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  • Goodbye, 2008.

    31 déc. 2008, 13h36m par hanamiyaka

    Today's the last day of the year I turned 20 years old.
    The year I finally surrendered and got myself a Lastfm account
    The year my musical experience literally EXPLODED.

    During 2008...
    I saw the following bands in concert (cant remember if i saw anymore):
    -Dirty Pretty Things (June and November)
    -Molotov Jive (June and November)
    -Mando Diao (June)
    -Johnossi (June)
    -Buzzcocks (May)
    -Sexbomba (May)
    -Po Prostu (May)
    -The Damrockers (May)
    -Muariolanza (April)

    The best gig? Obviously Dirty Pretty Things on November 16 in Stockholm's Debaser-Medis. OF COURSE!<3

    I bought the following CDs...
    -Romance At Short Notice
    -Shotter's Nation

    Romance At Short Notice was the best out of these three. I should get better at buying more CDs, definitely!

    Favorite band of the year? Well, The Libertines, of course. But they ceased to exist in 2004.

    Best bands of the year?
    -Dirty Pretty Things
    -The Killers
    -Panic at the Disco

    Biggest disappointment?
    -The fact that I bailed on the Hultsfred festival because I was scared Babyshambles wouldn't show up
    -Dirty Pretty Things splittin. I found out on my 20th birthday
    -Not being able to catch a Czesław Śpiewa concert
    -The Buzzcocks concert... I don't know what I was expectin, but definitely not what I got...

    Biggest musical experience?
    -Meeting Carl Barat
    -Meeting and talking to Gary Powell.. TWICE!!
    -Getting a Joy Division tattoo.

    Best two songs of the year?
    -Dirty Pretty Things - Come Closer
    -The Killers - Human

    How was your 2008?
  • Dirty Pretty Things - The Last Hoorah and goodbye

    20 déc. 2008, 20h36m par hanamiyaka

    So today is supposedly the day that will mark the end of Dirty Pretty Things - the band that Carl Barât formed a couple of months after killing off The Libertines.
    They're playing their "last-ever" gig at the London Astoria.

    I was lucky enough to catch two of their gigs this year. Unfortunately for me, those two gigs are the ONLY two DPT gigs I've ever been to. And to top that, Ive never been to a Libertines/Babyshambles/Pete Doherty gig ever.
    Oh well.

    The first gig out of those two took place during a one-day-festival in June in my original hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. The stage was theirs for an hour at 4pm. I can't remember the songs they played other than Gin And Milk and Bang Bang You're Dead, which btw was the song they finished with.
    It was a pretty lousy day in general - it was raining pretty much all the time and I was nervous as hell. I was waiting for the guys to show up along with like an additional 30 people when Gary came up on stage and started talking to us but since he couldnt hear us from the stage, he jumped down to us and spent a good 20 minutes talking to everybody, taking pictures, giving out hugs and autographs.. It was fab. Too bad it wasnt Carl but heeeey! Gary was a Libertine as well!
    The concert itself was amazing and I'll always remember the fact that it stopped raining and the sun started shining while Carl was singing. Then, after the concert, it started raining again.. Haha.

    The November 16th concert I went to - coincidentally, that was in Stockholm too and I dont even live in Sweden anymore, havent for many many years now... haha - was better in every way possible. For starters, they released their sophomore album (Romance At Short Notice) shortly after the June concert so I got to hear such songs as Come Closer and Hippy's Son live for the first (and last..) time, and it was amazing. Come Closer is probably one of the best songs on that album so I was psyched.
    The best part was when Carl performed the old Lib classic I Get Along (and heres another coincident.. Im actually listening to it now.. haha!)... I couldnt hold the tears
    Wait, I lied. The best part about that evening was meeting Carl. Hes such a sweet guy. Humble, too! But that I knew, of course. Pete was always the outgoing one of their duo.

    In general, Im pretty sad to see Dirty Pretty Things go. Didz is great, Anthony is great too.. Their music is definitely not comparable with the music of The Libertines but after a while, I actually realized that comparing the two is kinda unfair, cuz the music Pete and Carl made isnt the same kind of music made by Dirty Pretty Things.
    I liked the debut album - Waterloo To Anywhere - because the tracks sounded a lot like The Libs and the name clearly indicated a thing or two about the resemblance, am I rite or not?!
    Waterloo To Anywhere must be from You're My Waterloo, the old Lib demo, right? I mean, from what've heard, Pete still performs that song.. So yeah.. But I also liked the second album. Sure, it sounded differently from the first one and I know a lot of people who were disappointed. I was actually one of them. Til i started listening more carefully and came to the conclusion that they've started looking for their own sound. And I was happy. I was looking forward to a 3rd album.
    I guess I wont be seeing that third album. Too bad cuz they were walking down a very good road.
    So yeah I know the 2nd album wasnt as popular as the 1st one but hey! I still think they had a pretty strong fanbase, and there were HEAPS of people supporting them, that believed in them!
    I guess they wanted to go out gracefully while they still had a fanbase (like that old TVshow I used to love - Friends) instead of making a 3rd or even 4th album that hardly nobody would buy (im only guessin here, i might be wrong..) and theyd play nearly-empty clubs for pennies.
    I dont think thats a realistic scenario but maybe thats what they thought?

    Im kinda sad to see that Dirty Pretty Things ended the same way The Libertines did, but under completely different circumstances. Well, thats actually a good thing, Im mighty glad that nobody is a heroin abuser but the fact that DPT had problems recording their 2nd studio album and that they wont be making anymore - JUST like The Libertines - gets me thinkin.
    Why is that? Is it Carl? I mean, I read that interview with him in NME and yeah, I know he started thinkin about priorities while hospitalized in June and that made him realized that he doesnt want a commercialized band.. Good for him.. I hope he'll find whatever it is he's looking for. Im pretty sure I'll still be standing by the stage, looking up to him singing, wishing for his lovely blue eyes to look my way.

    Nah but seriously. Thank you: Didz, Anthony, Gary and Carl for three amazing years. For two excellent albums. For many great songs and many, countless moments of joy I felt while listening to your music.
    Thank you for two AMAZING days I got to experience - one in June, the other one in November.

    I really do wish you all the best. I hope I'll be seeing you around.

    Here's the last HOORAH for Dirty Pretty Things. I love you. THANK YOU and goodbye<3
  • Who Has had The Worst Impact On Music? The Beatles Or Britney Spears?

    26 nov. 2008, 22h15m par babysamuels

    Who Has had The Worst Impact On Music? ?The Beatles or
    Britney Spears ?

    Tell me why!
  • Beliebte Liveaufnahmen

    21 sept. 2008, 15h14m par mightyscoopa

    Man kann sagen Live Alben und Konsorten sind unnötig – entweder man hört sich die Studioaufnahmen an oder geht zum Konzert. Leider ist das mit den Konzertbesuchen wie wir alle wissen mitunter schwierig und somit entgehen dem verhinderten / nicht in Berlin oder London lebenden / zu spät geborenen Fan Ansagen (klar, die sind nicht immer nötig), variierte Songs und Cover. Mich hat zuletzt eine Konzertmitschnitt von Elliot Smith begeistert und dazu gebracht auch einmal nicht nur die schon bekannten Songs rauszupicken.

    Es folgen meine favorisierten Liveaufnahmen :

    Elliot Smith - Live at the Embryo Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden (4th of July 2000)
    (Radiomitschnitt hier: [del]I am fuel you are friends[/del] (nicht mehr erreichbar) )

    Edit: Habe ein anderes Bootleg bei gefunden. Soll angeblich auch sehr gut sein:

    M. Ward, Conor Oberst & Jim James (Monsters of Folk Tour) – Live at the Pantages Theatre, Minneapolis (Feb 20th 2004)
    (Konzertaufnahme auch hier: I am fuel you are friends)

    Zuerst spielt jeder der 3 einzeln und zum Schluss wird sich gegenseitig, Willie Nelson und Bob Dylan gecovert. Great!

    Beirut- Black Session: Studio 104 Maison de Radio France (26 de Novembre 2007)
    (Radiomitschnitt hier: klick)
    Wenigstens hier sind Beirut live zu hören, denn die Konzerte diesen Sommer wurden ja abgesagt. Enthält ebenfalls Coverversionen.

    The Raconteurs – Live in Newcastle (22-03-2006)
    (Hm..davon gabs keinen Link mehr, ich lade aber hoch wenn jemand will)

    Um so viel besser (auch besser gelaunt) als 2006 auf dem Southside am hellen Tag. Natürlich auch mit Covers.

    Two Gallants – Live @ Stork Club Oakland, CA

    (Auch keinen Link gefunden. Kann ich auch mal hochladen)

    Ziemlich frühes und sehr energiereiches Konzert. Gut auch ohne „Las Cruces Jail“.

    Queens of the Stone AgeOver The Years And Through The Woods

    Jetzt auch mal ein offizielles Livealbum (von 2005) hier. Hab ich zwar schon länger nicht mehr angehört, muss aber hier her wegen schönen Jams zwischendurch. Naja..und Fanbeleidigungen haut der Herr Homme hier auch raus.

    Bright Eyes - Motion Sickness: Live Recordings

    Bright Eyes live eben, viele Stücke (aufgenommen auf mehreren Konzerten der "I'm Wide Awake.." - Tour im Jahr 2005) klingen besser als auf Platte.

    Einzelne Liveempfehlungen:

    The NationalThe Virginia EP
    (Die 3 letzten Songs sind live)

    Arcade FireMaps (live) [YYYs Cover]
    Arcade FirePoupee de Cire, Poupee de Son [France Gall cover]

    Colin MeloyWe Both Go Down Together

    Regina SpektorPound of Flesh

    Pete Doherty - She Loves You [Beatles Cover]

    Amy Millan (Stars) – I Will Follow You Into The Dark [Death Cab Cover]

    Lightspeed ChampionPerfect Situation (Weezer cover) (Live @ SXSW 2008)

    The RaconteursBang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) [Nancy Sinatra Cover]

    Cold War KidsI Don't Wanna Grow Up [Tom Waits Cover]
  • The most fascinating entry you'll ever read...

    10 sept. 2008, 22h46m par hanamiyaka

    ... or probably not, but since I'm bored I'll write it anyhow

    So basically, I just read this journal entry written by a South African girl called Nicky. Unfortunately, I can't remember her user name. Anyhow.
    Her entry was basically all about her musical journey, like how she started out in the very beginning by listening to Aqua and Vengaboys and how she then started listening to more serious stuff.
    Sooo I figured I'd write something similar, haha.

    So basically, my earliest beginnings were filled with the music my mother listened to. Wait, scratch that. I'm preeettyyy sure she still listens to all of this.
    I was brought up listening to a narrow mix of 60s, 70s and 80s band, most notably ABBA, The Beatles.. and Rod Stewart.
    I never took any particular liking in Mr. Stewart, but ABBA and The Beatles on the other hand... One of my favorite childhood memories involve the Swedish fab four, actually - it's of me spending the day at home because of a cold or sumthing like that, and I was sitting by the kitchen table drawing the members of ABBA in their lovely costumes - the pastel spandex and the plateau shoes. Yum.
    The Beatles have always been and will probably also be my biggest love when it comes to music. I have no idea why but they've always been everything I've ever really needed. Whenever I'm feeling lost, I'm listening to The Beatles. Whenever I'm happy, they're with me. There's no kind of situation that wouldn't be suitable for their music. They're just flat-out perfect for whatever it is I'm doing.

    I grew up with a mother that didn't allow me to watch MTV so the first videos I can recall watching is No Doubt's "Don't Speak" video and the video for Offspring's song uhh crap I can't recall what it was called but they used to sing "I'm pretty fly for a white guy" in it. I must've been in 4th or 5th grade when they released that song.

    I was never a big fan of the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSync and Britney. Not to mention Christina Aguilera, I can't recall ever listening to any of her music. Anyhow. I just couldn't find a single thing about all that mainstream pop that I would actually like. Nah, I stuck to my lovely oldies. I even had a short stint involving Barbra Streisand - nothing I like admitting to today, but yeah..

    7th grade saw me listening to quite a lot of The Rolling Stones, don't know where I got that from though! I don't listen to them all that much today, as a matter of fact, I don't listen to them at all

    Truth to be told, my musical revolution hit hard as late as March of this year. I joined and discovered a whole lot of new music. I definitely changed my musical course - don't listen to ABBA all that much nowadays.. I prefer indie/post-punk/alternative rock over their disco pop, no doubt.

    Nowadays, my iPod's filled with lots of Bob Dylan, Belle & Sebastian, The Clash, The Smiths, The Cure... But before all, I listen to The Libertines. I'll always be a huge Beatles fan and I dearly hope I'll never forget my roots, but The Libertines definitely have something that I've never ever heard in any other musical act. What it is, I don't know. But everything about them - their British-accented singing to their violent guitar solos through their amazing lyrics - is just effin perfect. I can listen to a hundred Libertines' tracks a day, seven days a week, and still I don't feel like I'm listening to their songs on repeat. It's like walking down the same street every single day yet everyday shows you something completely different. Nothing ever stays the same.
    And that's definitely the case with The Libertines. Carl's singing doesn't appear the same to me today as it did when I first started listening to them. Actually, and I'm quite ashamed to admit this, in my earliest days of listening to The Libs, I was sure it was Pete who did most of the singing. As it turned out later, Carl's the main vocal provider.

    I just don't know what to make of it all. But I'm happy I'm walking down this musical path, any other wouldn't be as interesting IMHO.
  • Big Day Out - Perth, Claremont Showgrounds, Sunday February 4, 2007

    5 fév. 2007, 13h39m par robboaus

    Kasabian = fucking rock, Kasabian = fucking rock, Kasabian = fucking rock, Kasabian = fucking rock, Kasabian = fucking rock, Kasabian = fucking rock!

    You might think I'm going back and writing school lines for getting in trouble, but I'm not. I'm simply stating the obvious. These three words go together as well as any other three words in music. Kasabian fucking rock!

    We got to the Big Day Out at about 1.30pm after relaxing on the beach in the morning. The weather was ideal, being about 30 degrees and not too hot or cold. I won't discuss everything that happened due to there being just too much to remember, but will cover some of it.

    Just after arriving Evermore were scheduled to be on and I for one (having just got into them) was looking forward to it. Their 2nd song It's Too Late got everyone to their feet and sounded just as good as it does on the album. Light Surrounding You was the song I was most looking forward to and boy did it deliver. We got about an eight minute version which was electric. Running was perfect as a closer and they far surpassed expectations. I'm not a fan of Aussie/NZ music as a whole but I'll be checking out these guys next time.

    After this we headed off to get some drinks and shortly after went inside the shed to watch Trivium. I'm typically not a fan of this type of music at all but am always willing to give bands a try once. They were as good as they could've been especially in the 40+ degree conditions in the Robinson Pavilion. The lead singer especially showed great energy and there were a lot of people wearing their shirts. That was surprising.

    After this it was off to watch Little Birdy Whilst not being a huge fan of theirs, Katy Steele is definitely one of the better Aussie female performers out there. She has nothing on Patience from The Grates though!

    Next, it was the moment I've been waiting since 2004 to see. Kasabian have been a favourite band of mine since I heard Club Foot and immediately started digging their self titled debut album. It was surreal when they came on stage as you tend to appreciate a band more when you've been a huge fan for a few years and haven't seen them. I mean, the place erupted when the Arctic Monkeys hit the stage as one of the biggest new bands in rock, but good things come to those who wait.

    There were a few people saying the schedulers should be shot for putting Kasabian on a much smaller stage then the big two, but personally it made the gig much more personal and up close, so kudos to you guys!

    The lads from Leicester immediately grooved into Shoot the Runner and the whole place was jumping on their feet. After this we got some awesome renditions of Reason Is Treason, Sun Rise Light Flies (I love this!) Empire, Processed Beats (fantastic!), Last Trip, Club Foot (what a fucking tune, pure attitude), Stuntman and an ace performance of L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) to finish where Nic Cester from Jet came to the set. Tom Meaghan and Serge Pizzorno are pure rock and roll and it's easy to see why these guys get a lot out of the crowd at their gigs. It's still surreal watching the few minutes of footage I got on my phone. They were that good! Tom said they might be back next year and I'll be there if they do!

    After this it was time for another band I have never really paid much attention to until the last few months, but now I see how they've become so popular. The Killers burst into Sam's Town but I missed the first couple of this walking from Kasabian's set. Enterlude followed and then the awesomeWhen You Were Young. Smile Like You Mean It, Bones (so energetic live), Bling (Confessions of a King), Read My Mind (performed to perfection), Mr. Brightside(my favourite live song) For Reasons Un known (another great one) and All These Things That I've Done rounded out the gig. They basically filled their set with singles but these guys know how to put on a good rock show. Two awesome performances in a row that were easily worth $80+ each. Could it be three?

    Shortly after The Killers left the stage Jet made their way onto the main stage. The latest album hasn't really gone over as well as the first did to the general fan but I personally think the 2nd album is a decent number. Their set was stopped for a good 5-10 minutes due to Tool fans trying to get into the D barrier. Highlights from their set were Look What You've Done, Shine On, Cold Hard Bitch, Get Me Outta Here, Are You Gonna Be My Girl and Rollover D.J. Hmmm, I've just contradicted myself by naming basically all their first album songs as their best, but I'm eating a red toffee apple so I can.

    About five minutes later, the last British band of the night hit the stage. I've never really been a huge, huge fan of Muse despite them having some great songs. Matt Bellamy seemed pretty excited to be there, perhaps because this signalled the end of a very successful Aussie tour. Knights of Cydonia opened the gig followed by Starlight which was amazing. I wasn't really aware of the next few, but Supermassive Black Hole really delivered. Time Is Running Out is pure rock and Plug In Baby (my favourite of the night) was absolutely phenomenal. Stockholm Sydrome and Take a Bow ended the gig and Muse are going to be up there for the next 10-15 years if they continue putting on great performances like this. I think they deserve to have top billing on their next Aussie festival tour.

    Next it was time for the main event and due to all the shirts with their name on, it was easy to see why they got the top gig. Tool has never been on my playlist but after hearing their CDs, they really do have a good, diverse collection. Stinkfist was one of the few songs of theirs I could sing along to and it ended up being their opener. Sober was another one of their highlights, but at this hour not many people were. The whole people in attendance were just standing there in awe pretty much. Even people that don't like the band sat around to see what the fuss was about. Can't recall too much at this point due to a little friend we like to call alcamahol, but all I can say is that Tool again delivered and made this a BDO as a whole to remember.

    We were treated to the best line-up in many, many years as there were so many good artists (in form ones too like Muse, Killers, Kasabian) and they all performed brilliant sets. In fact, there were so many good artists that there just wasn't time to see all of them due to scheduling conflicts.

    Best artists

    #2-Muse /
    #3-The Killers

    Best songs

    #1-Club Foot
    #2-Plug In Baby
    #3-Mr Brightside
    #7-Shine On / Rollover D.J
    #8-Light Surrounding You
    #9-Read My Mind
    #10-Processed Beats