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    • 15 fév. 2011, 19h45m
    Mike Tamburo - not as active lately but toured the states extensively last decade; founder of "New American Folk Hero" label

    Eric Carbonara

  • How come Bukka White is connected, but not Charley Patton or Skip James? Is it because he recorded for Takoma?

  • I found some other musicians while exploring this compilation album set, which seems to be mostly dedicated to the American Primitive style.

    Imaginational Anthem
    Imaginational Anthem Vol 2
    Imaginational Anthem Volume Three
    Imaginational Anthem 4 : New Possibilities

    These are the artists that aren't already connected that I found on these albums. I think most of them would be appropriate for the connections, but I haven't heard a lot of them.

    Matt Baldwin
    William Tyler
    Nick Jonah Davis
    C Joynes
    Pat O'Connell
    Mike Fekete
    George Stavis
    Shawn David McMillen
    R. Keenan Lawler
    Chris Forsyth
    Nathan Salsburg
    Sharron Kraus
    Christina Carter
    Jesse Sparhawk
    Janet Smith
    Bob Hadley
    Bern Nix
    Steve Mann
    Brad Barr
    Fred Gerlach
    Aaron Sheppard

    These are a few that are also featured on the disc set, but I'm not sure if they are exactly correct for the group. Maybe the first two. Check 'em out.

    Michael Chapman
    Greg Davis
    Terry Riley
    José González

    P.S. Some others you might want to connect or take a look at, anyway...

    Preston Reed
    Terry Robb
    Alex de Grassi
    Bob Brozman
    Woody Mann
    Nels Cline
    William Ackerman
    Rick Ruskin
    Henry Kaiser
    Dale Miller
    Andrew Stranglen
    Phil Kellogg
    Vicki Genfan
    Jon Gomm

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    • 1 sept. 2012, 2h32m
    Gilliam Welch describes her music as American Primitive.

  • I noticed that, too, though I don't see any real similarity in style. I suppose any untutored artist can fit into the original definition, though. Just like the terms "folk" and "pop", it's come to describe a sound.

    Although, I also don't see what Emily Wells (on the connections) has in common with this sound. I suppose it's up to interpretation. :\

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