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    Book about Blaze


    At The End Of The Day

    ISBN – to be confirmed
    Over 380 pages

    The book that follows the career of the band known as Blaze Bayley is now available for pre-order, due for release on 25 September 2009.

    ‘At The End Of The Day’ features the story of ‘Blaze’ Bayley Cooke, following his career as a frontman, from Wolfsbane to Iron Maiden to BLAZE and, ultimately, to the current self-titled Blaze Bayley band. However, this book is not solely about Blaze; rather it tells the story of the entire Blaze Bayley band that is about to begin work on the follow up to their debut album ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’. The book traces the history of all the band members, back to their roots in New Zealand, Colombia and…Bristol.

    Written by drummer Lawrence ‘Larry’ Paterson, who has previously authored ten books on a completely unrelated subject — Second World War U-boats — this book offers a unique insight into the history of Blaze Bayley, the man and the band, as well as the inner workings and adventures of a band on the road and in the studio. The author takes us from the early beginnings of Wolfsbane in the mid-1980s, through the dizzying heights of touring with Iron Maiden to the triumphs and tragedies that lead right up to 2009, before offering the reader a glimpse into what lies ahead.

    Alongside the full and frank contributions from the members of the Blaze Bayley band, the book features new interviews with BLAZE and Wolfsbane members plus exclusive interviews with Janick Gers and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Blaze himself explains in detail how he first attained the job with Iron Maiden, the truth about working inside such a renowned and hard-working band, and the events of the meeting at which his tenure fronting Iron Maiden ended. ‘At The End Of The Day’ also contains tour dates, discographies, and extensive black and white and full colour photographs.

    This book is available as a PRE-ORDER now from the Blaze Bayley website...due for release on 25 September 2009.

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