• I am worried about the recent increase seen in hacked accounts here & elsewhere.

    15 nov. 2009, 1h29m par ydebru

    Recently at, someone seems to have been able to get into user accounts, and make postings completely at odds with what the poster was known to do, when they were active @

    Specifically, I noticed the account of the user 'obbrio' which has been in disuse for about 7 months, and now suddenly is posting shouts about about some promotion that sony is doing. Otherwise, there's no activity on that account, in other words, no scrobbling, et cetera.

    Earlier this week, someone hacked into my facebook account, and although facebook locked my account until I changed my password, I find it worrying since I have used strong passwords on all accounts for the last 15 years online, and there have been no successful intrusions or hacks into my accounts, ever.
    I am compelled to conclude that someone on the facebook side of things, ie, on their administrative side, accessed, permitted someone to access, or perhaps they were hacked into on the server and administrative side.

    If I see more of this activity, I will be compelled to close my social networking accounts, since having that type of uncertainty with my online presence is intolerable.

    What have you noticed?

    What have you done about it?

    I regret to feel this way, since I can say many good things about and facebook. But, perhaps it is a time for a positive change.