• Satanism

    Pretty immature, imo.

    • blackless a dit :...
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    • 25 oct. 2007, 12h44m
    I agree,but there are some christian ,pagan and viking black metal bands.They have nothing in common with satanism.

  • Yes they do.
    They're all lame.

    • Eddie676 a dit :...
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    • 1 nov. 2007, 15h00m
    2 kinds of satanism:

    -praying to the devil
    -saying the human being is god -> "homo est deus"
    imo: the original satanism, saying humans are god isn't that bad...

    i prefer the atheism: "homo homini deus est!" - Ludwig Feuerbach (1841). there aren't any gods or something like that...thw world would be much better without religions...

    Death to false METAL and UP THE IRONS !!!

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  • Traditional satanism (as satanists call it)
    No, it's not a bunch of satanists who listen to folk music! :P
    They believe that there is only one god who created the world with many demons and some light-thing beings (angels or "Yahwe"). That one-creator god is Chaos, an aspect of satan/devil, according to them.

    Modern satanism
    No, it's not a bunch of treny/emo satanists! :P
    They see satan as a philosophy and attend rituals just to hallucinate, get high, have sex, pretend they are something...
    They don't live for hailing satan...they live for rejecting and slandering (de-faming) Jesus Christ and His Father, God generally...

    Classical satanism (that's the name I gave them)
    They say that Lucifer, the fallen angel (along with his rest league of fallen angels, demons and satanists), will destroy God (by destroying His followers?), make satan reign on Earth and become immortal, while Christians die and suffer with God and Jesus Christ.

    Recently, I was curious about satanism and magic. To tell you the truth, I nearly fell into their trap. They don't have serious arguments (same as atheists).
    But I realised that magic sucks...it's not worth it, you can find more magic in Christianity...'cause walking on water is not as important as stop being addicted to drugs. But no one appreciates such miracles now, right? :-/

    Anyways, satanism is a trap. Watch it! Don't say God did not warn you (because what I said is not from me, but from researches from priests, Saints etc.).

    Oh, and avoid listening to black metal (duh!).

    And what's the big deal with satan anyways? He's like you...fallen, with a spirit. Well, he has a spirit (not a soul) that can bend upon hearing the name "Jesus". Maybe he's a little bit weak...but who cares? As a Demon Hunter song says:
    "And even if it was a part of me, I'd never be that way again!"

    Peace and love!

    I've changed my opinion about everything. This post is old and my new views are way cooler. Can't wait to change them again.
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