Problem with the "Friends that listen to..." feature

  • Problem with the "Friends that listen to..." feature

    Okay, so shortly after I started using the beta I noticed that when I clicked see more on the "Friends that listen to..." section of an artist page that my personal playcounts were much lower than they should be, and if it was a band I only recently played for the first time then I would not appear in that list at all, even months after my first scrobble of them. I thought nothing of it and that it would eventually correct itself.

    However, I then used Spotify to some stream some music which I didn't already own and to my surprise when I checked the artist page a couple of days afterwards, I was in fact listed in the "Friends that listen to..." section with the correct number of plays. I then realized that Spotify doesn't use the desktop scrobbler like iTunes does, it has the integration built in, which lead me to believe that maybe it's an issue with the beta application.

    I uninstalled the beta and reinstalled the old app and started to scrobble from iTunes again. A few days later I checked the bands page and sure enough, my "Friends that listen to..." playcount had increased as it should do. But the thing is, all the scrobbles I had with the beta app still do not show up in that section.

    So to use Haemorrhage as an example, this is a band I listened to for the first time when I was using the beta and the "Friends that listen to..." section had never shown me as having listened to them at all. After reinstalling the old 1.5.4 scrobbler and playing them a little, I now show up in the section, but the playcount is way off. It shows the 2 scrobbles I made with the 1.5.4 scrobbler, but has not taken into account the 500+ scrobbles I made with the beta scrobbler. The correct number should be 539.

    The playcounts shown on my actual profile are correct, it's just the "friends that listen to..." section that is way off. I'm thinking that maybe something behind the scenes perhaps isn't synced up properly with the beta app.

    This was seriously starting to bother me, so I hope all of this makes some kind of sense and you can help out... and sorry it is so long :)

    • enjnthlf a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 1 sept. 2012, 8h40m
    Any progress about that? Seems like it's still an issue :/

    wouldn't it be great to heal the world with only a song
    • DoctorT a dit :...
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    • 3 sept. 2012, 9h53m
    This is a back-end database problem and is not a bug with the beta client. You will probably notice the same discrepancies if you look at "Friends who listened to" via your profile page on the web site.

    Updates to the "Friends who listened to" chart seem to be sporadic. I have several artists that are 100 or so plays short of the actual number (based on a spot check I just did), some whom I haven't listened to recently. On the other hand, I played a new album this week and the Friends list is only 3 plays short of the actual count.

    The count is off for everyone, not just you. Although not giving me actual play counts for me or my friends, I still find the list useful for giving me a relative overview of where I stand with my friends.

    It would be nice if they could do a better job in keeping these play counts synced.

    Music, like language, is universal.
  • The beta client did seem to cause some kind of problem for me, at least. None of my counts updated for the few months I was using it, but as soon as I switched back to the old client they started to update again, but didn't include the beta client scrobbles. So my counts are now significantly behind what they should be. Haemorrhage is the worst for me, which is down by 600 plays.

    The only reason I noticed this was because Spotify plays did update the count, while iTunes + beta client plays did not. I tried the beta client again a little while ago, but after a week the playcounts had not changed so I switched back again.

    But anyway, yes it would be nice if the playcounts were synced up better around the site.

    • curtisk a dit :...
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    • 12 nov. 2012, 18h26m
    I have this same problem.... but not with the beta client, just for some artists in general

    For example: On my play counts for the last 6 months, it shows that I have listened to a particular song (Two Steps Back) by Short of Able 12 times, but when listing their top tracks it only shows that 2 scrobbles have been made total.

    This has also happened with many other bands in which I can see this trend easily... like local bands that may not have that high of play counts, but i have played a particular track enough to see that it isnt showing up on their counts.

    It seems that my scrobbles just dont show up on bands play counts

    I assume this may be related leighdobson's post as well...

    • Awkwacle a dit :...
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    • 17 mars 2013, 12h16m
    Almost a year has gone by, and still there is no fix...

    I found another bug, too. When I'm on the "Friends who listen to" page of Tenacious D for example, it says 23, which is lower than it should be. When I then refresh the page, it says 15, and the number of a friend lowers too. The numbers of other friends stay the same. When I refresh a second time, it says 23 again.
    It seems like there are actually 3 numbers stored in the database...

    Also, I reset my account right after making it, because I integrated listens I had already made, but apparently listens of my brother were also integrated. When I then look at the "Friends who listen to" page of Trivium for example, it says over 1000 scrobbles, which is my brother's number...

    Isn't there something we can do to make them fix this?

    • Ziomek2000 a dit :...
    • Modérateur
    • 17 mars 2013, 16h36m
    Facet zaprosił mnie do kina i w połowie drogi pyta mnie: "A stać Cię na bilet..."?...i tak ma być.

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