up and Say AHH ...but only after seeing their I WANT ACTION TONIGHT video on tv...to find out that song wasn't on that album...

    the year was 1988...

    Men who wore make-up became normal to me...

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    • 30 jan. 2007, 0h59m

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    • Benjirii a dit :...
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    • 30 jan. 2007, 16h53m
    Strangely enough my memory is a bit blurred on the matter of me during young age. I blame the alcohol ;).

    hmmm... I do remember my first favorite song. How could you not love it ... Living Doll

    • ZiegooPVM a dit :...
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    • 3 fév. 2007, 0h23m

    My father always heard his records of Deep Purple , Queen, Rolling Stones,... but I can´t remember one single song.

    But the first I´m sure I remember is The Final Countdown.
    Maybe, the year was 1985... 1986. I forgot, haha. :)

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    • 6 fév. 2007, 20h02m
    yeah, I do remember The Final Countdown as well. And songs by Modern Talking were much of a fashion during my earliest years. One of my favs was In the Army now, I loved to sing it murdering all the lyrics.

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    • 9 fév. 2007, 4h42m
    Talking Heads videos were great, and I loved hearing The Bangles (Manic Monday), Cyndi Lauper, and The GoGos, which were my first all-female rock band. I was into music at a very young age. I also remember when I was really young finding a new kids on the block tape in my desk at school, hearing one song from it and thinking, god these guys suck.

    • Youpidou a dit :...
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    • 13 fév. 2007, 11h07m
    It was Danijel and his hit "Džuli". The song represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision Song Contest 1983. As of foreign singers, I think it was Toto Cutugno - L'italiano. :)

    • Sakkle a dit :...
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    • 18 fév. 2007, 4h18m
    My uncle always played the coolest music. I remember I was at his house when i was about 6 or something. I put on one of his mix tapes and blasted the place with Gary More or something i think. The guitar parts just blew me away. Can't remember a specific song though.

    The first specific song I can remember would be Hey You on my fathers stereo when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

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    • 18 avr. 2007, 11h58m
    1st band you can remember hearing...
    Europe - Final Countdown seen on black-and-white TV :) I was 6.
    2nd is probably Roxette - I was a huge fan! <hahaha>

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    • 19 mai 2007, 3h51m
    The first song I remember is Guns n' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle. It's the reason I asked for a radio for my birthday. I guess this was 1987.

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    • 19 mai 2007, 4h00m
    ZZ Top--I remember hearing them on a commercial for a concert they were gonna have in my hometown when i was about 4 or 5 years old.

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    • 8 juin 2007, 14h14m
    Culture Club Karma Chameleon lol

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    • 8 juin 2007, 21h02m
    Youpidou said:
    It was Danijel and his hit "Džuli". The song represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision Song Contest 1983.
    I know that melody. I pretty sure someone sang this song in English and in became somewhat of a hit in Germany.
    Who knows who sang it in English? Or was it Danijel himself?

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