Scrobbler Plugin (resolved: User stupidity)

    • lowey a dit :...
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    • 5 oct. 2009, 13h17m

    Scrobbler Plugin (resolved: User stupidity)

    Anyone had any luck getting the scrobbler plugin to work from behind a proxy?

    At home it works fine (no proxy) but at work I have to go out onto the net via a proxy. I've configured Audacious to use the corporate proxy and tested it has Internet connectivity by playing files hosted on remote sites... But the scrobbler plugin just doesn't seem to do ... anything.

    I checked ~/.config/audacious/scrobblerqueue.txt and it's empty.

    I don't get any error messages (should I?) and I can't see anything in the console output that would appear to have anything to do with the scrobbler plugin (again, should I?)

    It looks to me like the scrobbler plugin simply ignores the settings in the Connectivity tab. Any ideas?



    Resolved the problem. Hadn't spotted that I'd queued up the one flipping album I own where the ID3 tags aren't set. *SIGH* It works fine with other albums.

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